2 Inch Penis – How to Measure Up in the Bedroom

2 Inch Penis – How to Measure Up in the Bedroom

A 2 inch erection is smaller than average, which doesn’t necessarily mean that your sex life has to suffer and you can never satisfy your partner in bed. It’s just a reality that you’re working with a smaller size than most men.

If you’re reading this because you’re generally curious about how your body measures up against other guys’ bodies or if you’re worried about your own penile dimensions, then you’ve come to the right place.

The good news is that penis size is not everything.

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How Does a 2 Inch Penis Compare to Average Size?

Puberty ends around the age of 19 in men. If by chance, you are a teen still, you probably should not worry too much about your length as there is a chance that 2 inches is not your fully developed length, and you may grow another inch or more.

Fully developed men with a 2 inch penis are smaller than average size, both when flaccid and erect. Flaccid refers to the penis when it is not engorged with blood or “soft,” as it is generally called. Men commonly are several inches shorter when flaccid than erect.

Erect, on the other hand, refers to the penis when it is fully engorged with blood, at maximum size, and “hard,” as it is generally called.

The average erect length and girth of a penis

In both categories, a 2 inch penis is smaller than average. So what exactly is an average-sized penis? Well, it’s actually smaller than you think.

According to one study, the average size of an erect penis was 5.16 inches (13.11 cm). The range for average length was determined to be 5.16 inches (12.95 cm) to 5.5 inches (13.97 cm).

A great visual aid is a can of Coke. A regular 12 oz Coke can is 4.8 inches (12.19 cm) long, just shy of the average erect penis length of 5.16 inches (13.11 cm).

average flaccid length and girth of a penis

The average male has a flaccid penis length of roughly 3.61 inches (9.17 cm).

The reality is that men are not usually 6 inches (15.24 cm) or more in erect length, although it is a common assumption. It’s speculated that the assumption that the average size is 6 inches comes from self-reporting surveys and popular culture; however, the data suggests this is not an accurate picture of men’s bodies.

Girth, or the circumference of the penis, is another significant value in determining size. It is commonly believed that girth matters slightly more than penis length due to the vaginal opening being far more sensitive than the deeper sections.

One study estimates that the average man is roughly 3.66 inches (9.3 cm) in girth when flaccid and 4.59 inches (11.66 cm) for erect penises.

Is a 2 Inch Penis a Micropenis?

It is not a micropenis if you are purely measuring your flaccid length. For lack of a better explanation, your flaccid length is irrelevant.

A 2 inch erect penis is a micropenis. Although there are differing definitions of a micropenis, there does seem to be a consensus that 2 inches are, in fact, within the commonly accepted range of a micropenis.

So, what exactly is a micropenis, and is it as scary as it sounds?

Micropenis is not at all scary, nor is it an irregular or disfigured penis. The word means that the penis size (either girth, length, or both) is smaller than the average adult man that has completed normal puberty. It is still a normal penis, just smaller.

A micropenis, when detected early, can be treated with testosterone hormone therapy, and studies have demonstrated that it is an effective treatment before and during puberty. However, sorry to report, but once puberty finishes around the age of 19, testosterone injections have little impact on penile length.

Having one is not a determinant of your reproductive or overall health. Most men with a micropenis have completely normal reproductive functions and can go on to father healthy children. Some research shows men with less than 2 inches may suffer from fertility issues, but your unique genetics ultimately determines that.

Can a Man Still Have Great Sex With Only 2 Inches

Absolutely! Your size is not a determinant of your sex life. Most men with less than average penis size suffer in the bedroom from a lack of confidence, guilt, or shame, and not from a lack of function.

Simply put, there’s no reason that a man with only 2 inches cannot please his partner with the proper techniques, understanding of his partner’s anatomy and preferences, and sex positions that enables deeper penetration.

The Best Sex Positions

The best sex positions for men with less than average penile length allow deep penetration.

The G Spot is only a knuckle and a half inside the vagina, along the upper wall, so it does not take much length to hit it. The G Spot is not a myth; most women get as much pleasure from hitting this particular spot inside the vagina as they do from other forms of stimulation.

These sex positions are designed to give you maximum penetration for both your pleasure and hers. The best sex position is doggy style because it removes the hassle of awkward angles, body parts in the way, and other hindrances that prevents the male partner from entering either the vaginal or anal canal. The position is also great for avoiding slipping out of the receiving partner, as the male can use his two free hands to grip or stimulate her clitoris while trusting.

Another great alternative is classic missionary, but we understand that missionary gets boring, and perhaps you are looking for something a little different to spice up your sex life. Try this instead: Lap Dance.

