Nipple Sucking: The Complete Guide For Maximum Pleasure

Nipple Sucking: The Complete Guide For Maximum Pleasure

Everyone loves a gorgeous set of breasts, perky and oh-so-tempting. Her breasts don’t only look good; they can make her feel good enough to orgasm. 

This guide will teach you better than any nipple sucking porn videos and give you all the techniques you need to know to maximize pleasure while sucking her nipples. 

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Nipple Anatomy ​

Great nipple sucking starts with knowledge of her breasts. 

The female breasts are a complex combination of blood vessels, lymph nodes, ducts, adipose (fat) tissue, lobules, muscle, and skin.

Internally the structures of the breast that contribute to their primary function, breastfeeding an infant, are:

Externally, there is the areola, nipple, and breast. The breast is the complete external organ that includes the areola and nipple. Generally, the breast tissue is less sensitive than the areola and nipple. 

The areola is a circular skin patch typically darker than the surrounding area. These circular patches are highly sensitive to touch and respond to changes in temperature and other stimulation. 

Within the areola is a highly delicate nipple. The nipple is made of tons of nerve endings, making them the ultra-sensitive pleasure centers of the breast.

Why Nipple Sucking Feels Good​

The entire breast, especially the nipples, are covered in nerve endings that signal to the brain that pleasure is on its way. For some women, their nipples are as sensitive as their clitoris, causing some to experience orgasm from nipple play alone! 

Like the clitoris, the breasts are an erogenous zone on the female body. An erogenous zone is a part of the body that causes sexual arousal when stimulated. 

Other erogenous zones include the neck, lips, inner thigh, butt, and some you probably haven’t thought of, such as the brain, scalp, ears, and feet or toes. 

Anytime you touch an erogenous zone, you will get a favorable sexual response. During foreplay, you definitely want to try your luck with any of her other erogenous zones too. 

However, few places can make a woman moan in ecstasy more than her nipples and clitoris. 

When either of these areas are stimulated, it causes a rush of feel-good hormones to be released from the body, causing bonding, affection, feelings of happiness, and pleasure! 

What Is a Nipple Orgasm?​

A nipple or breast orgasm happens when a woman reaches peak arousal levels and then experiences a release of sensations and feel-good hormones in the body. 

For some, this type of orgasm feels similar to a vaginal orgasm. Others say the sensation is completely different, slower to build, and felt throughout the entire body. 

Either way, the sensation is highly gratifying, and those who experience them love them. 

You can give your partner a nipple orgasm by sucking her nipples using the right, tried, and tested techniques you will find on our site.

If a nipple orgasm sounds like fun, read our in-depth tutorial on how to give a nipple orgasm.

How to Suck Her Nipples​

Sucking her nipples is not rocket science. There are many ways to do it and there’s no special formula, but you would do well to remember to incorporate a lot of different play, stimulation, pressure, and intensity until you hit the magic spot! 

Communicate ​

With any sexual activity, communication is key if you want to experience mutual gratification. 

Nipples and breasts can be tricky subjects. Some women have sensitive nipples all the time. Others have sensitive nipples depending on the time of the month, and others have no sensitivity and prefer high-pressure and high-intensity breast play.

There may be some shame or guilt around the breasts, as with many other female body parts. Depending on her upbringing, breast play may be too far out of her comfort zone, and she may prefer “normal sex” over other pleasurable activities. 

Talk about what your partner wants before, during, and after breast play to avoid any unnecessary pain (unless pain is your thing), insecurity, and discomfort. 

Add Some Foreplay and Dirty Talk​

Have you tried dirty talk, one of the best yet underutilized foreplay strategies for making any woman weak in the knees and super wet, yet?

Dirty talk is one of those things that most people know about but don’t use to its full potential. You may be used to only making a few breathy noises or grunts during sex, but try to dirty talk the next time you’re sucking her nipples or massaging her breast. 

Talk about how gorgeous her body is and how much it turns you on. Say, “You’re so fucking sexy,” “You taste so fucking good,” or “You have no idea what I’m going to do to you after this!” 

The goal is to let her know that she is not the only one enjoying the experience; you are too, and let it be known to anyone in earshot!  If you aren’t sure where to start, watch this YouTube video and learn all the secrets to talking dirty.

Give Her a Breast Massage Before Sucking Her Nipples​

breast massage can be given in combination with nipple sucking. When you think of breast massage, you probably imagine a breast exam where someone pokes and probes at each breast, searching for lumps. But that cannot be further from the truth. A breast massage is all about play, relaxation, and pleasure. 

