Is 7 Inches Big Enough? Here’s The Truth

Is 7 Inches Big Enough? Here’s The Truth

Are you big enough? This question has crossed every man’s mind at some point. Is 7 inches big? It’s a question that I’ve had asked many times on my retreats and in our mastermind group.

The only reliable study, not based on self-reporting, was published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. It reveals that the average length of an erect penis is just between 5.1 and 5.5 inches. 

Maybe you’re well-endowed with 7-inches of rock hard steel and are still insecure, or perhaps you’re dreaming of one day growing up to seven inches.

Based on my experience, 7-inches is most definitely enough. Believe me, if it’s good enough for pornstars, it is most definitely good enough for your girlfriend (who should only be riding one penis at night!).

Don’t worry if you aren’t 7-inches yet (yes, you can still grow). Porn and the media always portray the man who takes the girl as a large man. But, as you can see, the average penis length for men is somewhere around 5 inches while erect.

So just remember that if you’re still asking yourself is 7 inches big.

The Number Of Guys With 7-Inch Penises

Now that you know what the actual average penis size is, you may be wondering how many guys actually have 7-inch penises. Well, the answer to this question is more or less impossible since you cannot just measure the penis length of every guy in the world. But since we know the average, we can assume that the number of guys with such a dick size is in the minority. Perhaps the number is as low as 10 percent worldwide, or even less.

This means that having a 7-inch penis would put you at the top as far as the average goes. After all, you cannot count out men with 8, 9, 10-inch dicks, or even those who have a larger penis. But for the most part, you should be perfectly fine with a 7-inch dick.

Measuring Your Penis

Do not rely on your hand and eyes to measure the penis length. You need to take proper measurements to determine where you stand – above average, below average, or whether your penis is average.

Besides knowing your size, you will also have an easier time picking the right condom brand. Condoms that are too small are uncomfortable, and the ones that are too big will come off the penis prematurely, much like some men do in bed. But that is an entirely different problem. 

So how does one measure their penis? Well, for starters, make sure that you get hard; measuring a soft penis is not what you want.

When your dick gets hard, get a measuring tape or a ruler and position it at the base of your penis. Press into the pubic bone to a point where you are not hurting yourself. It may be uncomfortable, but you want to get the correct measurements. 

A lot of belly fat hides the truth, and if you are uncomfortable with your appearance down there, it would be a good time to get in shape. 

To find out your true penis size, measure from the base to the tip’s end. 

Understanding The Importance Of Penis Girth

While the length of your penis matters, many guys take it too literally and do not consider the importance of penis girth. Not every woman can be satisfied with just the length. No, there is much more in making sure that your partner has a good time while the two of you are in bed.

The girth of a penis is just as important, if not more. I told you how to measure the dick length, but measuring girth is also recommended.

Once again, you will need to get hard. Get a soft measuring tape or something like yarn. The most important thing is to have a string that has no stretch. Gently wrap the string around the thickest part of your shaft and see the result for yourself.

There is not as much research for the penis girth compared to the length, but according to Healthline, the average dick girth should be somewhere around 3.6 inches.

BMC Women’s Health published a survey where they asked 50 women what they thought about penis girth. Overwhelming majority of women (45 out of those 50) said that the width of the penis is more important than the length.

Of course, you cannot make real conclusions from a sample size that small but the results are still quite revealing. If nothing else, the survey shows that penis width needs more attention when talking about the size of someone’s dick. It is not just the length. 

Perfect Penis Size Exists. Or Does It Not?

Besides asking yourself whether 7 inches is enough, you may also be wondering whether a penis with a perfect size exists. 

Like already mentioned, you have more than just the length to worry about. The girth is just as important, if not more so.

The answer to the question of whether a perfect penis exists or not depends on the person you ask. The Guardian reports that at least 45% of men are unhappy with their penis size and would wish to have one that is longer and thicker.

A similar study in the journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons found that the percentage of men who were happy with their size was 55%. Whereas 85% of women said that they are happy with the size of their partner’s penis.

As you can see, men and women have different perspectives. If you are unhappy with your dick, it does not mean that the women you want to sleep with will feel the same way. If anything, you lacking confidence can be a massive turnoff. 

