Is a 1.5 Inch Penis Too Small? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is a 1.5 Inch Penis Too Small? Here’s What You Need to Know

You are considered below average if you’ve gone through puberty and your penis length is still 1.5 inches or below. Research on the topic varies, with self-reported studies showing a much more considerable average penis length than objective measurement — No Surprise! Women and even men overestimate the size of an erect penis.

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The average penis size is 5.1-5.5 inches, or about 13 to 15 centimeters when erect. The flaccid penis length is roughly 3.36 inches. Anything bigger than that, congratulations, you lucky SOB.

Any guys below average, don’t give up on women yet. Turns out, penis size doesn’t really matter to women.

1.5 Inches Is It Too Small?

Yes and no! For short-term hookups, yes. Studies and the women’s bathroom gossip say that penis length matters regarding hookups, one-night stands, and other short-term relationships. In most cases, there is a strong preference for normal penis size and above.

Women look at two factors: the length and the girth (width). Although women tend to favor a longer penis length over a small penis, girth ultimately takes precedence. Women can’t feel the length of your penis unless it’s hitting their cervix but can feel the girth when stretched out.

About an inch and a half is a micropenis, you won’t be anywhere near her cervix. A micropenis is an erect penis less than 3.35 inches.

Although you won’t have problems with urination or sexual function (your ball sack still functions like the big boys’), you might have trouble attracting a short-term partner as women tend to go bigger or go home when it comes to most one-night stands.

In terms of a long-term partnership, no. It’s been determined that penis length is not the most essential factor in a couple’s sex life.

Ultimately, you don’t need medical attention or professional medical advice unless you also have infertility or erectile dysfunction. A micropenis does not automatically equal infertility, so no, a 1.5 inches penis is not too small.

Here lies the problem…

If you have trouble attracting women, it probably has more to do with your use of penis length as a substitute for confidence and skills. Without the length, your confidence is rock bottom, and you haven’t invested nearly enough time in learning how to satisfy women through other means.

Be Warned! Satisfying women with a small penis is surprisingly easy once you know the tricks we’re about to teach you.

You Can Still Satisfy A Woman With A Small Penis

You don’t need penis growth tips to satisfy your partner. Countless studies have already determined that women, 85% of women in this particular study, are happy with their partner’s penis length. That means most men, who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction issues due to their penis size or other factors, can still satisfy their women.

A guy with a small dick has a big problem — lack of confidence, in most cases. While this does not describe every guy with less than five inches, it definitely describes most.

Women look at more than physical characteristics when searching for a partner. She won’t care if she’s looking for a deeper connection with a man and admires other attributes about you such as your confidence, loyalty, assertiveness, care-taking, and providing abilities.

If you are five inches and below, the best advice we can give you is to stop seeing it as a problem and more of an opportunity to get really good, even better than most guys, in other areas.

Five inch and below club, try these methods to significantly improve your sex life.

Be confident about your erect penis length

When you meet a woman, and you’re interested in more than a one-night stand, she’ll know if you’re hiding something. She’ll sense if you seem uneasy taking off your pants or moving things towards the bedroom. She might look inward, as most women do, and assume that you’re put off by her. In turn, she’ll lose interest and start looking elsewhere.

Now flip the scenario. You are proud of your body; confidently and boldly take off your pants, and stand in front of her. She’s taken aback, at first, because most women have never seen a 1.5-inch penis. But instead of hiding away, you stand your ground and have more of a “This is Me. Take It or Leve It” attitude. Chances are she’s not going to run out the bedroom or talk shit about you to her girlfriends, at least, not if she leaves the bedroom satisfied before the sunrise.

Acknowledge the elephant in the room, or lack thereof

She will notice that your penis is smaller than average, and whether or not she comments on it will be entirely up to the woman. Some women will be indirect about it, make a face, or let out a faint “oh…” sound; others will be direct, offensive, or walk out the room. We can only say to choose wisely when picking up ladies at the bar.

Acknowledge the size of your penis with a joke. Something like, “God didn’t give me the biggest weapon, but he sure showed me how to use it,” because after reading this article, you’ll have one hell of mastery.

Keep it light. Keep your cool, and don’t bring the energy down more by arguing with her, as some people automatically get defensive. Acknowledge her comment with a joke, pun, or self-assured, confident statement or jester, and the night will continue onward, as opposed to ending up alone for the evening.

Build a connection with her

As mentioned, women do not only care about physical characteristics. It matters in mate selection to a certain extent, but rarely does the size of a flaccid penis make or break the relationship.

Build a strong connection with the woman that you are pursuing. Don’t just think of her as someone you want to have sex with, but validate her concerns, listen to her when she speaks, and be present with her whenever you’re in the bedroom.

Go through the back door

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a woman that wants fully erect average penis size going through her back door. At least, not at first.

However, most women would not be automatically put off by a 1.5-inch penis going down her dirt road.

If you want a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of anal sex, read this article here, where we show you have to get even the sweetest, more timid women interested in anal play. INSERT LINK HERE

Give her a surprise in a box

A dick in a box might be a welcomed gift if you are below average. That or any other female favorite sex toys.

Most women do not orgasm from penetrative sex. Some can, yes, and most, no. Women experience a variety of orgasms, so if you’re interested in learning how to make her a shaking, watery-eyed, makeup-smudged mess after an unbelievable orgasm, click here. INSERT LINK HERE

We’d recommend gifting her a Hitachi Wand, one of the best sex toys known to female-kind, a G Spot Wand or Vibrator, or a miniature bullet vibrator if it’s her first time using toys.

Become a cunnilingus expert

We’ve written an ultra-in-depth article detailing everything you ever wanted to know (and then some) about how to pussy like a champion. Spoiler Alert! ABCs with your tongue doesn’t work.

Chances are she derives more pleasure from oral sex than penetrative sex, even with an average or above guy. Watch this Youtube tutorial to learn everything you ever wanted to know about eating pussy.

Give her a pussy massage

If you’re a first-time reader of this website, you might wonder, “What the hell is a pussy massage?” It’s everything you need to physically satisfy her! INSERT LINK HERE

A pussy massage engages her entire vulva (the smart people’s word for pussy) to make her super horny and dripping wet and is ten times better than fingering. We’ve written a detailed explanation of it here.

Master foreplay

Guys with a 1.5 inch penis should not get hung up on penetrative sex. Women do not consider penetration the end all be all of sex. In fact, most women enjoy everything leading up to it and everything afterward as much as penetration itself.

Foreplay is more likely to get her soaking wet and craving sex than actual sex. Foreplay such as dirty talking, massages, and kissing gets heavily underplayed, but we can not stress the importance of it if you want to satisfy her in the bedroom every time. Read this detailed description of foreplay here if you want to leave your woman better and wetter each time! INSERT LINK HERE

Choose a different sex position

Some sex positions are your friend, and others are not if you have a smaller than average penis. Men who aren’t well endowed below should prefer sex positions that allow for deeper penetration such as classic doggy-style, legs over shoulders, and seashell.


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Something missing in your sex life?

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