Kegels For Men: The Best Exercise For Improving Stamina

Kegels For Men: The Best Exercise For Improving Stamina

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, then you should know my stance on kegels for men. Every single man should be doing kegels. Every single day. No excuses.

Kegels are the answer to almost all of your sexual problems. If you aren’t practicing your kegels (front and back) all the time, then you’re not half as good in bed as you should be. You’re not living up to your potential as a man, and your wife probably knows this.

Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles like anything else and needs exercise. It’s ok to miss a day now and then for recovery purposes (even Arnold couldn’t train his biceps every single day).

Maybe you used to be a faithful practitioner, achieved excellent results, and then let yourself get lazy. You can’t slack off. If you quit doing your exercises, then you’ll lose muscle. It’s as simple as that.

What Are Kegels?

Let me start off by saying I didn’t invent Kegels for men. I just happened to run into the exercise when I was a young porn star trying to last longer than 5-minutes. An old mentor of mine passed the knowledge down to me, and I’m here to do the same for you.

Kegels are the exercise that involves flexing the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle. It’s the one muscle that holds the key to enhancing sexual performance.

If you want to be able to take your girl to the bed and perform like a pornstar, then you need to train this as often as possible.

Locating the PC Muscle

First, let’s find the PC muscle. It can be a little bit hard to discover initially. The best way to find it is to try to hold back your stream the next time you pee. If you try to suck your pelvic floor into yourself, then your pee should stop, and you should even notice your shaft lift up a little bit.

Congratulations, you just did your first kegel.

Now let’s look at a quick routine:

Do 20 kegels, holding each repetition for 2-seconds

Take a 60-second break

Do 10 kegels, holding each repetition for 10-seconds

Take a 60-second break.

Do your maximum reps of kegels, holding each repetition for 1-second

This “workout” will only take you 5-minutes to do. The best thing about it is that you can do it literally anywhere. You can do it in the car, on the train, while sitting at the office or while watching TV.

It’s so simple that you have no excuse not to do them. I even find time to do it, and I’m busy with a busy job along with a family and wife to take care of.

If you can, try to do this exercise three times a day, with an off-day every two days to give your muscles time to strengthen and recover.

These muscles are responsible for controlling your ejaculatory function, so gaining control of them is essential if you want to last longer in bed. Performing these exercises regularly will also increase blood flow to your penis which will result in rock-hard erections and even allow you to shoot semen up to 5-feet.

Don’t Forget the Back

If you listen to nothing else I say here, then hear this:

Do not neglect your reverse kegels.

Your pelvic floor has two parts and should be trained to balance each other out. If you don’t train the rear, and only train the front, then you can actually cause premature ejaculation.

Your bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle is responsible for preventing the ejaculatory urge. If you overtrain the PC muscle, then you will have a great erection and ejaculaion, but you’ll cum way quicker than you want to.

This was one of the mistakes that I made early in my career. I was working on my kegels for men faithfully every day. I was confident that I was going to last a whole hour on my next porn shoot. I lasted 3-minutes. I was so bummed out.

I quickly learned my lesson and began training the BC muscle with reverse kegels. After combining these with a few other methods, I was lasting longer than ever before.

To locate your BC muscle, you need to try to pass gas. You should feel a flexing sensation slightly behind your penis.

You just did your first reverse kegel. Congratulations.

To train this muscle, just follow the same routine that I listed above for traditional kegels for men.

Creating a Routine

If you want to stick with anything in life, the best thing you can do is to write down a routine and follow it religiously. So take out your smartphone and set reminders, three times a day.

A good course of action is to train with traditional kegels one day, then hit the reverse kegels the next day. Take every third day as an off day because you don’t want to over-train.

Within weeks you’ll be stroking your girl like a champion. You’ll be giving her mind-blowing orgasms, and she’ll be begging for sex whenever she can get it. You might even have trouble making it to work on time each morning.

Regular kegels will increase blood flow, stabilize your pelvis, and ensure that you maintain a long and strong sex life. There is no excuse for not doing them.

In my years as a pornstar, I saw the one thing that defined the professionals from the amateurs. It was kegels. The men who did regular kegels were able to keep performing long into their 40’s. By that time they were even better than most 20-year-olds.

But Kegels are only one aspect that you need to consider. You need to develop some other important habits if you really want to become a sex god.

Want to know more? Check out How to Last Longer in Bed. It’s my unique guide, based on what works for all men.


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Something missing in your sex life?

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