Get your partner to lie flat on her back comfortably, such as on the bed, sofa, or cushions. Start by massaging each breast. You may want to grab some oils too. One at a time, massage by rubbing in a circular motion. Start on the exterior of each breast before moving toward the nipples. Take each nipple and rub in a circular motion with your thumbs, slowly and gently. 

Alternate pressure while you squeeze each nipple, watching her reaction. Continue alternating pressure with your hands and thumbs until you find a sweet spot. Enjoy the views of her nude body while warming her breasts up with your hands.

Once she gets fully warmed up, put your mouth over her breasts and start kissing and sucking.

Save the Nipples for Last ​

After the breast massage, start by kissing, caressing, and playing with the entire breasts. Don’t jump straight for her nipples just yet. 

Allow the sexual tension, anticipation, and desire to build by taking your time and slowly making your way to her nipples. 

Get Lost In Her Nipples ​

Once you make it here, go wild and allow yourself to enjoy the experience as much as she does. Suck on them, rub them with your fingers, and maybe give them a few love bites!

Give Them a Little Kiss ​

Slowly kiss up and down each breast with your hand cupped around them. Try this, twirl your thumb around each nipple while kissing each one.

Give Them a Lick ​

Use your tongue to lick each nipple in a circular motion while cupping each breast; add a few up and down flicks on each nipple, depending on how she responds. 

Try flicks of the tongue or circular motions. Both are great for stimulating the nipples. 

Play With Pressure ​

Use your mouth to alternate pressure by sucking gently and adding more intensity as time passes.

Suck deep. Don’t just lick the surface of the nipple and call it a day. Instead, get your mouth fully over the nipple, engulfing it entirely, and get parts of the areola in your mouth.

Play With Temperature ​

The areola and nipples respond to changes in temperature. You may have noticed if you have ever stood next to a beautiful woman on a chilly day. 

A temperature change can be highly pleasurable. Be sure to communicate with your partner, as some women may find cold or heat more painful than pleasurable. Although pain can be pleasurable, if it’s not her thing, it won’t be. 

Take a sip of a cold drink, a bite of ice cream, or ice cubes, allowing your mouth’s temperature to drop. Blow the chilly air from your mouth onto her nipples before taking them into your mouth. Another variation is holding an ice cube in your mouth and swirling it around the areola and nipples. 

If she wants heat, warm you mouth by drinking hot liquids such as tea or coffee. Kiss each breast with your warm lips, then wrap your warm lips around each nipple and suck. 

Or try our hot chocolate tip instead. Pour warm chocolate onto her breasts and lick it up while the chocolate flows down her body. 

Pinch Them ​

While kissing each breast or while taking a break from nipple sucking, use your fingers to pinch each nipple. 

Press and hold between your thumb and index finger for a few seconds, then release. Repeat several times according to how she responds. 

Use Your Teeth ​

Purposely bite and tease each nipple with your teeth. Take your time nibbling around the sides of each breast, giving little kisses in between each bite. Slowly make your way to her nipples and gently bite and tease the nipple with your teeth. 

Use Your Entire Mouth ​

Use your entire mouth to wrap your lips around each nipple and suck. Do not only use the tip of your tongue but engulf your entire mouth around each nipple while sucking gently at first and then adding more pressure with your tongue as she really starts to get into it. 

Move your mouth around and rub your tongue over the entire nipple or breast.

How to Use Sex Toys to Suck Her Nipples ​

Nipple sucking is one thing, but what about sex toys while sucking them? If you’re looking to add some extra variety to your love life, here are a few things you never knew you could do with nipples.

Nipple Suckers​

Nipple suckers work by creating suction around the nipple area. They stimulate the breasts or the clitoris (Google clit sucker). When you use one, it creates a vacuum effect that sucks the nipple into the body of the device.

The sensation feels similar to having someone else suck on your nipples. You can use the device while lying down or standing up. For best results, use it during foreplay or as a stand-alone activity to give your partner pleasure.

Nipple Clamps​

Nipple clamps come in all shapes and sizes. Some clamps are made of metal, some plastic, and others of rubber. Some clamps come with attachments such as chains to be pulled by their partner in dominance and submission role-playing.

Most clamps are designed to fit over the nipples, hold them firmly in place, and keep blood in the nipples, making them erect and highly sensitive while you suck on them.

Clamps are used for various reasons. Some clamps are used for teasing and pleasure. Others are clamped onto the nipples to help keep them hard for the duration of play. Others are used for pain — if you’re interested in that.  

