Top 5 Best Herbs to Last Longer During Sex

Top 5 Best Herbs to Last Longer During Sex

There are only about a million and one different things that play role in how long you are going to be able to last in bed, and unfortunately for millions of men (and women) around the world, the overwhelming majority of us feel like we aren’t lasting anywhere near as long as we would like to.

Researchers around the world have shown that the average individual wishes that time between the sheets lasted about 18 minutes on average (men shooting for 20 minutes while women are happy with 15).

In reality, however, most of us are moving pretty quickly when we get down to business. In fact, your average guy is going to “close the deal” inside of six minutes from start to finish most of the time.

And while there are plenty of products out there on the market today designed to give you a bit of a bump when it comes to sexual endurance, including topical creams and sprays that you can use to quite literally numb yourself right before you have sex, not everyone is completely comfortable taking that approach – even if it is proven to be wildly effective.

Thankfully though, there are some 100% all-natural solutions you can use to dramatically improve your overall sexual endurance without any negative side effects whatsoever.

Interested in learning a little bit more about the best sex herbs that will help you last longer (a lot longer) almost right away?

We thought so.

Let’s get right to it!


Best Sex Herbs to Lasting Longer 

Ramping Up Your Sex Drive With Herbal Supplements

If you are under the age of 50 (particularly if you are a man) and you aren’t dealing with a pretty healthy libido on a day-to-day basis the odds are pretty good that something’s going on “under the hood” that needs to be addressed – and herbal supplements can resolve those issues pretty quickly without you having to turn to chemical cocktails or prescription pharmaceuticals.

99% of the time when men aren’t feeling quite as “in the mood” as they usually do – or as they did when they were younger – the odds are that their testosterone levels aren’t anywhere near they should be.

As we get older, Father Time robs us of our energy and our youth but he also takes away some of the natural production of testosterone, too. Our testosterone levels naturally start to slow down somewhere in our mid to late 30s (right after we passed our prime).

Worse, though, is the news that our testosterone levels drop off faster and faster with every new candle on our birthday cake. By the time we hit 50, we are in pretty rough shape.

With the help of all-natural supplements and herbs designed to ramp up your testosterone, though, you’re able to push back quite a bit against Father Time and are able to do so a lot faster than you would have thought possible.

The right herbs are going to trigger a biochemical reaction throughout your body that naturally increases your testosterone production, too. This means you don’t have to supplement with external sources of testosterone that can cause all kinds of havoc with your health and wellness, but it also means that you are always going to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding how much extra testosterone you are pumping out.

Want a little more testosterone for increased energy, libido, and confidence ahead of a special weekend getaway? Want to dial things back a little because your significant other has told you that you’ve got the energy and interest you had back when you were a high school senior?

With the right all-natural herbs modulating between those two extremes becomes almost effortless.

Highlighting Some of the Best Herbs to Ramp Up Your Libido

Pine Pollen

With how effective pine pollen is at ramping up your testosterone and sending your libido through the roof the odds are pretty good that the lumberjack on the Brawny paper towel package doesn’t have a problem getting things up and getting things going.

One of the most inexpensive all-natural herbal supplements money can buy that has been pretty conclusively proven to not only increase your testosterone levels but also to increase your libido, your energy levels, and to bump up your mental acuity and cognitive capabilities this is an all-around top-tier supplement that men looking to rejuvenate themselves should be taking on a pretty regular basis.

It also doesn’t hurt that it is easily found online, is ridiculously inexpensive (especially compared to some of the commercially available “libido boosters” so that supplement stores today), and isn’t ever going to put your short or long-term health in jeopardy.

Maca Root Powder

This is another 100% all-natural herbal supplement that’s going to ramp up your libido almost overnight, and when used in combination with pine pollen you’re talking about a crazy one-two punch that will have you feeling as though you stepped inside a time machine and were back in your sexual prime.

Another cool benefit of this specific herbal supplement is that it has a lot of other benefits for your health, too. It helps you to metabolize protein a little bit faster, to increase your overall protein synthesis across the board, and can even work to speed up the recovery process from long, grueling workouts.

