11 Best PEGym Threads You Need To Check Out Now

11 Best PEGym Threads You Need To Check Out Now

If you want to make gains, you have to go to the PEGym. This is true for your muscles and your penis.

Before you ask – no, there is no gym where you can exercise your penis (sounds gross). I’m talking about PEGym.com, the greatest penis enlargement and men’s sex health forum on the whole wide web.

I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on PEGym, learning from all the experienced PE experts. These guys take penis enlargement seriously, and it shows in their writing.

So, to help you get started at PEGym, here are my favorite threads of all time.

Safety First, by kingpole

Before you get started growing your penis, you have to understand that injuries happen.

This cautionary post by kingpole is a must-read. It doesn’t matter if you’re just started, or you’ve already grown your penis two inches…safety is incredibly important. 

I might sound like your mother here, but it’s for your own good.

This post explains how to avoid injuries.

Dealing with Penile Injuries, by Big Al

Another post about injuries. I know, you want to grow your penis, but I feel responsible to warn you about the dangers of penis enlargement first.

PEGym agrees with me as well.

This post is different from the last one in that Big Al explains how to identify and cure penis injuries. It happens, and it’s better to identify an injury before you make it worse.

My Success Story – Frustrated Beginner? READ THIS, by PESG

If you’re going to read ONE thread in this article, read this one.

PESG has a great story. When he was in high school, he went through a rough breakup. The result? Now his entire school thinks he has a small dick. 

The shame was so strong, that he scoured the internet for resources on how to grow his penis.

After much trial and tribulation, he succeeds and becomes an inspiration for all. In two years, he grew a whopping 2.15 inches in length and 1.50 inches in girth. Wow!

Read this thread to hear about PESG’s epic journey. Inside you’ll find an excellent beginner PE routine, that I recommend you practice.

Measurement Abbreviations and Acronyms, by JonPop

Measuring your gains is critical if you want to have long term gains.

Penis enlargement takes longer than you expect, and in order to prevent getting discouraged, you should 100% measure your gains.

The problem is that there are a bunch of different ways to measure your penis. Thankfully, this thread reviews all the abbreviations commonly used on the forum. Read this and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Gain Master PE Software, by Iguana

Like I said, measurement is critical for long term success in penis enlargement. You should always measure your gains. I don’t think that needs to be emphasized again.

This software makes it easy to do exactly that, using your computer.

Don’t waste your time using a pen and paper. This is the 21st century, and we have software. Read this thread to download Iguana’s free software.

Beginner to Advanced Beginner Routine, by kingpole

OK, now that you’ve learned a ton about penis enlargement, and done the PESG beginner routine, it’s time to get more advanced.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau, and your gains have stalled.

Enter kingpole, one of the most respected posters on PEGym.

This routine is for anyone who’s been practicing penis enlargement for months but needs a swift kick in the ass to get over their plateau. Highly recommended.

Pelvic Floor Balance, by imac

Pelvic floor balance, although complicated, is a necessary topic to discuss. As we’ve discussed here, kegels are a must if you’re serious about your sex life.

They’re good for penis enlargement, lasting longer, and even shooting bigger cumshots.

That’s not to say they’re without fault. Overuse of kegels will lead to pelvic floor imbalance, which can absolutely destroy your performance.

This thread covers exercise selection, as well as a stretching routine to keep your pelvic floor on point.

Reverse kegel for newbie (yes, that’s me), by Thandeptrai

In addition to pelvic floor stretching, you should definitely be doing reverse Kegels. They’re so important, I even wrote a whole article about them.

Reverse Kegels and Kegels are the “yin and yang” of pelvic muscles. You must have them in order to have complete penile strength. 

Doing Kegels without reverse Kegels is like going to the gym and only doing upper body exercises. You’ll end up with imbalances that set you back years.

Practice your reverse Kegels. Your body will thank you, and you’ll probably last longer, too.

The League of PE Legends, by Bnip

One of the main reasons why I like PEGym so much is because it’s made up of real people.

Sometimes you read things on the internet and think it’s fake. You never know if the people behind the posts are scammers or fakes.

This thread completely removes that doubt from my mind.

In here you’ll read men’s real stories about their penis enlargement journeys. You’ll see real-life results, as well as members’ trials & tribulations.

Although years old, this thread still has lessons for everyone.

Vitamins, Supplements, & Related Information, by remek

This wouldn’t be a penis enlargement article if we didn’t talk about supplements.

Everyone wants to take magic pills for their penis. The truth is, they don’t exist.

Despite that, lifestyle changes WILL improve your erection, and there are some supplements that can help your penis grow. I personally take a few supplements to last longer, and I know that supplements can work.

This is a great PEGym post explaining the ins and outs of vitamins and supplements.

The five G’s for big erections, by kingpole

Lastly, PEGym’s notorious five G’s for big erections.

I know I just said that magic pills don’t work, but if there’s anything close to all-natural Viagra, this is it.

I’ve used the five G’s personally and had great success. So much success, that I have to lay off them when my wife isn’t around…because I get too horny!

Don’t Have Time For PEGym?

As much as I love the PEGym, I will admit…forums are a time suck. They take a lot of browsing, clicking, and scrolling to find real knowledge.

There’s a lot of trash you have to dig through to get to the gold.

If you don’t have time for PEGym, but you’re serious about becoming a sex god, I highly recommend the Best She Ever Had Online Academy


Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"

Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"