Is a 3 inch Penis Too Small? The Truth and What You Can Do About It

Is a 3 inch Penis Too Small? The Truth and What You Can Do About It

Before you get out the tape measure and start panicking, there’s no such thing as perfect penis size. Many factors influence how big someone’s penis actually is, including genetics, body type, age, health, and lifestyle choices. And while most women prefer an average to a large penis, it’s important to remember that what feels good to one person might feel entirely different for another.

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Is My Penis Too Small?

The answer is maybe.

The average penis size around 5 inches (12.7 cm) long, not 6 to 10 inches (25.4 cm), as you might have seen in porn.

Certain factors determine whether your penis is big enough — the most significant is girth and personal preference. 

Girth is defined by the circumference of your shaft at its thickest point, and this measurement can be taken with a tape measure. 

If you want to know if your penis is big enough, then you need to look at both measurements: girth and length. If your penis measures between 4-6 inches (10.2 – 15.2 cm) in length and 2-3 inches (5.1 – 7.6 cm) around, you’re probably big enough for most women.

Now, most does not mean all. For some, depending on your girth, you might be too large or too small. The vagina is most sensitive near the opening. Most women do not receive that much pleasure from being penetrated deeper inside the vagina, so you don’t need 6 inches (15.24 cm) to pleasure one. 

The vagina also has an incredible ability to stretch, as done during childbirth and accommodate a wide range of circumferences inside of it. 

But, just because the vagina can stretch to the size of an infant’s head does not mean that most women want that during intercourse. No man is as thick as a baby’s head, but some are thick enough to cause discomfort during intercourse due to their size alone. 

Depending on your girth, your 3 inch penis might be too big for some women, too small, or just right. 

Now, physical appearances are only 50% of the equation, and the other 50% comes from personal preferences and expectations. There will be women who do not want or like a 3 inch penis — sorry, but it’s true! Just like there will be women who do not like a bald head or even blonde hair, some women will be put off by your length. 

On the other hand, many women will not care. They are even less likely to care if they care about you as a person and you have qualities that make you worthy of being a life partner. Or, for more shallow reasons, such as you’re great at oral sex or fingering! 

Did we also mention that for those who prefer anal sex, 3 inches might even be better than 6 inches because many people who want to try anal sex or do it regularly are put off by larger sex toys, and yes, that means larger penises too. 

Whether you are too small or not comes down to your partner’s personal preferences and expectations and your other qualities and skills. Click here to learn more about what’s considered a big penis.

What's an Average-Sized Penis?

3 inches is not average.

In fact, you’re slightly below it and have a micropenis. Micropenis is not as scary as it sounds! It’s just a penis smaller than most in the male population (and, yes, we are referring to erect length, not flaccid). 

A micropenis is defined as having a penile length of fewer than 3.2 inches (8.13 cm) and 2.8 inches (7.11 cm) in girth when fully erect.

According to the research, an average erect penis measures 5.2 inches (14 cm) long and 3.3 inches (9 cm) wide when fully extended. A flaccid measurement is 3.3 inches long and 2.7 inches wide.

Average Size: 5 – 6 inches erect

Average Flaccid Length: 3.3 inches

Average Erect Penis Length: 5.16 inches

Average Girth: 3.3 inches

Being less than average is not detrimental to your sex life. In fact, you can have great sex being smaller than the standard size. You can also take steps to enlarge your penis over time.

How To Measure Your Penis Size

Measuring your penis is easy. Take a ruler and measure both lengths. You’ll need two measurements: one while flaccid and another while erect.

Using a tape measure is the easiest way to measure your girth. Wrap it around your penis at the thickest part. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string or a shoelace and measure the length with a ruler.

You can use a ruler instead to measure your erect or flaccid length. Lay it flat on your penis and mark where the ends meet.

Hopefully, you have not confused flaccid and erect length. Flaccid or “soft” is when the penis has not fully filled with blood and reached its entire length.

Most men have a flaccid penis that is either slightly smaller or incredibly small compared to their erect length. As they say, some men are growers, and others are showers. 3 inches flaccid is pretty close to the average length.

Whereas erect or “hard” refers to the penis when it’s fully engorged with blood and is at its maximum size. 3 inches erect is smaller than most men.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Penile enlargement is a heated topic! For some, it’s out of the question, and focus should be given to body acceptance and removing the stigma from having a micropenis or a slightly smaller than average one. 

For others, the length is vital to their self-confidence, and achieving even a few centimeters more is a matter of life or death. Enlarging your penis should not be a matter of life and death, but if you do what to make it bigger, for whatever reason, there are several methods you can try.

Note that most methods have limited scientific research to prove their effectiveness and might not work. Although some of these methods could be more well studied, numerous men have reported beneficial effects from using several of these methods for an extended period. 

As always, if you notice any irregular and uncomfortable changes to your body, stop. A bigger penis is not worth it if you’re in pain and cannot actually reap the benefits of your improved length. 

Secondly, keep your expectations under control. If you’re 3 inches, you will not grow to 7 inches. It’s a big stretch to grow that many inches as a fully-grown male out of puberty. You will most likely be disappointed if you go about these methods believing that one day the ladies will call you Big Dick Jack. 

At best, you can achieve centimeters with natural methods and perhaps a few inches with surgical enhancements. 

