How To Last 20 Minutes In Bed Completely Naturally

How To Last 20 Minutes In Bed Completely Naturally

It sounds so unreachable, right?

Lasting 20 minutes in bed…without stopping…without ejaculating…completely naturally.


It doesn’t matter if you’re currently lasting 2 seconds or 2 minutes in bed.

Anyone (and I do mean ANYONE) can learn to last at least 20 minutes in bed – and you don’t need to use any potentially dangerous pills, creams, or torture-looking devices.

How’s that possible?

Later, when you’re a pro, you can last long in any and all positions and you won’t have to worry about this.

It’s simple, really. All you need to do is practice a few quick and easy exercises and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a stallion between the sheets.

Don’t Forget To Warm Up

The first thing you need to do in order to last longer in bed starts before the sex itself.

You wouldn’t start lifting weights in the gym without warming up first, right?

Well, then why do you start sex without warming up with foreplay?

Here’s the thing: Women need more time to get turned on than men do. How much time depends on the situation and the particular woman, but as a rule of thumb, your foreplay should last at least 15 minutes.

Now, how does of all this help you last longer in bed?

It’s simple. During foreplay, you’ll be extremely turned on, but your dick won’t be inside of her. That means that you’re teaching it how to control arousal and resist the temptation to ejaculate.

It also serves one additional purpose.

If you do accidentally come early (let’s say 5 minutes after you’ve started having sex), but you had 15 minutes of foreplay beforehand, for her it’s like you lasted 20 minutes in bed. (well, not quite, but close enough)

She’ll be more forgiving, to say the least.

Kegels: Not For Women Only

Imagine the following situation:

You’re having sex and greatly enjoying it. She’s moaning and screaming and urging you to fuck her harder. You do, but then you feel an orgasm approaching. Here it comes….

No problem. You do a quick Kegel squeeze.

You come, but don’t ejaculate. You feel the orgasm completely, from head to toe, but your penis remains hard and you keep having sex.

How amazing would that situation be? Pretty incredible, right?

Well, this situation is totally achievable with Kegel exercises for men. If you have a good Kegel program, this situation can easily become a reality in less than 30 days.

Not to mention that lasting longer is just one of the many benefits of Kegel exercises for men.

Edging: Practice Control Over Your Arousal Levels

edging for lasting 20 minutes in bed

When I talk about edging I’m not talking about the landscaping technique.

I’m talking about masturbating for a really long time, usually between 20 and 30 minutes, and preventing ejaculation during that time.

If you imagine a scale of arousal levels, 0 being talking with your grandmother, and 10 being ejaculation, you want to keep your arousal levels at around 7 during edging.

Doing so will allow you to practice control over your ejaculatory reflexes without getting past the point of no return.

Also, be sure to use lube. You want to mimic the feeling of having sex as much as possible, so lube is essential. I use Astroglide, but any cheap one will suffice.

Avoid This Ejaculation Trigger At All Costs

If you do this one thing, no advice I gave you will work as effectively. You will see marginal increases in your lasting time, but nothing substantial.

This thing is a sex killer.

I’m talking about choosing the wrong positions in bed.

If you want to last 20 minutes in bed or more, you absolutely must avoid these ejaculation-triggering positions.

You’re probably wondering what are those.

It’s simple, really.

Any variation of the missionary position is terrible for your sex life. The same goes for the doggy style position.

The reason is that in these positions your ejaculatory muscles are overworked and overstressed. It doesn’t take long to weaken them and cause premature ejaculation.

And what are good positions?

Any variation of the cowgirl (also known as girl-on-top) position will do wonders for your lasting time.

In this position, your PC muscles (the ones that cause your ejaculation) are completely relaxed and you can two to three times longer just by starting sex in this position.

Does this mean that you must always have sex in the cowgirl position and that you can’t ever use missionary or doggy style?

Of course not. But in the beginning, while you’re still strengthening those muscles, it’s better to avoid these positions.

Later, when you’re a pro, you can last long in any and all positions and you won’t have to worry about this.


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Something missing in your sex life?

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