How To Measure Your Penis? A Simplified Guide

How To Measure Your Penis? A Simplified Guide

Do you know how big your dick is? Perhaps you should first learn how to measure your penis.

Every guy loves to boast about how big his dick is, but what about if women ask how big your penis is? Do you make up a number that’s much larger than reality?

The truth is – most men don’t know how big their penises actually are. You may think that your penis is large, when in fact it’s not.

Today I’ll show you how to measure your penis so that you can know exactly how big you really are.

Measuring your penis is important to know, ESPECIALLY if you’re working on growing your penis.

Just like the old phrase goes: “what gets measured, gets done.” When you know how much your penis is growing, you can learn what’s working, and also what gives you gains.

How To Properly Measure Your Penis

Before we begin, I want to give you a couple of guidelines on how to measure your penis, the right way. Many men mess up their technique and get bad measurements…messing with their progress. Not good.

Instead, follow these guidelines:

  • Measure your penis when you’re erect – to give you a consistent size, unlike flaccid (which changes with the weather).
  • Measure in the morning – to make sure you have a full boner. If you don’t get morning wood, click here to learn how.
  • Use the same technique – because any modification to your process will skew your results. Stay consistent.
  • Log your growth – to learn how your penis is changing. Use a journal or computer file to write down your measurements.
  • Watch porn– to keep consistent blood flow to your penis while you’re measuring. You don’t want to go soft and lose size.

Now that you know the basics, it’s finally time to learn…

How To Measure Your Penis Length

Measuring your penis is easy, but there are a few specifics you have to keep in mind.

As noted before, you have to have a strong erection. This might be difficult for some guys, which is where porn comes into play. I’m usually not a big fan of porn (since retiring from the industry), but it definitely helps for measuring your penis.

Now that you have an erection, get a ruler or a tape measure. You want to make sure you’re measuring with a solid object, to get a consistent length reading.

A ruler is the best option since tape measures are bulky and might retract on your penis. Use a ruler, unless you’re longer than 12 inches. In that case…I’m jealous!

At this point, there are two ways to measure the length: bone pressed or non-bone pressed.

Bone pressed means you push the ruler all the way back until it touches your pelvis. This will make the length a little longer but provides more consistent readings since the measurements will always start at the same location.

Non-bone pressed means you measure from the base of your penis, and (as you can guess) you do not push the ruler back to the bone.

This is easier to do since you just put the ruler on your penis, but it’s kind of inconsistent. For that reason – I prefer bone-pressed.

Now, using the guidelines I’ve shown you, put the ruler to your penis and write the measurement down. Great success!

Next, let’s get your girth done..

How To Measure The Girth Of Your Penis

Measuring girth is similar to measuring length, in that you want to use the same technique.

The difference between measuring length and girth is how you measure.

With length, you use a tape measure or ruler. Well, unfortunately, you can’t wrap a ruler around your penis, so for this, you’ll have to use a tape measure.

Take the tape measure and wrap it around your penis. For best results, start the measurement from one inch. This’ll allow you to see where the measurement really starts, and you won’t have to play with the end of the tape measure.

If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string. Measure your girth with a piece of string, then lay it down along a ruler or tape measure, and boom…there’s your girth.

Measuring girth is a little trickier than length because girth varies along the penis. Your tip, glans, shaft, and base could all be different widths.

To control location differences, I suggest choosing one (or two) locations and always measuring your girth there. You could choose right below the head (great for circumcised guys) or all the way at the base and always measure there.

No matter what you do…always use the same technique!

How To Properly Grow Your Penis

Congratulations, you now know how to properly measure your penis.

What if you want more?

Maybe you’ve done some measurements and realized, “wow, my penis is not as big as I thought.”

Let me tell you a secret…women LOVE big dicks. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having an average-sized penis, but who wants to be average? No one.

On top of that, a large penis is necessary if you want to give your woman maximum pleasure. There are two reasons why.

First is that women feel pleasure from the stretching of their vaginas. Try fingering her with one finger, and then try with two. She’ll enjoy one but will have double the pleasure with two.

The second reason why is that women’s vaginas are long. On average, vaginas are seven inches deep. Unless you’re regularly hitting her cervix, there’s still a few inches in the back of her vagina that are dying to be pleasured.

That’s why having a large penis is so important for being a better lover.

So, if you want to grow your penis, then you need need to know all about what it takes to have a Bigger Penis

There are a lot of penis enlargement resources on the internet. Most of them are a waste of time and full of crap and will only end up disappointment and a waste of money.

I don’t even want to mention what those things can do to you in the worst-case scenario.

So make sure to check out my honest opinion about having a bigger penis.


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