Is a 6 Inch Penis Too Small, Too Big, or Just Right?

Is a 6 Inch Penis Too Small, Too Big, or Just Right?

Many men, both with 6 inches (15.24 cm) and less, wonder, “Is my penis too small?” 

Dick size is a common concern and source of insecurity in many guys, no matter if their penis is actually “small” or not.

We’ll discuss everything you need to know about your 6-inch manhood and show you how you measure up against the average man.

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How to Measure Your Penis

You will need to take measurements: flaccid and erect.

While soft, measure the circumference (girth) of your penis. Wrap a tape measure around the thickest part of your penis while standing.

Note where the two ends of the tape measure cross, and that’s your girth measurement. Another method, if you do not have a tape measure, involves using a shoelace or ribbon to wrap around the penis and then measuring the length of the ribbon or lace with a standard ruler.

Next, take your length measurement. Measure from base to tip, as shown in the graphic, and note the length. Repeat the process once more while fully erect, and write down your new measurements.

If you measure 6 inches while erect or flaccid, then your penis is slightly bigger than the average man.

Is a 6 Inch Penis Big?

Yes, most people would say you have a big dick because you are several centimeters above average size.

The average man has a 5.2-inch (13.21 cm) penis when erect, with an average range of 5.1 to 5.5 inches. Therefore, you are slightly larger than most men.

The terms too small and too big are completely relative. For some individuals, a penis that is 5 inches is plenty big. For others, it isn’t big until it’s closer to 7 inches — or more!

Due to the prevalence of adult films, some might erroneously assume that you are average in size, but in reality, you are slightly longer than the average man. 

A better question is, is your penis big enough or too big for your particular partner’s body and sexual preferences?

Is a 6 Inch Penis Small?

A 6-inch penis is not too small or even small in the slightest. We, as a population, tend to imagine the average man carrying a 6-7 inch tool, but that is 1–2 inches more than what most men have in their pants. 

For some, 6 inches (15.24 cm) might be small because of their preferences. We discuss below what types of penises women prefer for short-term relationships, for example.

It might also be too small due to a mistaken belief that human penises should be 6 inches (15.24 cm) and above. 

According to the data, you are not small in the slightest. However, according to some women’s opinions, you might be average to small. 

What Do Women Think About a 6 Inch Penis? 

Your penis size is ideal for most women. When people fantasize about a nice penis, they mostly visualize one that is either exactly 6 inches or close to it. 

Nature has blessed you, but a big dick can also mean big problems in the bedroom if you aren’t careful. 

She Thinks It’s Too Big

For some women, anything larger than the average penis might be too big. It’s especially true for male partners who rush into sex like they’re going into the battlefield and never allow their partners adequate time to get wet and ready. Without proper lubrication, 6 inches is out of the question. 

With proper techniques, lubrication, and foreplay, your penis will most likely fit inside your partner and be very pleasurable. Vaginas can stretch and extend during sexual arousal, a topic discussed below.

Still, you might be out of some women’s comfort zone, depending on their particular anatomy. Some women are more petite than others and have a low tolerance for big penises due to their short stature and petite frame. 

Others might be up for the challenge, but slightly hesitantly. 6 inches is bigger than average, and there’s a chance she has never seen one your size and bigger before. It might be intimidating for some to consider fitting all of you inside, especially if you are girthy too.

Speaking of fitting inside, although the average vagina can stretch and extend, you will likely never be able to go “balls deep” in some women. 

Although studies are limited, the average length of a vagina, from the vaginal opening to the cervix, is only 4.25 inches (10.79 cm) to 4.75 inches (12.06 cm) when aroused.

In a state of non-arousal, it’s closer to 2.75 inches (6.99 cm) to about 3.25 inches (8.26 cm).

Yes, that means that vaginal length increases when sexually stimulated. Some reports state that the vagina can even extend beyond 5 inches when aroused. 

Regardless of if the exact length from the opening to the cervix is 4 or 5 inches, it’s still at least one inch shorter (for many women) than needed to fit all of you inside. Instead, it’s much closer to the length of the average erect penis.  

