How Many Guys Have 8 Inches?

How Many Guys Have 8 Inches?

It’s unusual. Extremely rare. According to available research, only one out of every hundred men has a penis that measures 8 inches erect.

You’re in the top 1% of men with an 8-inch height. (If you’re curious about your dick’s circumference, the average penis had a girth of 3.7 inches when flaccid and 4.6 inches when erect.)

Will I Hurt My Partner if I Have an 8-inch Long Penis?

While the vaginal canal is elastic to accommodate any penile size, many women suffer from a condition called dyspareunia, or pain during sex. The most common reason for this is because the vagina gets dry and it s the friction that’s causing pain. What you can do is try some lubrication. There are various types you can choose from oil-based, water-based or even silicon-based.

To mitigate the potential of hurting your partner during sex, give her quality foreplay. Ensure she’s adequately wet, if not use water-based lubricant before penetration. In addition, I would recommend using the best sex positions for an 8-inch penis with your partner. Read on to get insight.

What Are the Best Sex Positions for an 8-Inch Penis?

In general, if you have an 8-inch penis, you should have sex in positions that do not allow for extremely deep penetration. Instead, you want positions where your partner has complete control over the depth and speed of penetration—positions where your partner has the leverage.


To do the traditional cowgirl position: You lie flat on your back with your legs out straight, your partner sits straddling on top of you, then she inserts your penis in her vagina and begins to thrust. 

In this position, she can choose the pace, depth, and angle of penetration which can prevent discomfort.

Reverse Cowgirl

As the name suggests, it’s the reverse of the cowgirl. Instead of your partner facing you, she faces in the opposite direction- your feet. 

The advantages are that she can choose the pace, depth, and angle of penetration to prevent discomfort.

Lotus Position

The insertive partner (the person doing the penetrating) sits with their legs crossed to enter the Lotus sex position. After that, the receptive partner (the person being penetrated) sits on their partner’s lap and wraps their legs behind their partner. The insertive partner can then manoeuvre their way into their partner’s vagina.

Standing Doggy

With an overzealous partner, doggy style with a big member could be a rough ride. Standing doggy, on the other hand, makes deep penetration slightly more difficult.

To accomplish this, your girl faces a wall for support while you enter her from behind. To get the angle just right, you may need to squat or stand on tiptoe, making this a more advanced move.


It’s intimate, romantic, and most importantly, it prevents deep penetration. It’s the ideal position for some sultry neck kissing while leaving your hands free to enjoy other parts of your body.

To do so, both partners lie down on their backs, facing the same direction, with the well-endowed partner spooning from behind.

Is Having an 8-Inch Penis Possible for Every Man?

No. All penile growth is predicated on genetics; there’s no more growth for your member after puberty. However, there exist penile elongation surgeries which I wouldn’t advocate for because of the associated risks such as penile erectile dysfunction, swelling, infection and weaker erections.

Does 8-Inches Guarantee You’ll Be Good in Bed?

Your performance in bed is dependent more on how well you use your penis and creativity than the size of your penis.

The two of the most sexually sensitive areas for a woman, the clitoris and the G-spot, are both easily reached and aroused. The G-spot is only one-third up inside the vaginal barrel. A small or short penis can do the job for women who tend to be G-spot-oriented, and the G-spot can produce ecstatic pleasure. An 8-inch penis is an overkill in this regard, and will certainly satisfy your woman.

Can you tell a guy’s size by his hands?

Scientists have now confirmed what was long thought to be a myth and source of much amusement: the length of a man’s index finger relative to his ring finger can reveal the size of his penis.

Korean researchers studied 144 men and discovered that the ratio of their second and fourth fingers, known as the digit ratio, was directly related to penile length.

While previous research has found a link between digit ratio and prostate cancer, no one has figured out why men who go through normal puberty have different penis sizes.

The men in the Korean study were all over the age of 20 and had been admitted to the hospital for urological surgery.

While the men were under anaesthesia, the size of their flaccid and fully stretched penises was measured after their height, weight, and fingers were measured.

While each man’s height, ring finger length, and digit ratio were all related to the size of his penis, the scientists discovered that the digit ratio was the only “significant predictive factor” for stretched penile length.

The scientists stated in the Asian Journal of Andrology that the individual lengths of the ring and index fingers had nothing to do with penis size.

“However, the results… did show that stretched penile length correlated with digit ratio, with men with a lower digit ratio having a longer penile length,” they wrote.

“This means that digit ratio, not finger length, can predict adult penile length.”

What Do Women Think About Penis Sizes?

According to a UCLA and Cal State LA study, the vast majority of women (84 percent) believe their partner’s penis is fine in terms of size. Only about 14% of women wished their partner had a large penis, while 2% wished for a smaller penis.

More revealing is the fact that women are more satisfied with the size of their penises than men. On the other hand, men rated their penises as smaller than women would in almost every situation.

Final Thoughts

Having an 8-inch penis makes you an outlier in respect to the general male population’s penile size. With this size, there is a possibility of hurting your partner during sex, but having adequate foreplay and with the highlighted positions, you are good to go.

The cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and lotus positions give leverage to the receiving partner; thus ideal for your woman if you have an 8-inch penis. I would recommend that you start with the lotus position, then progress to the cowgirl sex position.

An 8-inch penis can be a big confidence booster for you when naked. Ever heard of BDE (Big Dick Energy)? You should be comfortable in your skin since the mere look at your penis will invariable moisten the thighs of many a woman. She is excited about making such a big tool erect and in anticipation of conquering it (Read: making it ejaculate).

It’s surprising that we (men) are overly preoccupied with our penile sizes more than our women. Maybe this has to do with our egos but using our creativity in bed to satisfy women is what matters.


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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"