In a pinch, clothespins can be used until you purchase your first set of nipple clamps.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps ​

Vibrating nipple clamps function the same way as standard nipple clamps. They hold the nipple firmly and decrease blood flow, making them erect and hard for you to enjoy.

Vibrating nipple clamps go one step further and add vibrations that are entirely adjustable to account for differences in sensitivity. 

Clamp the toy on each nipple and work your way up from the slowest vibration to the one that causes the most pleasure. 

Vibrators and Wands ​

Hold the handle of the vibrator or wand in your hand and hold it against each nipple. Start by allowing only the tip of the sex toy to touch her skin, giving her the gentlest vibrations. Allow more of the vibrator or wand to touch the skin as she becomes more aroused. When they’re hard and ready, wrap your mouth around them and suck.

Vibrators and wands are great toys because you can use them on multiple body parts, and you are not limited to just the nipples or breasts. However, if you want a toy designed to vibrate the nipples, try a nipple vibrator. 

Nipple Vibrator ​

A nipple vibrator is a small sex toy that wraps around each nipple and releases vibrations at specific speeds and intensities. 

Nipple vibrators are intended for the breast, so if you want a versatile toy to use on other parts of her body, get a vibrator or a wand instead.

Better Sex Positions for Nipple Sucking ​

As long as you can reach her breast and nipples, there’s no wrong sex position. Here are three of our favorites that allow you to engage in other pleasure-inducing activities, such as using toys, and anal or vaginal sex while sucking her nipples. 


An old and classic position, beloved by many and despised for its simplicity by others. 

Missionary is one of the best sex positions for sucking nipples; just readjust your position so that instead of being eye to eye with your partner, your head is slightly below her chin, and your mouth is breast level. 


In this sex position, the man sits on top of the woman while she rests her entire body on the bed. She should be on her back, not her stomach. Because the man is on top, he can reach down and play with her breasts or lean forward and suck each nipple. 

While in this position, vaginal and anal sex are both options. He can also reach down and massage her clit or hold a Hitachi wand against it while sucking her nipples. 

Face Off​

In this sex position, the woman sits on top of the man and rests her body in his lap. In this position, vaginal and anal sex are also options, a bonus for women who enjoy penetration while having their nipples sucked. 

How Not to Suck the Nipples​

The nipples respond to changes in temperature, stimulation, and hormonal changes in the body. During pregnancy, the nipples may be highly sensitive to the point of being irritated when touched or caressed.

Additionally, at the wrong time of the month, nipple play is far from enjoyable and can even cause pain and discomfort. When she’s on her period, ask before you touch! Many women experience sore and sensitive breasts at the start of their period.

When she’s pregnant, on her period, or in an uncomfortable environment that causes the nipples to become uncomfortably hard, it is best to stick to non-nipple-related sexual activities.

Expert Advice

I have a few professional tips for men to take nipple sucking to new, uncharted levels. 

Nipple Sucking While Playing With Her Clit​

Hitachi wands are the number one choice for clitoral orgasms. The wand vibrates and moves at various speeds and rhythms, causing an explosion of sensations on the most sensitive spots on her body. 

Guide your partner to the wall of your bedroom, and while holding a Hitachi wand against her clit, lick, suck, and kiss her breasts using the techniques we discussed above.

Nipple Sucking While Massaging Her G Spot ​

A G Spot wand is a handy little toy that massages the G Spot. If you have yet to hear of the G Spot or think it’s still a myth, check out this YouTube video, where we will guide you through finding it.

With the G Spot wand in hand, guide your partner to a wall or the edge of the bed. If on the bed, push her down gently, spread her legs, and insert the toy (assuming she’s already turned on and wet). Use the toy to stimulate her G Spot while you kiss, lick, and suck on each nipple. 

If standing, press her against the wall with the toy inside while you suck each nipple. 

Nipple Sucking With a Vibrating Egg ​

A vibrating egg is a sex toy that fits into the vagina and is controlled externally by a remote. A fun exercise you can try with your partner is holding the remote while in public and hitting the on button whenever you feel like it. Imagine her shocked expression when the vibrations come on in the middle of a shopping trip. 

Take the vibrating egg and put it inside your partner while you keep control of the remote. Ask her to stand or lie in a position of comfort, such as on her back. Play with each breast by kissing them and gently licking them. When you know she’s super aroused, reach for the remote and turn on the vibrations. 

Utilize any or, better yet, all of these techniques to give your gorgeous lady the pleasure she deserves while experimenting with nipple sucking.

If you’re interested in learning more sex techniques, read the other articles on our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the videos we create.

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Something missing in your sex life?

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