Do Muscle Relaxers Help You Last Longer in Bed?

Do Muscle Relaxers Help You Last Longer in Bed?

Men the world over have for some time been looking for an answer to the question of endurance in the bedroom. While there is any number of things that a gentleman can do between the sheets to detract from the importance of lasting longer, the truth is that when it comes to the crunch, men will worry about performance. As a result, given that you cannot talk about bedroom performance without talking about endurance, the question of lasting longer is never going to be far from the agenda.

There are always options for delaying the “moment of no return”, and these can vary between techniques, over-the-counter approaches, and even pharmaceutical solutions to the issue of premature ejaculation. One option that falls into the latter category is the possible use of muscle relaxers. The key question is, do they work? Can muscle relaxers make you last longer in bed?

It is worth noting that some muscle-relaxing medications have been listed as potentially causing delayed ejaculation in men, so there is some sense behind the suggestion that muscle relaxers can be used as a way of minimizing the opposite problem. One of the primary causes of premature climax in men is known to be anxiety and the resultant muscular tension. So potentially, yes, muscle relaxers can allow you to last longer between the sheets.

Are there any drawbacks to using muscle relaxers in bed?

Of course, all medications have their side effects, so it makes sense to consider that using muscle relaxers to mitigate premature ejaculation might have complications. Simply put, it’s never a good idea to take any medication without seeking medical advice first. With muscle relaxers, you absolutely must get the dosage right – taking too much can lead to fainting and loss of feeling in the extremities – and if you are on other medication, the possibility of excessive drowsiness is a concern.

Are there any muscle relaxers that can work without complications?

The first question to ask is “Which muscle relaxers are you using?” and another important one is “Where did you get them?”. Most of the effective muscle-relaxing medications on the market are available only through prescription from a doctor, and they will rarely if ever, be prescribed for premature ejaculation. You may, alternatively, wish to try natural muscle-relaxing solutions for a gentler effect without the same risk of side effects. These options include camomile tea or blueberry smoothies. Whether or not they work seems to depend on the person using them.

All in all, the question “do muscle relaxers make you last longer in bed?” is a tricky one to answer without some essential follow-up queries. You should certainly take great care to ensure that anything you use to ensure a longer-lasting experience is taken only on the advice of a medical expert. There is nothing to be gained by experimenting with medications that are intended for another purpose, and which may cause serious complications beyond the bedroom.


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