As a rule of thumb, guys should never talk about how they feel inferior because of their size. Women treat such words as an indication of how someone lacks confidence. 

Sure, a healthy relationship without proper communication is unlikely, but you would probably be better off not mentioning your size. Let things develop naturally.

Discussing Things With Your Partner 

Speaking of communication, it is necessary to emphasize that sex is (usually) an act between two people. If one party is unhappy with something, the two of you should discuss things.

In case your girl is unhappy with the size, do not treat that as a sign that you should end things there and now. No, you are a guy and you should be in control.

Remember that there are other ways to satisfy a woman. Fingering and oral sex can be just as rewarding. In fact, there are plenty of women who prefer giving and receiving oral sex instead of having their vagina pounded. 

And not just because their man’s penis is too small. For some women, even 7 inches can be too many.

Starting such a discussion can be a bit embarrassing, but if you have been with a girl for a while and feel like something is wrong, do not hesitate and go for it. If you do not ask, you will never know how your partner feels, and it can lead to dire consequences, such as divorce, leaving you alone.

Trying Different Sex Positions With A Bigger Dick

Having a bigger penis opens new opportunities to try things in bed. The girl you were with before might not have taken advantage of your dick because she did not want to, or maybe you or she lacked the experience and were not aware of these things.

If you have the right penis size, you can try different sex positions. Get your girl on top, or give a standing missionary a go. Even if you are having trouble at first, do not fret and continue until you get it right. The frustration you feel at the time will be worth it in the end when both of you have the most satisfying orgasm in your life.

At the end of the day, sex requires practice. There are certain things you can do to improve besides having sex. Regular exercise and ditching bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol can make a big difference in your desire for sex and its quality. 

Still, not every guy has the will to pursue this, which, in all honesty, sucks a lot, because if they put some effort into it, both they and their women would have more satisfaction in their sex life. 

Finding Motivation To Improve The Situation

Whoever said that we shouldn’t pursue greatness though? Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger listened to his friends who said, “you’re big enough dude, you can stop working out”?

I doubt it. Did I listen to my producers when they told me 8 inches was enough? You can bet I didn’t either.

Feelings of inadequacy are common for many men. I’ve been in a unique position to counsel all of my friends through their doubts, and now I’m here to bring this information to all of you guys.

Penis Enlargement, The Natural Way

When I say “natural” I’m not talking about poaching endangered animals and grinding up their horns to make a potion. In fact, I’m not going to tell you to take any pills. We take enough pills in our daily lives, and the last thing that we need is another one.

The method that I’m about to tell you about is nothing but an exercise. It’s the same easy-to-follow, foolproof method that made me a larger man and allowed me to make it big in the industry. And it can certainly help you make it into the big leagues with your wife or girlfriend.

Before I begin, the key to remember is that these things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your penis is no exception. However, I can promise you that if you’re faithful and focus on doing a little bit each day, you’ll find that you’ll grow bit by bit, week after week.

After a few months of steady training, you can easily expect to grow at least half an inch, or maybe even more. If you stick with it for a few more months, then you can expect even more growth, both in length and girth.

Increase Your Blood Flow

Think of your penis as a sponge that’s shaped like a rocket ship. When you get aroused, your body fills the membranes in your penis with blood, and your limp dick slowly turns into hardened steel.

Following this logic, by increasing your blood flow, your penis can get even harder, and thus even longer. This can be done in quite a few ways, the first of which is diet.

Before sex, I always made sure to hit the Mexican restaurant and order some spicy food. Have you ever had your face flush red after eating some extra spicy tacos? Just as your body sends extra blood to your face, it sends extra blood to your penis also.

In fact, if you want to have a long night, one of the best things you can do is get into the kitchen and cook up some spicy food. Not only will your girl be blown away by your skills as a chef, but you’ll be ready to perform at full strength.

Still confused?

Hopefully by now you shouldn’t be worrying whether 7 inches is long enough however I am well aware of the sensitivity of the topic and the concerns that come with it. 

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Something missing in your sex life?

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