Is a 3.5-Inch Penis Too Small? The Answer May Surprise You!

Is a 3.5-Inch Penis Too Small? The Answer May Surprise You!

If you have a 3.5-inch penis, you can satisfy any woman, and we will show you how with our practical advice. No penis enlargement surgeries needed!

This article will teach you how to make the most of what nature gave you.

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What is the Average Penis Size?

This is a question that men and women have been trying to answer for years! In popular culture, at least in the West, when people think of an average penis, they probably picture one about 6 inches (15.24 cm). 

However, that’s a little more than what most men are packing. 

Not every man around the world is lining up to have his penis measured, but from our data, the average manhood is about 5.2 inches (13.21 cm) when erect and 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) when flaccid. 

What's the Difference Between a Small Penis and a Micropenis?

 Many men have a smaller-than-average penis length but not a micropenis. 

A micropenis is rare. Some evidence suggests that only 0.6% of men worldwide have micropenis because they typically result from a hormonal issue during development called fetal testosterone deficiency, where the body does not produce enough testosterone for normal genital development.

Aside from testosterone deficiencies in the womb, medical conditions like Prader-Willi syndrome and Kallmann syndrome may also contribute to a micropenis. You will need professional medical advice to know whether you suffer from one of the many conditions that can cause a micropenis.

To have a micropenis, your penis length must measure less than 3.66 inches (9.3 cm) when fully stretched.

Note that there is a difference between flaccid penis length and erect penis length. If, when erect, you measure more than 3.66 inches (9.3 cm), you do not have a micropenis. Generally, a flaccid penis is shorter than an erect one, and the average flaccid length is 3.5 inches (8.89 cm)

If, when erect, you are still less than 3.66 inches (9.3 cm), you do, in fact, have a micropenis. The global average erect penis length is 5.2 inches (13.21 cm). Anything shorter than that is considered small, but not a micropenis until your penis length is less than 3.66 inches (9.3 cm). 

You do not have to suffer from erectile dysfunction with a micropenis. Men with a micropenis are perfectly capable of sexual satisfaction, achieving erections, and maintaining other normal functions (sperm production, urination, etc.).

Do Women Care About My Penis Size?

As a whole, no. Your penis size does not ultimately determine your success with women. Factors like feelings of guilt and shame and lack of self-confidence are stronger contributors to an inability to find a partner than the size of your penis. 

Some women want a larger partner, but many do not. There are advantages to a smaller penis that are rarely discussed, such as easy anal and oral sex. 

Ultimately, whether she cares about the size of your penis will come down to her values, beliefs, and personality. 

There is good news! Don’t start researching penis enlargement surgery or penis pumps just yet. Most women care more about intelligence, personality, and other factors more than their partner’s penis size.

So, don’t let a 3.5-inch (8.89 cm) penis stop you from trying your luck with the woman you choose. 

Does Size Matter in the Bedroom?

No, stop worrying about the size of your penis.

Unless the only thing that gets her off is the image of a giant dick flying toward her face, then the size of your penis is not the primary determining factor of whether you will give a woman sexual pleasure in the bedroom. 

Your skills, not your penis size, matter more! We have more good news. The thing that matters most in the bedroom can be learned, practiced, and perfected. Whereas penis size cannot. 

If you have yet to master these skills in the bedroom, you need to start now! You don’t need a large penis to make a woman orgasm, but you do need to have a large toolbox loaded with this: 

Mastery of Oral Sex

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Mastery of Giving a Pussy Massage

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Mastery of Basic Sex Toys

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If reading this list, you think you need help figuring out where to start and want a step-by-step guide for every skill and technique you will ever need, join us in the Best She’s Ever Had online course

Is a 3.5-Inch Penis Too Small for Great Sex?

No, a 3-5 inch penis is not too small for great, orgasmic, ‘call me again’ sex! But let’s get a few things straight.

You will not have the best sex of your life if you still believe you need more than 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) to pleasure a woman. If for some reason, you are holding on to the belief that a few inches would make the difference and make her want to see you again, you’re wrong! 

Shame and guilt do not contribute to great sex. It never has, and it never will. If it makes you feel better, many women have shame and guilt about their bodies too. When a woman feels uncomfortable in her own skin, it makes a big difference in the bedroom. So, why do you not think that the same applies to men?

Imagine a beautiful woman comes to your house — you’re in love. She’s the woman of your dreams. You get her into the bedroom, and instead of standing there like the goddess she is, she hides behind a curtain. She makes every excuse for why you can’t see her boobs in the light of day. Would the sex be great? Probably not. Knowing she’s uncomfortable should make you uncomfortable too. 

