5 Types of Female Orgasms (And How To Give Them To Her)

5 Types of Female Orgasms (And How To Give Them To Her)

80% of women have problems reaching orgasm during sex. That means that 4 out of 5 women you sleep with will either fake it or honestly tell you that she didn’t quite get there.

In fact, bad sex and lack of orgasms are the main reasons women cheat and break up with (or divorce) their partners. It makes sense – if you’re not going to give her what she craves, she’s going to look somewhere else.

So, if you want to save your relationship and take your sex life to a whole new level, you need to learn how to give her an orgasm.

And, because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll explain how to give her 5 different types of orgasms – not just the vaginal one.

Can you imagine how much more powerful your sex will be if you can make her climax, not in one, not in two, but in five different ways? You can? Good, let’s proceed then.

But, before I begin with specific instructions, I have to mention one thing.

For women, the orgasm is as much mental as it is physical. If she’s not relaxed and mentally turned on, none of these techniques will work.

I cover how to mentally turn on a woman in other articles on my site, so be sure to find them and apply the info you read. It will change your life, promise.

Now, onto orgasms.

Clitoral Orgasm

clitoral orgasm types of female orgasms

Most guys know what the clitoris is and where to find it.

But surprisingly few of them spend enough time fingering or licking her to give her an orgasm.

That’s a shame. Because, if you give her one or two orgasms before you even begin sex, she’ll have a much easier time reaching other forms of orgasms. Not only that but if your performance is not stellar for whatever reason, she’ll forgive you much more easily.

OK, a clitoral orgasm is important. How do you give it to her?

Two ways: either by fingering her or by licking her.

When it comes to fingering, make sure that your nails are trimmed, your fingers are lubed, and that both of you are in a comfortable position. If your hand cramps just as she’s about to reach the climax, she’ll (rightfully) get pissed.

As for the specific techniques, just start fingering her and ask her to guide you. Every woman gets turned on by slightly different things so find out what gets her off and do that.

Besides doing what she tells you to do, pay attention to her nonverbal reactions. If you hear her gasping and moaning in pleasure, obviously keep doing what you are doing.

You can also check out this funny video that explains how to finger a girl by using fruits:

When it comes to oral sex, the same rules apply. Follow verbal and nonverbal cues, be comfortable, and don’t give up too quickly. It takes some time for a woman to reach an orgasm so keep on doing it until she comes.

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Vaginal Orgasm

For most women, this is the most troublesome orgasm to have.

Not only are most women inexperienced enough that they don’t know what buttons to push to achieve these orgasms, but some of them can’t even do it – no matter what.

Because this technique depends on mental stimulation much more than the physical, here’s a technique I use to give orgasms to women who never had them before.

First, I give her one of the other orgasms on this list during foreplay. I do it again and again until she can orgasm pretty much on command.

Next, I then give her that same orgasm during sex. So if we are having sex in the missionary position, I might use my fingers to stimulate her clit and give her clitoral orgasm. Or maybe we are screwing from behind and I’m giving her the G spot orgasm.

What I’m doing here is making her orgasm from sex and making her mind associate sex with orgasms. This is extremely powerful if she has never experienced an orgasm during intercourse before.

After a while, she will start experiencing vaginal orgasms on her own – especially if you add dirty talking and domination to your bag of tricks.

G-Spot Orgasm

The G Spot is a small, spongy area above the front wall of the vagina. It contains an enormous amount of pleasurable nerve endings.

If you are using your fingers to give her this type of orgasms, here’s what to do.

Have her lie down on her back and slightly spread her legs. Make sure that she is wet and that your fingers are lubed.

Slide two of your fingers in and up inside her vagina. A few inches in and you should feel the G spot. It should be small right then, but as she gets more turned on it grows in size.

Now, what you need to do is make a “come hither” motion with your two fingers. You know, that motion where you are calling someone to come closer? You do know it? Great.

Be patient. It can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes for her to climax so make sure that your hand is in a comfortable position and that it won’t cramp.

Anal Orgasm

anal orgasm types of female orgasms

Wait, what?

Oh yeah. You can give her orgasm with butt sex. How cool is that? (Use this fact next time when you are convincing her to try butt stuff – you’ve got science on your side now)

When it comes to the anal orgasm, preparation is the key. Taking the time out to get prepared will make the difference between awesome butt sex and a painful, two-second try before she says no more.

Get lube. Lube is essential. I use Astroglide but you can use whatever, as long as you apply liberal amounts of it and properly oil her up.

Make her relax. If she’s nervous she will tighten her butt muscles, which will make it that much harder for you to enter. Instead, tell her to take deep breaths and try not to think about her ass.

Go slowly. In this situation, more than any other, it’s imperative to go slowly and not rush things. This especially applies to the moment when you’re just about to enter her – take your time there.

How to have anal sex is a subject that requires much more explaining than I can do here, but follow these tips and you will get the basics right.

Deep Spot Orgasm

The deep spot, in case you didn’t know, is an erogenous zone situated deeper in the vagina than the G spot, and, unlike the G spot, is actually smooth.

The stimulation is pretty much the same as with the G spot, but, because the deep spot is deeper in the vagina, you need some minor modifications. If you don’t have an 8-inch dick, you’ll have to get creative.

The best position to achieve this type of orgasm is to have the girl lying flat on her stomach and you entering inside of her doggy style. You don’t want to do short, shallow thrust; your goal is to ram your entire dick inside of her, as far as you can possibly go.

This way, the entire length of your cock is inside of her, and it has the same effect as if you suddenly gained an inch or two in length.

Once you fully thrust your penis inside of her, keep pounding her but, as I said, always do longer, deeper thrusts to stimulate her deep spot.

P.S. To give her one (or all) of these orgasms you’ll need time. If you can’t last long enough for her to achieve climax, check out my Secrets to Lasting Longer guide. It’s a step-by-step system designed to make you last as long as you want to in bed – naturally.


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