3 Best Positions To Last Longer In Bed

3 Best Positions To Last Longer In Bed

If you looked around on the web for the best positions to last longer in bed and came back discouraged, I don’t blame you.

Most of those last longer positions are either impractical or require you to have the flexibility of an Indian yoga master.

The last thing you want to do when you’re near coming is to try to bend your legs to get in the lotus position (or whatever the name is).

No. What you need is a few simple, no-brainer positions you can keep in the back of your mind and use if you are near orgasm.

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If you try to remember 7, 10, or 20 different positions you will end up choosing none of them.

With that in mind, I picked three of the best positions to last longer in bed from my guide to Lasting Longer.

Any one of these positions will help you last longer and will delay your orgasm. Be sure to switch between them in order to spice things up and bring some variety in your sex life.

Last Longer Position #1: Doggy Style


A caveat – when I’m talking about doggy style position, I’m actually talking about the variation where you both are standing up while she is bent over.


Well, the more common variation (where you are both on the bed) is the one where your PC muscle (the muscle that is responsible for your ejaculation) is overworked and overstressed. When your PC muscle is under a lot of stress, you will ejaculate faster.

So, if you want to last longer in bed, it’ll do you good to choose positions where your PC muscle is not under a lot of tension.

Makes sense? It does? Good.

Now, the standing doggy style position is great because, since you’re standing up, not a lot of stress is being placed on your PC muscle.

Last Longer Position #2: SpooningSpooning position

This is actually a great position to transition to from the doggy style position. If you’re going too fast and feel you’re going to come, just grab her and lie down on the side.

This way, your shift is smooth and you can just continue having sex – but with an added bonus. (lasting longer)

The great thing about this position is that, while you still have a lot of control over everything from thrusting speed to her position, your PC muscle is still pretty relaxed. That way you’re not in any danger of ejaculating prematurely.

Pro tip: If you feel you’re about to come, thrust your dick as deep inside of her as you can and don’t pull it out. Wait for your nervous system to calm down and when you’re not in a danger to come anymore, proceed with sex as usual.

To avoid making it weird, while you’re waiting for the arousal levels to drop, don’t forget to kiss her neck, caress her body, etc. In other words – keep her occupied.

Last Longer Position #3: Girl On Top


This is arguably the best position to last longer in bed.

That’s because you’re lying down and your PC muscle is as relaxed as it can be.

It’s also great because, even though she’s in control, you can still manage to slow her down if your arousal levels are too high.

Here’s how:

If she’s increasing her riding speed, and you feel that in a minute or two you’re going to pop, do this: Grab her hips with your hands and forcefully slow her down. The best thing you can do is to try to move her hips in a circling motion – hopefully, she’ll take a hint and start grinding and moving her body in circles. That is much less likely to cause you to ejaculate early.


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