Everything You Need to Know to Make a Girl Squirt

Everything You Need to Know to Make a Girl Squirt

Squirting is one of the best sexual experiences you can have with your female partner. It’s damn-near euphoric for a lot of women!

There are a lot of myths when it comes to the legendary squirting phenomenon experienced by some women. What is it? Where does it come from? What does it feel like? We will answer all those questions and give you a step-by-step tutorial to make a girl squirt.

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What Is Squirting?

No! It’s not pee.

Once you make your partner squirt for the first time, you’ll realize that squirt does not taste or smell like urine. The only reason the liquid might smell like urine is that she did not use the bathroom beforehand.

The limited research shows that squirt or female ejaculate might be a mixture of prostatic acid phosphatase, prostatic specific antigens, glucose, and fructose, with low urea levels and creatinine — a mixture that is different from urine.

Where Does Squirt Come From?

There’s not much research into female ejaculation, but here’s what is currently known about squirting.

Skene’s Glands, a not well-understood part of female anatomy that sits near the bladder, is believed to be the source of female ejaculation. However, there is still a lot of debate as to what exactly this mysterious fluid is and if every woman is capable of squirting. Some opinions say that with the right technique, every woman can squirt! Despite the debates, any sex educator will agree on the following:

What Does Squirting Look and Feel Like?

No! It doesn’t shoot out like a fire hose.

For many, squirting can be a very intense and cathartic experience. The sensation is highly pleasurable; afterward, she might be slightly out of it, tired, or even crying.

After squirting, ask her if she’s okay and give her a moment to come to before transitioning into oral, anal, or vaginal sex.

Some women release more fluids than others. It will vary from person to person.

It’s not like in porn! You might be disappointed if you expect a fire hose of high-pressed liquid to come flying out at full speed. Squirting rarely looks like that. Instead, expect a few drops or roughly a tablespoon of liquid.

How to Make a Girl Squirt

Squirting is simple, and most women are physically capable of doing it.

The key to squirting:

Step 1: Squirting Preparation

Squirting takes a lot of preparation.

If she’s not in the right headspace, she won’t squirt. If she’s not fully aroused, she won’t squirt.

And if you forget to put a towel down or purchase waterproof sheets from Amazon, your bed will never be the same — That’s a joke. Nevertheless, she, you, and your bedroom should be prepared for a fun and messy evening.

Not everyone wants to squirt, and not every woman wants to make it a regular occurrence. Some women feel unhappy with their bodies or prefer “regular sex” to oral sex, squirting, or even sex toys.

She might be able to squirt, but not every woman has to squirt to enjoy sex.

If she wants to squirt, remove negative thinking that could hinder her ability to do so, including, but not limited to;

Your partner could release a lot of fluid that will eventually spray across your bedsheets, sofa, or floors. Unless you already planned on throwing your sheets into the wash that evening, it’s highly recommended that you put a towel down before getting into position.

You might also want to invest in waterproof sheets if you want squirting to be a regular event in the bedroom.

She will not be ready to squirt if you do not entirely turn her on. She must be dripping wet and highly aroused to squirt, so don’t half-ass your attempts.

Start with general foreplay. Kiss her, take your time removing her clothes, or give her something a little rougher, if she’s into that.

Get the area wet and ready by giving her a killer pussy massage, or give her the best oral sex of her life! Take your time! The more aroused she is, the easier it will be to make her squirt later in the evening.

If you’re looking for something different to do in the bedroom, consider role-playing or giving each other sensual body massages.

A woman is more likely to squirt when;

Watch the YouTube video below for tips on unlocking her psychology to make her squirt!

Once she’s mentally prepared, turned on, and aroused, proceed to squirting techniques.

Step 2: Squirting Techniques

Simulating the G-Spot

Squirting requires G Spot stimulation, and a lot of it, in most cases! The G Spot is found on the upper vaginal wall. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you find a bumpy spot about a knuckle and a half inside.

The G Spot will swell as she becomes more aroused because the erectile tissue fills with blood, causing the labia and G Spot to get bigger, which is a good sign that you’re doing something right!

Some lucky ladies can squirt with minimal stimulation or squirt from clitoral stimulation (God bless them!), but sadly those are the exceptions, not the rule.

You can stimulate the G Spot with your fingers, penis, or sex toys, all of which we describe in vivid detail below.

Get in there, and apply pressure to her G Spot! Don’t be afraid you’ll break her. The vagina is much stronger than it looks, so apply pressure! She’ll tell you if she’s uncomfortable or it’s too much.

A lot of women need a lot of pressure to squirt. You might even have to lift her pelvis slightly off the bed to apply enough pressure to get her going. Again, you won’t break her, but some women are more sensitive than others or have pain in that area, so be mindful of her body language. Encourage her to speak up if things get too hot and heavy.

