Top 10 Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Top 10 Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The two top-level causes of premature ejaculation are 1) Psychological, and 2) Biological.

The problem is that if you have a biological issue such as an imbalance in hormone levels, you can develop psychological problems from the biological issue.

Then the problem can get even worse because you then would have both the biological and the psychological problem – it can be a vicious cycle that is really hard to stop.

The point is that you have got to stop worrying so much about it. That is the trick and key to last much longer if you don’t have a biological issue.

According to WebMD on the subject of premature ejaculation, it is the main problem for men with sexual difficulty.

Here are the top 10 causes of premature ejaculation:

Reason 1: Performance Anxiety

All of us have performance anxiety at one time or another. The problem is focus. When you focus on yourself instead of your woman, you can then develop anxiety about your performance, no matter what your age is.

Once you allow your mind to start judging your performance, you then get stuck in a vicious cycle of worry that can really wreak havoc on your performance.

The truth is that the more relaxed and calm you are, the better the sex will be. This is why you should learn to meditate. I meditate at least once a day for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a great way to reduce all of the stress in your life, and it will help you to relieve stressful thoughts in your full awakened state.

Reason 2: Bad Masturbation Habits

bad masturbation habits

In our teens, most of us thought that when we masturbate, the goal was to come as quickly as possible and orgasm. But when you finally start having sex with a real woman instead of “Rosy Palm,” that bad habit of cumming as soon as possible will bite you in the butt, and not in a good way.

The best way to masturbate is to do it in a way where you get to practice lasting as long as you can before you orgasm and before you are with your girl.

If you’re going to masturbate, do it with the goal of lasting as long as you can. This is called “edging.” Edging is the process where you start to jerk off and then note in your mind on a scale of 0 to 10 how close you are to cumming. Get it to a 6 or 7 out of 10 the first time, and then force yourself to stop. Don’t touch yourself for a few minutes, or until you are at a 2 to a 4. Start choking the chicken again and this time stop when you get to a 7 or 8. Stop and let your “mini-me” rest for a few minutes, or until you are at a 2 to a 4 again. Masturbate again until you get it higher to an 8 or 9 and stop. Let it rest.

On the last round, masturbate until orgasm.

Doing this will give you more and more control over your orgasm.

That being said, go here if you want to learn about the best masturbation techniques for men.

Reason 3: Poor Physical Fitness

The bottom line is that the better shape you are in, the better you will perform in bed. Try to work out with heavy weights at least 3 times a week. Mix in running another 3 times a week, or every day. If you cannot run, then walk. The point is to do as much exercise as you reasonably can.

Reason 4: Bad Breathing Techniques

One of the main problems for guys is that they forget about their breathing during sex, and masturbation too.

You have to learn to breathe from your diaphragm and not your chest. You do this by expanding your stomach more when you inhale so that you fill up your diaphragm.

The other key to breathing is that the deeper you can comfortably breathe, the better. When you start breathing deeper, you will also naturally breathe slower. Breathing in deep, slow breaths will reduce stress, oxygenate your body better, and help you to last longer.

Reason 5: Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

Weak muscles mean lack of control. Your pelvic muscles have got to be strong to handle the rigors of sex, and also because you will then have better blood circulation to that region of your body where all your sexual organs reside.

To do a pelvic floor exercise, lay flat on your back with your knees bent and your arms flat on the floor. Next, raise your body up so that your body is like a slanted flat table. When you get to the top, hold the position for 2 seconds, and then slowly drop down to the floor.

Do this as many times as you comfortably can. It will strengthen those weak pelvic muscles and allow you to last longer.

Reason 6: Bad Sex Position

missionary position

Another cause of the premature explosion is having sex in the wrong position. Missionary style is one of the worst sexual positions of all. Why? Because you are already having a problem with being overly stimulated. And then, you’re suddenly staring into the eyes of a beautiful naked woman in front of you, having all of that sensual contact between you and her. No wonder why we can’t take it.

Everyone is different, but until you learn to control yourself, I would stick with doggystyle mainly at first. That position doesn’t engage your sense of touch nearly as much, and it gives you more control of the depth of penetration.

A lot of guys have trouble cumming when a woman is on top, so you can try that position too and see if you can last longer that way.

The bottom line is that you have to experiment with it and see for yourself what positions are best for you.

Reason 7: Relationship Issues

If you are having relationship issues, but you have sex anyway, you can easily develop anxiety and a feeling of being judged by her.

If she makes you feel inadequate and not good enough, it can really suck and you may be better off simply ending the relationship and moving on.

Regardless, relationship issues can wreak havoc on the sex – so keep that in mind. Don’t beat yourself up over any sexual problems you may have because it is normal to have physical problems if there are emotional ones already there.

You could, of course, seek counseling for the two of you if it seems like the right thing to do.

Reason 8: Fear of Being Discovered

Most of us have had the unfortunate, embarrassing event in our lives happen where our mom’s caught us stroking it when we were young. Depending upon how your mom or other relative reacted, you could either be fine, or at the other extreme, have long-lasting, negative psychological damage.

The point is that you have to recognize what happened, and then choose to let it go. Tell yourself that it’s okay, even if your mom punished you for it.

Reason 9: Guilty Feelings

If you were raised in a religious family, you probably have a lot of guilt about masturbating when you were young. So, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and move on. Guilt is one of the lowest, negative feelings that you can possibly have, and honestly, it can really fuck up any relationship, pardon my English.

Learn to let it go. Forgive yourself because masturbation is totally normal and natural. Don’t let that religious crap get to you.

Reason 10: Biological Causes

According to Mayo Clinic, there are a number of possible biological factors such as:

  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Abnormal levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters
  • Abnormal reflex activity of the ejaculatory system
  • Certain thyroid problems
  • Inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra
  • Inherited traits
  • Nerve damage from surgery or trauma (rare)

This is why it is important to get yourself checked out by a doctor if you suspect anything. The point is that you really should see a doctor to rule out any serious biological issue. Just be very careful with what solution they come up with – especially if all they want to do is to prescribe you drugs. Drugs always have a nasty side-effect, so be careful.


Well, there you have it – 10 causes of premature ejaculation. The bottom line is that the more relaxed that you can be in your daily life, and during sex, the better. And also, you’ve got to stop worrying about it – let go of the worry because worry is usually the only thing to be worried about.

Worry is a useless emotion and it’s a turn-off to your girl too. So, choose to let it go.

Focus on her. Get your mind off of yourself and onto her. Take your time during foreplay and satisfy her with oral or your hand or whatever first.

You have to learn to enjoy the journey of sex, and not focus on your performance or orgasm.


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