Why You Shouldn’t Use Last Longer Condoms

Why You Shouldn’t Use Last Longer Condoms

It’s in human nature to always seek a quick fix to our problems.

You’re overweight? Take a weight loss pill.

Want a bigger dick? Just choose one of the millions of penis pumps available.

Can’t last long in bed? Use last longer condoms.

The sad truth is that the quick fixes never work in the long run. That includes desensitizing condoms.

Why is that?

How Do Last Longer Condoms Work?

Let’s first talk about how they work.

Desensitizing condoms are filled with benzocaine lubricant on the inside which numbs your penis and allows you to last longer.

When you put the condom on you will fill the lubricant working and you will start feeling numb down there.

After that, you just start having sex and you last 10-15 minutes without feeling anything.

Sounds appealing?

But that’s exactly what most guys chose. Instead of learning how to last longer naturally, they just buy numbing condoms and expect to fix their premature ejaculation problem, while ignoring all the negative stuff that goes with using those condoms.

Now while there are many reasons not to use condoms that numb your penis, I will list just a couple of them here:

They Numb Your Penis

The most obvious one. I mean, who the hell wants to have sex and not feel anything? The very thing that makes last longer condoms work is the same thing that makes them horrible to use.

I don’t know about you, but I like having sex precisely because I like the feeling of it. Remove the pleasure from sex and you just get a bunch of humping with no excitement whatsoever.

A woman can sense the mood of her partner. If you are not excited about sex (and if you can’t feel anything you won’t be), she is not going to be excited either.

This will lead to a situation where neither of you is excited to have sex with each other, which is something that nobody wants to happen.

Increasingly Difficult Erections

Over a long period of time, these condoms can lead to erectile dysfunction.

This happens because your penis gets used to desensitizing cream inside of the condom, and it takes more and more stimuli to get and keep him up.

Now not only do you have to buy desensitizing condoms, but you also have to buy Viagra.

Not good.

BJs Are Off the Table

no blowjobs

Unless you want your girlfriend to lose all the feeling in her mouth, you can’t really expect her to give you a BJ after you had sex with a desensitizing condom.

You could always wash it afterward and then get her to give you a blowjob, but if you miss even one tiny spot she’s out of luck and her tongue is going to get numb.

Guess who’s she going to blame?

You Can Put Them the Wrong Way

If you put the condom the wrong way by mistake (and it has happened to all of us) her vagina is going to be numbed.

So now not only are you going to ejaculate quickly, but she is also not going to feel anything.

I don’t have to tell you why that is a very bad idea.

They Don’t Help That Much

Even if all goes well, they extend your lasting time only a little.

Contrary to their ads, you won’t be turned into a beastly 60 minute pounding machine.

Do you really want to go through all the trouble mentioned above just to extend your lasting time by a couple of minutes?

Last Longer Condoms Are Not a Long Term Strategy

Do you really want to be dependent on them for the rest of your life?

What happens if you run out?

What happens if a girl doesn’t want to have sex with a condom?

Do you really see yourself using last longer condoms for the next 10 years of your life? How about 20? 30?

Don’t depend on a crutch your entire life.

If you continue using these condoms, you will be just like the guy who is using a pill to get it up. It may work while you are using this external help, but you will know that you can’t get the results by yourself.

So What is the Solution?

You must learn how to last longer naturally – without condoms, pills, creams or any of that stuff.

Only then you can be safe in knowing that you can give her the best sex of her life – with or without a condom.

How can you do that?

Well, begin first by learning more about top 10 causes of premature ejaculation – so you can figure out which one is responsible for your ejaculation problems.

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