The Only Sex Toy You’ll Need to Make Her Squirt Every Time

The Only Sex Toy You’ll Need to Make Her Squirt Every Time

Has your partner had her first squirting orgasm yet? If you only tried to make her squirt using your fingers or penetrative sex, then you’ve probably not been giving her the G Spot stimulation she needs to squirt!

You need the best sex toys on the market to give your partner the pleasure she deserves. Here are the three proven, reliable, inexpensive toys to make her squirt every time!

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What is Squirting?

Squirting is a natural body function when a female releases fluid from the urethra, usually from sex, the right finger movements, or sex toys. More specifically, Skene’s glands are believed to be the fluid source. Some people refer to Skene’s glands as the female prostate, although they are technically different. Likewise, some people call squirt female ejaculation.

G Spot orgasm is not the same as a squirting orgasm. A woman can have a G Spot orgasm and not squirt. Squirting orgasms specifically refer to the explosion of liquid after prolonged, intense G Spot stimulation.

The first time you see your partner squirt is an exciting experience for you both. There are many benefits to squirting, such as,

If you want to make your partner squirt for the first time or learn better techniques, read this ultra-in-depth article. We’ve also gone one step further and created a YouTube video to teach you all the techniques you’ll ever need to know to make her squirt repeatedly.

How to Make Her Squirt

You need a lot of G Spot stimulation to make a woman squirt. You can find the G Spot about a knuckle and a half deep inside the vagina along the upper wall.

After inserting a finger, feel for a slightly bumpy or rigid part of the vagina — that’s the spot! As she becomes aroused, the spot will swell as blood rushes down to the area. 

Once you’ve found her G Spot with your fingers, you should be able to do it with a sex toy. It might be helpful to mark a knuckle and a half on the sex toy by taking a small knife and cutting a mark into the sex toy to find the appropriate depth of insertion. 

Why You Should Use a Sex Toy to Make Her Squirt

Sex toys are better for squirting because they apply more intensity, pressure, and even vibrations to the G Spot, and one or all of those sensations may be needed for her to squirt. 

Squirting during sex is rare, as you will need the perfect penis size, shape, and sex position to stimulate her G Spot enough during vaginal intercourse. 

Making her squirt using your fingers is effective but tiresome because squirting takes patience and prolonged stimulation of her G Spot. 

Therefore, the one effective and efficient way to make a girl squirt is by using a G Spot sex toy.

How to Find the Perfect Squirting Sex Toy

There are many types of sex toys available today. They range from vibrating dildos to realistic penis replicas. Look out for these sex toys to give her a squirting orgasm.

A great squirting toy should be able to stimulate the G Spot while providing enough pressure to allow the woman to release fluids. A good squirting toy must be sturdy and slightly inflexible. Think hard plastic, glass, or metal to put a significant amount of pressure on the G Spot for an extended period.

What are the Best Squirting Sex Toys?

The best sex toy for squirting massages the G Spot inside the vagina.

Although some lucky ladies can squirt from vaginal sex alone or clitoral stimulation, it’s not as easy as stimulating the G Spot, located about a knuckle and a half inside the vagina. When stimulated correctly, it can cause intense orgasms and make her squirt for the first, second, or third time. Here are some of the best sex toys to help achieve a squirting orgasm.

G Spot Vibrator Wand

The G Spot Wand has a curved tip, curved shaft, and bulbous head that delivers sufficient pressure to the G Spot to cause intense and highly pleasurable squirting orgasms in any of the three sex positions included below.

The G Spot Wand may also include alternating vibration patterns for additional stimulation or may not produce vibrations at all, depending on the model of the toy.


The best G Spot vibrator is a standard, rigid, plastic G Spot Wand that is inexpensive yet a powerful tool on the market. Low-quality G Spot massagers can be found at prices as low as USD 20.00, mid-range toys will average around USD 60.00, and higher-end G Spot Wands and Massagers can cost upwards of USD 100.00.

You do not necessarily need to purchase the most expensive toy you find online, but check for quality by reading customer reviews or limiting your search to toys rated 3.5 stars or more.

Why You Need It

A G Spot wand should be a staple in every sex toy box. It’s completely waterproof and one of the best sex toys for squirting, and is simple, easy to pack, and powerful, with vibrations strong enough to make any woman weak in the knees.

Stainless Steel G Spot Wand

stainless steel G Spot Wand is a good-looking, stylist, simple sex toy that can make any woman squirt. The sex toy is firm and ridgy enough to apply adequate pressure to her G Spot and can also be used for anal play (not at the same time, of course). 


Pick up a stainless steel G Spot Wand from your favorite sex shop or online from Amazon for as little as USD 30.00. You can also get custom or novelty ones from Etsy for USD 50-120.00. 

Why You Need It

Although it doesn’t offer intense vibrations like the USB rechargeable G Spot vibrators on the market, the stainless steel G Spot Wand is perfect for you if you want a basic sex toy that doesn’t cost much and gets the job done. It’s a step up from a non-vibrating plastic G Spot Wand, is easy to clean and store, and should give your partner years of pleasure.

Glass G Spot Wand


There are many variations of glass G Spot Wands on the market. You can find a simple one, like what’s pictured, for as little as USD 20.00. If you’re looking for something a little cooler, more novelty, or unique, there are glass unicorn wands, jeweled and bedazzled ones, and ones in funky colors for USD 50-200.00.