Creams and Ointments

Several creams and ointments available over-the-counter claim to make your penis bigger. However, there isn’t any scientific evidence proving their effectiveness.

In fact, these topically applied ointments are not likely to work at all. If you come across a penis lengthening cream or ointment, it’s probably best to pass.

Penis Injections

Injections are done by inserting a needle into the body and injecting hormones, testosterone, into the body to improve penis length.

There is a rumor that steroids (a form of testosterone) change your penis length. They don’t! They shrink your testes, a completely different part of the male reproductive system.

Others are tempted by the rumor that hormone therapy increases their penis length. We are sorry to report that testosterone as a penis lengthening treatment is ineffective after puberty. Some studies show testosterone therapy can assist boys in growing their micropenis to a standard size by the end of puberty. After puberty, the hormone does not do much for your length. 

Testosterone is vital for reproduction and male health, but it won’t make your penis larger. 

Herbal Supplements

Herbs like ginseng, horny goat weed, saw palmetto, Yohimbe, and maca all contain compounds rumored to improve testosterone levels.

This means that they can help you get harder and longer-lasting erections. They also boost energy and stamina, making you feel better during sex.

You could also take L-Arginine, an amino acid. Be careful about over-supplementing, as it is very easy to go overboard and take more than what is healthy for you. 

Penis Enlargement Pills​

Penis enlargement pills often include ingredients believed to boost blood circulation and improve sexual desire. They may also include an active compound known as sildenafil citrate (Viagra). Others merely contain vitamins, herbs, and other supplements that are supposed to aid in getting and maintaining an erection, thus improving your length. 


Wait! Before you skip down to the next step, hear us out.

Your penis might not actually be 3 inches; it might be buried. A buried penis is hidden under folds of skin.

As obesity is an epidemic in many western countries, it’s worth mentioning that men who are obese or morbidly obese are more likely to have a buried penis than those who are fit or have average body weight. 

Before trying these other methods, consider if you are just overweight and do not, in reality, have a smaller than average penis. 

Penis Extenders​

Penis extenders use traction to pull on the shaft of your penis, stretching it outwards. Some models are explicitly designed for penile enlargement. At the same time, others are used for improving blood flow for better and stronger erections (which will also improve your penis length). 

Penis Pumping​

Penis pumps use suction to draw blood into the penis, making it swell. This method is often used to treat erectile dysfunction, a common condition, and has been proven effective

The results of this penis enhancement method are temporary; as soon as the blood returns to other parts of the body, your erection will decrease, and so will your size. 


Jelqing is where you massage your penis using particular techniques. Jelqing helps to stretch the tissues, increasing their size over time.

Jelqing is an ancient practice that originates in the Middle East. There’s limited research into it, but the fact that this practice has outlasted the Roman empire might mean it’s worth a shot!

Jelqing requires special techniques done multiple times weekly over an extended period for results. Read this to learn more about jelqing and how you can get started. 

Penis Stretching

In theory, stretching exercises are another way to increase the size of your penis. Penis stretching is similar to jelqing, but unlike jelqing, you can use devices and weights.

Some recommend hanging weights from the penis to stretch it out over time. Others use traction devices, a technique mentioned above. 

With any stretching method, avoid over-stretching your penis and stop if you have pain, discoloration, or discomfort. 

Take it slow and be prepared for the long haul, as jelqing and stretching are slow processes that need months to show results. 


Surgery may be necessary if you want to gain more than 2-3 inches. Phalloplasty is one of the most common surgical methods to increase size. There’s another surgery where an implant is put under the skin, improving length. 

Be warned that these treatments may be expensive and potentially lead to complications. 

For this reason, research and discussion with your surgeon are requirements before you go under the knife. 

Non-Enlargement Methods for Better Sex

Not everyone wants to change their smaller penis, and that’s fine. Men don’t need larger penises to pleasure or connect with their partners mentally and emotionally. 

The most obvious way to have better sex with a small penis is to choose your positions wisely. Avoid any sex position where you can not easily penetrate your partner, such as Full Nelson. Doggy style and missionary will be your new best friend. 

Secondly, invest in high-quality sex toys and learn how to use them. Hitachi wands, G spot wands, and butt plugs are non-negotiable, must-own toys. Feel free to venture off and purchase more exciting sex toys, but start here with these basics. 

Lastly, become amazing at kissing, foreplay, dirty talking, and oral sex. Click here for more foreplay techniques.

Anal sex might also be an adventure worth pursuing instead of vaginal sex, as the tighter canal might make sex more pleasurable. You need more than one tool in your toolbox to have more sexual satisfaction.


A 3 inch penis is smaller than the average penile length; that’s a fact. 

But it does not mean you can not give and receive sexual pleasure and have a satisfying sex life. You might even be a perfect fit for some partners due to their anatomy and personal preferences. 

Your girth might also be a saving grace, making your length irrelevant. 

A man’s size can severely impact his self-confidence, pushing some to pursue penis lengthening methods and surgeries. You don’t need to lengthen your penis. Still, if you decide to, start slowly and avoid overdoing penile lengthening, exercising, and taking supplements. Surgery might be a great option but be warned that it’s not risk-free, and the pros and cons should be weighed heavily. 

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Something missing in your sex life?

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