How Delay Sprays Can Make You Last Longer in Bed

How Delay Sprays Can Make You Last Longer in Bed

The amount of time that your average guy lasts in bed is almost unbelievably shorter than what they expect – and quite a bit shorter than what their partners are expecting, too.

In a wide-ranging sex study conducted just a few years ago, researchers asked men and women about just how long they wanted to last in bed with a partner that they were pretty enthusiastic about. The overwhelming majority of men reported that they would love nothing more than to last 20 minutes or so, with women reporting that they settle for a little bit less at just about 15 minutes of getting down to business.

Unfortunately, your average man is only going to last about 5 ½ minutes from start to finish.

While that doesn’t necessarily make them a minute man by any stretch of the imagination it does mean that most men are closing the deal four times faster than they would like to and three times faster than their partners would like as well.

To put that in perspective your average guy could almost start and finish the entire race in the amount of time it takes between a touchdown and the commercial break before the next kickoff.

Now, it’s not like guys aren’t aware of their shortcomings in this department either.

The overwhelming majority of men out there (even those with some pretty decent sexual endurance and stamina) would love nothing more than to ramp things up a bit, to last a bit longer, and to give their partner a better experience between the sheets – but most of them have absolutely no idea how to kick things into that next year and delay the inevitable as much as possible.

Some guys get suckered into trying all kinds of weird exercises designed to “work the muscles” in their member whereas others are not at all afraid to try meditation, hypnosis, and pretty much any other Jedi mind trick marketed at them promising complete and total control over their sexual energy.

Unsurprisingly, few of those solutions ever deliver the goods.

Thankfully, though, with the help of modern medicine and science, you are actually going to be able to delay your climax for a decent chunk of time – especially if you use new “delay sprays” (like VigRX) specifically designed to help you increase your sexual endurance significantly…

… Without you having to do anything other than rattle a spray can and give yourself a spritz a couple of minutes before you get down to business.

Sound too good to be true?

Check out the rest of this quick guide for more details!

Delay Sprays Are the Real Deal

Products specifically designed to increase male performance have been around for as long as people have been selling products, and probably even longer than that.

The odds are pretty good that there were a couple of cavemen back in our most ancient history trading stories and swapping secrets about what plants to rub all over their private parts to last a little bit longer to entertain their cavewomen.

Until recently, however, the overwhelming majority of products that were targeted at helping men last longer between the sheets left more than a little bit to be desired.

Most of them weren’t able to come close to delivering on the promises that they made, and even those that offered at least a little bit of help were either uncomfortable to use, prohibitively expensive, or were instantly recognizable as a delay mechanism – embarrassing men to the point where they wouldn’t even consider using them even if they did work.

Today’s delay sprays, however, are an entirely new animal altogether.

Most of these products take full advantage of high-quality lidocaine (a topical numbing agent commonly used in the medical and dental world) to provide almost instant numbing sensations that are guaranteed to help you last longer – if only because you can’t feel what’s actually going on down below while you are going at it.

These products, like VigRX, were originally intended to be a solution to help men suffering from premature ejaculation.

According to the American Medical Journal anywhere between 35% and 40% of all men are going to suffer from premature ejaculation at one point or another in their lives – and many of them (millions of them, in fact) are going to suffer from premature ejaculation on a constant and chronic basis.

Worse, while modern medicine has been able to figure out how to treat premature ejaculation (the symptoms, anyway) we still do not yet fully understand the root causes behind this issue, to begin with. That means that without solutions like a delay spray men are always going to have to struggle with this issue, an issue that can rob you of your self-confidence, your self-worth, and your libido if left unchecked for too long.

Delay sprays, though, are changing things up almost overnight.

According to new research conducted by a US research team (as well as an independent study conducted in Europe), delay sprays give men an opportunity to extend their sexual endurance by almost 65% – with some men more than doubling their sexual endurance even after using a delay spray just once.

On top of that 72% of men report that delay sprays have transformed their sex life for the better, with 58% saying that they couldn’t imagine having sex without a delay spray close at hand from here on out.

The even better news is that the overwhelming majority of people that were having sex with men using delay sprays reported that they didn’t even notice that they were using something, to begin with – eliminating that potentially embarrassing conversation completely and giving men an opportunity to “show off” with a little bit of invisible help.

Not All is Sunshine and Roses, Though

At the same time, not all is sunshine and roses when it comes to delay spray products available on the market today.

For starters, not all delay spray products are created equally.

At one end of the scale, you have top-quality options like VigRX, a 100% nonprescription delay spray that utilizes a proprietary fast-acting formula that gives you instant endurance inside of 10 minutes after you have applied a quick spray but also allows you to determine just how much delay you get with the length and duration of the spritz you apply to your body.

At the other end of the scale, however, you have delay spray products that either aren’t able to deliver consistent results because of a screwy formulation, are providing way too much numbing agent to the affected area – causing men to go soft because they lose all sensation – or take too long to kick into high gear. You don’t want to have things start to get hot and heavy only to discover that the delay spray hasn’t impacted you in any way whatsoever and you end up lasting just a fraction of the time you were hoping to in the first place.

The secret sauce behind getting the best results out of a delay spray is using a high-quality product like VigRX. You don’t want to be fooling around with something that either isn’t going to work, is going to work so well that you might as well have injected Novocain into your body, or is going to work great but only about 30 or 40 minutes after the two of you have already fallen asleep.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, delay sprays can completely and totally transform your sex life from top to bottom – but you have to be sure that you’re using a quality product that is consistent, reliable, and that you know is going to work 100% of the time.

The folks behind the VigRX product have spent a lot of time and a lot of money really dialing things incorrectly. They’ve engineered a product that gives you total control over how much delay you create before you get down to business, spraying just once for a short delay or spring twice to give yourself a little longer action between the sheets.

They’ve also created something that offers consistent results time after time thanks to the proprietary formula and active ingredients contained within. These ingredients are highly bioavailable and rapidly absorbed into your skin, meaning you’re only going to have to wait about 10 minutes (or less) to get the full results – and that’s plenty of time for a little bit of foreplay action to get things rolling before you get down to business.

Lastly, you’re looking at a product in VigRX that offers prescription-grade results without you having to have a prescription, to begin with. Safe, effective, and proven this delay spray is going to totally change the way you and your partner have sex forever. They are also available as wipes.


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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"