Lap dance is a woman-on-top sex position where the female partner backs into her man, sits on his lap and grinds and bounces against him. It’s a great position because both bodies are in complete contact, limiting the possibility of slipping out repeatedly during intercourse. In this position, the male partner can reach around and caress his partner’s nipples, kiss her neck, or play with her hair. The double stimulation is excellent when you cannot rely entirely on your penis to bring your partner to climax.

Another suggestion would be legs over the shoulder. This position is similar to missionary, except the female partner puts both legs on top of her man’s shoulders while he thrusts. The position allows both partners to have complete eye contact during intercourse, and the closed legs lessen the chances of accidentally falling out during sex.

The Butter Churner sex position

One final sex position is the Butter Churner. This position is a bit advanced, so attempt it at your own risk. For this position to work, the receiving partner must be head down, and bottom up. We suggest having a sofa or wall behind the receiving partner to assist with balance. Once in position, the male partner will essentially sit into his partner and thrust in and out. Due to the close distance between bodies and the control over depth, this position is excellent for full, maximum penetration and for avoiding slipping out while thrusting. In this position, it’s recommended that you grab the receiving partner’s legs for added stabilization or use your fingers to play with her clitoris.

The Best Techniques

Another way to pleasure your partner without relying on your penile length is to please them either via anal stimulation or with your fingers and tongue during oral sex.

It’s a no-brainer that if you are less than a specific size, having excellent oral sex skills is a must in the bedroom. Learning to eat pussy is not as complicated as it seems, and we got you covered in a separate article. Be sure to check that out.

The Role Reversal face fucking position

Secondly, as most women do not cum from penetration alone, getting good with your hands and fingers is another must-learn skill in the bedroom. Here at SQL, we have taught men how to pleasure their female partners with a pussy massage for years. You don’t need a massive penis to give one; you don’t need a penis at all to do it and give your partner orgasm after orgasm.

Lastly, men with below-average penis size can benefit from having anal sex instead of vaginal. An anal virgin rarely wants a 6-inch penis during their first anal experience, but a 2-inch penis is far less intimidating. The receiving partner can get a lot of pleasure from your 2 inches in their anal canal. Likewise, because it tends to be tighter than the vaginal canal, men with smaller penises will get more pleasure from the backdoor than the front door, in many cases.

Having a big or average penis will help in the bedroom, but it, by no means, is the maker and breaker of great sex. In fact, men with average and above penile length continue to be inadequate in bed because they rely too much on their size and never put any effort into learning techniques that will actually please a woman.

With the fantastic five: great kissing, pussy massage, squirting, oral sex, and using sex toys. You will be on your way to being the guy women crave in the bedroom.

What Do People Think When They See Your Penis?

Many men develop a sense of guilt or shame concerning their penis size. When you’re smaller than average, by now, you have probably compared your penile length to those around you in the locker room or what you’ve seen in movies and in your internet search history.

While it’s true that most women aren’t too concerned about a guy’s penis size, studies show that women, especially those in long-term relationships, do not give too much importance to their partner’s size.

It’s also likely that your partner might be surprised by your length and not know how to react. A lot of people have the misconception that the average size is closer to 6 inches. Therefore, it is likely that the person has never thought about what a 2 inch penis might look or feel like and could be shocked by it when you first take off your pants.

It’s a sad fact of life that many people, men, and women alike, are shallow and will care a lot about how their partner looks, including his penis size. When you come across a partner that cares, the best thing you can do is acknowledge your length and state that there’s more to you than your penis size (i.e., all the techniques we just suggested you learn).

What About Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is real, and chances are you have probably stumbled upon an advertisement for some miracle supplement or technique to grow your penis 4 inches in 4 weeks — those are not real. You will be seriously disappointed by trying.

We have already covered penis enlargement techniques in a different article. Read it to learn more about increasing your length through natural methods and surgical enhancements.

Although you can increase your size by a few centimeters or even an inch, that does not mean you should.

All methods, especially surgery, come with cons. Ensure you have researched well before trying any method to enlarge your penis size.


At the end of puberty, if you are left with a 2 inch penis, you are smaller than average size — yes.

However, being small is not the determinant of how well you will do with finding a potential life partner and how much sexual satisfaction you can give that person in the bedroom when things do move in that direction.

Being a smaller size means you can not rely on your size alone, and why would you want to when there are so many other techniques that can give women far more pleasure than standard penetration ever could!

So, what does that mean? That means you should learn new techniques and ways to pleasure your partner. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will find yourself in the top 1% of guys who can please a woman in the bedroom. Check out this link for more sex education.

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Something missing in your sex life?

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