Why You Need It

Another simple yet stylish G Spot Wand that gets the job done without too many bells and whistles is the glass G Spot Wand. It’s easy to clean and store and should last you multiple years. 

These three sex toys are affordable and beginner-friendly because you don’t have to worry about reading a manual to figure out which vibration settings to use, how to charge it, or whether you can get it fully wet. 

What are the Best Sex Positions for Squirting?

Ask your partner to get into a position where you can easily access her G Spot and perhaps a few other areas too… 

The best sex positions also offer clitoral stimulation, anus, nipples, or maybe two or more of those areas simultaneously! These are our three favorite sex positions to make her squirt. 

On Her Back

Ask your partner to relax on her back. Put a pillow under her head and hips. Then spread her legs as wide as possible. Insert the toy with the bulbous tip facing upward and apply pressure to the G Spot.

Don’t be afraid to pull hard because most women need more intense G Spot stimulation to have a squirting orgasm. Start slow and work your way up to faster, upward and out, jerking movements.

Be patient! Not everyone will squirt in 30 seconds. If it feels good, keep doing it. If not, try something else: slower, faster, changing the angle, or stimulating her clitoris with a toy.

This is an easy position for both you and your partner. She can relax on the bed comfortably while you have full access to her body. Grab a few pillows for yourself — things might take a while! Relax and enjoy the full view of her incredible body, up close and personal.

Standing Up

Guide your partner to the wall. Her back should be firmly against it, with her legs as far apart as possible. Depending on the length of your arm and her height, you may have to adjust the position.

Stand in front of her and reach down with the toy. Insert with the bulbous head facing upward. Pull upward and out towards yourself at a slow pace, at first, and then build up to more intense, faster movements. It might also be a great idea to kiss, put your free hand on her chest, hold her neck, or play with other body parts. 

If your and her height don’t match, getting on your knees in front of your partner might be easier while she stands back against the wall. Insert the toy, bulbous head up and facing towards you. While kneeling might be uncomfortable, take full advantage of being eye-to-eye with her intimate parts. Enjoy the view or put your face towards her body and kiss her stomach, thighs, and eventually, her clitoris while using the toy. 

Standing might not be as comfortable as relaxing down on the bed. However, the change in penetration angle and the fact that you can put your face between her legs or on her mouth to kiss while using the toy might make this your new favorite position.

From Behind

Ask your partner to get into doggy style on the bed. Because her G Spot is now facing downward, you must insert the toy with the bulbous head facing downward, not upwards. 

Need we say why this position is great? The view alone is enough to make this position worth trying! Take advantage of your partner in this position and spank, kiss, lick, or grab her from behind while playing with her G Spot. 

Andy’s Pro-Tips

Andy, the founder of SQL and a sex expert, has a few professional sex tips for men who want to take their bedroom to the next level. If you want to make your partner squirt like a waterfall, use the two methods described in vivid detail below. 

A Wand and G Spot

The Hail Mary combination lets you play with her G Spot and clitoris simultaneously. For some women, double stimulation is needed to squirt. If only the G Spot isn’t doing it for her, try this instead. 

Ask your partner to relax on the bed and hold a classic magic wand, such as a Hitachi, to her clitoris. A Hitachi wand is the best clitoral stimulator you can find. It delivers enough clitoral stimulation to make any woman orgasm. Now, paired with a G Spot stimulator, she will have an intense orgasm or even multiple orgasms. Kneel in front of her and use the G Spot toy to stimulate her G Spot while she plays with her clitoris. 

G-Spot and Vibrating Anal Plug

Speaking of double stimulation, if she gets a lot of pleasure from anal, use a vibrating butt plug to make her squirt. Put in the butt plug and ask your partner to get into any of the three sex positions discussed previously; play with her G Spot while the vibrations stimulate her in other ways. 

You can use three sex toys to stimulate her G Spot, clitoris, and anus if she’s up for it. It might be too much for some women, but for others, the stimulation is far from too much and might be exactly what she needs to squirt. 

Despite using the best sex toys for squirting orgasms, your partner might not be able to squirt — yet!

We teach multiple techniques to make a woman squirt in another article. Read it for help troubleshooting why your partner might not be squirting.

Most women can squirt and experience the pleasure of a squirting orgasm. So if the toys just aren’t doing it for your sex life, you might need to try more G Spot stimulation or clit stimulation.

Apply more pressure to her G Spot and experiment with angles. Some women need more stimulation than others; if your woman isn’t getting off yet, this could be why. Or try adding more clitoral stimulation. Although her G Spot is responsible for squirting, playing with her clit can get her more aroused, horny, and ready to squirt. Some women also need the stimulation of multiple erogenous zones to squirt.

Lastly, medical-related issues could be to blame. It might help her build more intense orgasms by tightening her pelvic floor muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles could be preventing her from having squirting orgasms. Kegels and other exercises are great options for women who want to strengthen their muscles.

Keep playing with your partner’s G Spot, and don’t give up on giving your partner her first squirting orgasm!

If you’re interested in learning more sex techniques, read the other articles on our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on all the videos we create.

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