She Thinks It's Too Small

There are a few studies on the topic. In one study, they discovered that the ideal penis length was above average penis size and a tad above 6 inches, at around 6.4 inches (16.26 cm)

This means that a small amount of the population will think that 6 inches is slightly smaller than desired.

This was especially true for one-night stands and short-term relationships. Researchers theorize that as masculinity is associated with greater success with short-term partners, having visible markers of manliness (deep voice, height, muscle tone, and penis size) were all likely to lead to multiple female mates. In the long term, penis size was less influential on partner selection. 

She Thinks It's Just Right

Some women enjoy the challenge or visuals of an above average sized penis. Some can easily orgasm from vaginal penetration, and having a bigger penis capable of hitting multiple spots simultaneously might be what she needs to get off. 

Others might enjoy looking at your penis because, aesthetically, it’s what’s often shown in adult films. The sight of your length might be highly arousing in itself. 

Six inches is very close to the ideal length for many women. As mentioned, in one study, the ideal length was 6.4 inches, just a hair longer than 6. The same study concluded that female partners preferred 4.8 inches in girth.

So, a considerable size of the population will be satisfied and happy getting 6 inches from their man.

How to Have Better Sex With 6 Inches 

Typically, we would advise men with smaller penises to use particular sex positions to get the most out of their length.

With 6 inches, you can experiment with any sex position, depending on your and her particular preferences.

If your woman has trouble taking your length and/or girth, you should choose sex positions where the woman controls depth and pace for maximum sexual satisfaction. Too much thrusting can lead to discomfort or pain, ending the evening of pleasure.

Instead, aim for positions such as cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, Asian cowgirl, and Crab, which puts the woman in complete control of the experience. 

The Sofa Straddle sex position

For those looking for something a little more exciting, try Sofa Straddle (Zodiac) and Bent Spoon.

Sofa Straddle is a sex position where, needless to say; you will need a sofa or similarly functional furniture piece. The female partner will get on top of her man while he sits comfortably on the sofa, and her rear end should be facing him. She will remain on her knees and use her hips and thighs to grind and bounce over her partner. 

The Bent Spoon sex position

Another unique option that you might not have tried yet is the Bent Spoon. It’s similar to Spooning, where the male partner is behind the female and thrusts into her, except this is an on-top position instead of sideways. The female partner will lay completely flat on her man, bending her legs slightly to wrap around his thighs. She will then grind and bounce horizontally against him. 

Men in control positions are still an option, as long as your partner is okay with your above-average penis length and/or girth.

It should go without saying that if you’re using the backdoor entrance, slow and steady wins the race. Use plenty of lube and start very slowly, allowing your partner to adjust to your size (both girth and length) at their own pace.

We suggest starting with an anal training kit with a 6-inch or bigger sex toy first, allowing her to get used to the feeling in a much more controlled setting. Learn more about anal training here

Penetration is not the maker of great sex. Did you know women can experience multiple types of orgasms? Only a few of them come from internal stimulation.

It can become second nature to overly rely on your dick size, mindlessly thrusting into your partner without actually giving her much pleasure.

While having a big dick is nice, it won’t help you give your partner the time of her life with oral sex or clitoral stimulation with your fingers and toys. 

Clitoral stimulation is the key to making the vast majority of women orgasm. Although many can squirt and orgasm from having their G Spot stimulated, more often than not, she will need direct clitoral stimulation. Use your tongue, lips, fingers, hands, and sex toys to rub, tickle, caress, and suck. 

Learn more about sex techniques here that will make your woman cum fast and easy.

Excellent oral sex skills are non-negotiable, and so is giving your partner a pussy massage. It’s not as intricate as it sounds, and you don’t need to be a qualified masseur to give one.

The key components of one are using your entire hand to stimulate the vulva, focusing your attention on her entire lower body (not clit), playing with the vaginal opening, and then (only after several long minutes of playing with her body) touching the clit. It’s all detailed here!

To finish things up, we would be amiss if we did not mention the importance of foreplay, kissing, and dirty talking, regardless of your dick size.

Size aside, all men can benefit from mastery of foreplay and utilizing it in the bedroom to make her not only desire sex but crave it. 

With these tools in the box, you will be one of the best she has ever had, if not the best. 

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