She feels the same about you. Hiding away because you are afraid she’ll judge you or dislike your penis is ruining the mood and killing her sex drive. 

Secondly, vaginal sex is not the only way to make her orgasm or even enjoy sex. Many women do not orgasm from penetration alone. Therefore, penetration is just an aspect of great sex, but not the whole. 

You’d give her equal or more sexual satisfaction by just rubbing her clitoris with your fingers or getting your face lost between her thighs. 

Lastly, if she cares about you and feels a connection with you, she will focus on those factors more than your penis.

What Can I Do If I Have a Small Penis?

Start by getting to know the woman. What does she like? What type of person is she? What really turns her on in the bedroom? 

Learning about her sexual desires, fantasies, kinks, and specific turn-ons is key to turning a woman on, whether you have a monster cock or not.  

Now that you know what to do to make her aroused, do it. But don’t do it half-heartedly, do it as if your life depended on it.

For example, if she loves oral sex. Please don’t put your head behind her legs; give it a few licks, and then proceed to something else. Instead, get in there and eat her pussy like you love giving oral sex as much as she loves receiving it. 

Experiment with other techniques in the bedroom. If you have never tried anal, be open to it. If you heard of a new sex toy and read nothing but glowing reviews, add it to your cart and ask your partner if she wants to try it.

Keep spicing things up in the bedroom and trying new things. This will ensure your partner never gets bored and shows initiative — a quality that women find very attractive. 

Find the right sex positions in the bedroom. With a small penis, you need a sex position that allows you to penetrate as deep as possible and reduces the chances of slipping out of her. A few sex positions come to mind.


Cowgirl is one of the best positions for men with small penises. Because she is on top, she can sit on your penis and take in all the length. Plus, her controlling the thrusts reduces the chances of slipping out of her. 

Lap Dance 

The Lap Dance sex position is similar to cowgirl in that she has full access to your penis and controls penetration depth. 

Sit on a sofa or chair while your partner backs into you, lowers herself onto you, and bounces up and down or grinds side to side. 

Speed Bump

Get your partner flat on her stomach on the bed. Lower yourself on top of her, and allow your full body to rest on top. Insert your penis and thrust or grind. 

This one is a good choice for small penises because, with your full body on top of her, it reduces the chances of slipping out of her as you thrust or grind. Just avoid lifting your body too far off hers, and you’re golden. 

Butter Churner

The Butter Churner sex position

The Butter Churner is a more advanced position and may only be doable by some couples reading this, depending on body size and physical abilities.  

In this sex position, she will need to lift your lower half into the air. We suggest having something behind her, if possible, to help steady the position. Ask her to spread her legs wide. 

Hover above her and dip your penis down into her. This position is great because you can sit on top of her, allowing you to put your full length inside.

Sex Toys for Men With a Small Penis

If you have a small penis, you might need the aid of a sex toy from time to time to give maximum pleasure to your partner.

There is no shame in using or owning a sex toy. Think of it as an extension of your arm and hand, not as a device that you are competing with. Some men think she will choose a sex toy over them, but that is not the case. It’s not you verse a sex toy. It’s you using the sex toy to make your woman orgasm

These are our beginner-friendly sex toys for maximizing pleasure. Then at the end, we have a few advanced toys.  

A Magic Wand

The Hitachi wand is a great starter vibrator for clitoral stimulation with multiple speeds. It is also discreet and easy to hide in the drawer if you have unwanted eyes around. You will also want to purchase a G spot wand that is strong and sturdy for G Spot stimulation.  

Vibrating Egg

We love that this one has a remote control, making it more fun to operate than other wands. Pop the egg inside your partner and use the remote to pleasure her.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple orgasms are possible!

If you cannot make your partner orgasm with oral or anal sex, try nipple play instead or in combination with vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Nipple clamps latch onto each nipple to keep them hard and sensitive to stimulation.

Sex Swings

A sex swing is a fun device that attaches to a wall or ceiling mount. Inside the swing, you can experiment with different sex positions and intimate activities.

Feel free to experiment with sex toys, activities, role-plays, and fantasies until you find the one that best suits you and your partner’s interests.

Yes, if you have a 3.5 erect penis, you are smaller than average. Before you toss in the towel and kick yourself for something you have zero control over, remember that you don’t need a massive dick to pleasure your partner!

Your size is not the maker and breaker of good sex. Regardless of your penis size, you can have multiple pleasurable sexual experiences with any woman using any of the techniques in this article.

If you’re interested in learning more sex techniques, read the other articles on our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the videos we create.

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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"

Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"