As highlighted a minute ago it also stacks very nicely with the other herbal supplements that we break down in this quick guide (and with other fitness-focused supplements, too) and won’t ever run interference with any medications you may be taking – over-the-counter or prescription.

Mucuna Pruriens

This herbal supplement isn’t something that you are likely going to find at your local GNC or Vitamin World, but it’s one of nature’s “hidden gems” – especially when it comes to transforming your hormonal balance and tipping the scales in your favor.

This herb is absolutely loaded with L-dopa, the chemical compound that triggers dopamine releases throughout your brain and your body. Dopamine is a big piece of the puzzle behind feelings of happiness and euphoria. In fact, when you have an orgasm your body is absolutely slammed with a flood of dopamine during that brief block of time.

By supplementing with this herb you’re going to be able to significantly crank up the amount of dopamine that your body produces. This means you’re going to feel happier all the time, you’re going to feel energized and excited, and you are going to feel “in the mood” a whole lot more than you may have felt in a while.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to consider supplementing with this herb it’s also going to increase the amount of HGH that your body naturally produces in the pituitary gland.

HGH helps you with muscle growth, can dramatically improve your strength and endurance, and also elevates your testosterone levels across the board. We mentioned earlier that when your testosterone levels are kicked into high gear everything else about your sex drive falls into place. When you look fitter, feel younger, and have a sky-high libido the odds of you getting more action increase, too.


This is another of the harder to source all-natural supplements that can transform your sex drive almost overnight, but because of its power, it is well worth getting your hands on at least a little bit of this supplement ASAP just to experience everything it offers for yourself.

Essentially a collection of prehistoric plant matter that has congealed into a resin, you are going to be able to flood your body with so many different core minerals and nutrients that feed and support increases to your natural testosterone, HGH, and dopamine levels that you feel like you are on steroids.

Combine that with its sky-high level of bioavailability (you’re going to be able to absorb almost all of these nutrients very quickly) and you won’t just crank up your libido, your energy, and your confidence levels but you’re going to be able to maintain those increases for a much longer stretch of time as well.

This is one of the all-natural supplements to improve your sex drive and your libido that you are going to want to consider taking on a more regular and consistent basis, though, rather than using it as a “spot treatment” when the mood strikes.

The results that this supplement makes possible compound over time for sure. If you’re looking to roll back the clock and relive your glory days this is something that you want to make part of your daily dietary supplement routine for sure.

Horny Goat Weed

No list of the best sex herbs to last a lot longer would be complete without including horny goat weed, and appropriately named herbal supplement that’s been used for literally hundreds of years – especially in China – as a libido increase or and sexual endurance enhancer.

People in China for generations have been relying on horny goat weed to crank up their sexual desire, to wash away issues of erectile dysfunction, but also to combat issues like chronic fatigue and lethargy that can start to see been as you get older.

Best of all, though, is that new modern research has conclusively proven what the people of China have known for centuries. Horny goat weed really does deliver when it comes to increasing your endurance and your sexual appetite, with researchers discovering that there’s a very specific chemical compound in this herb that increases blood flow to your penis almost instantly.

This means harder erections, stronger erections, and longer-lasting erections combined with increased libido and improved sexual endurance. There are millions of men around the world that swear by horny goat weed as a transformative supplement that saved their sex lives and many of their relationships.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the best herbs for improving your libido, sexual endurance, and your overall energy levels is going to come down to a little bit of experimentation to see what works best with your unique biochemistry.

We can tell you with total certainty, however, that as long as you try at least a handful of the recommendations we highlighted above the odds are good that you’ll find something that relates your spark and lets you have better, longer, more passionate sex than you might have had in years – if not ever.

Best of all, many of the supplements that we highlighted above can be mixed and matched with one another to ramp up and compound their benefits significantly. You want to do a little bit of research and due diligence to confirm this on your own depending on the supplements you are going to try, but a “stack” of herbal supplements might take your sex life to the next level almost overnight.


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Something missing in your sex life?

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