Keep applying pressure and stimulating the G Spot until she feels like she has to urinate. Finally, encourage her to let go when you hear the magic words, “I feel like I’m about to pee!”

Start with your fingers, the ring finger or index finger, to tease the area. Rub the G Spot in a circular motion with your finger as she gets more turned on.

If she’s not ready yet, go back to step 1! She needs to be fully aroused and soaking wet.

With women, there’s no such thing as too much foreplay. Get her soaking wet and so turned on that she’s begging you for sex. If you aren’t sure how to initiate foreplay or dirty talk, read me!

Once she’s ready for two fingers, mimic the Spider-Man Web Shooter hand movement and insert two fingers into her until you find her G Spot. If you don’t quite comprehend what we mean by Spider-Man Web Shooters and how it relates to squirting, watch our squirting tutorial on YouTube.

Pull your fingers back toward yourself in a beckoning motion.

When your partner is near climax, maintain the same pace and intensity. Don’t speed up or slow down — the mistake that most men make when their partner is about to squirt or orgasm.

Keep doing whatever hits her spots in all the right places as she gets closer to cumming.

If your fingers are tired, it’s because you’re using the muscles in your hand, which are non-existent. Instead of pulling with the non-existent strength in your fingers, pull with your arm muscles.

Remember, you’re not going to break her! Pull your entire arm back and upward, saving yourself from aching fingers and keeping the pressure delivered straight to her G Spot!

If your fingers aren’t working, try sex toys.

Sex toys can stimulate the G Spot better than your fingers can in many cases. Several toys on the market are dedicated to stimulating the G Spot area at various speeds!

The best sex toy for G Spot stimulation is the G Spot Wand, but these toys are great too!

Hitachi Wand: Great for stimulating the entire vulva, particularly the clitoris. Combine with the G Spot Wand for a Hail Mary combo, one of the best sex toy combinations in the world.

G-Spot Vibrator: A toy designed to stimulate the G Spot, which is essential for squirting. It comes with various vibration settings. Purchase a plastic one, not silicone, because the toy should be sturdy enough to put a decent amount of force into stimulating the G Spot. Silicone toys are not as sturdy and will bend as you stimulate the spot.

Don’t stop at one toy — Add more for better sensations and simulation!

G Spot Wand + Hitachi Wand: We call this the Hail Mary combination. While she has the G Spot Wand in her pussy, hold a Hitachi Wand to her clitoris for additional stimulation. Women can have multiple orgasms, and a clitoral orgasm and a G Spot one feel very different for many ladies, so if she can handle it, go for two toys instead of one. Additionally, squirting and having an orgasm are different sensations. Make her squirt and then orgasm, which is why this combination is great.

Vibrating Butt Plug + G Spot Wand: Not every woman is interested in anal, but anal lovers will love this combination. Insert a vibrating butt plug inside before stimulating her G Spot with the G Spot Wand. You can insert a vibrating butt plug and stimulate the G Spot with your fingers until she squirts.

Vibrating Butt Plug + G Spot Wand + Hitachi Wand: Insert a vibrating butt plug before playing with her G Spot using the G Spot Wand. While you are busy attending to her G Spot, ask her to rub her clitoris. After a few minutes, ask your partner to switch to stimulating her clitoris with a Hitachi Wand for a triple squirt dream.

If she does not own a toy, make an evening of it. You and she should search the local sex shop or go online and purchase your very first toy as a couple. If, for whatever reason, you have a toy box loaded with 30 kg of toys in the bedroom closet, make sure she’s okay with using them first.

Although you clean your toys after each partner, she might not feel okay using the same toys that another woman has used. For many, toys are incredibly intimate, and they would never dream of using something that once gave pleasure to a different woman. If she’s cool, clean your toys well after each use, and whip them out of the toy box.

Still, we recommend you buy your toys together because it’s a great way to connect with her and make her feel special, as she’ll have her toy that she’s only ever used with you.

Some women can squirt during vagina intercourse.

The key to squirting during sex is to pull out your penis when she is about to squirt. You will not receive that coveted gush of fluid if you do not. Recall that the liquid comes from the urethra, which your penis might block during sex.

Any sex position where you hit the G Spot is golden for squirting. Try missionary with a pillow under her pelvis first. It’s easy to pull out in this position, and the pillow angles her pelvis slightly upward, making hitting her G Spot easier.

Lastly, if you want to make her squirt, take your time and make it intimate and sexy. You can have an intimate experience with your penis, sex toys, or fingers.

Make eye contact with her. It’s incredibly seductive to watch her eyes roll back into her head, and when she squirts, eye contact can help strengthen the connection between herself and you.

Does she look like she’s rolling in ecstasy or having the worst gynecologist appointment of her life? If you haven’t mastered body language yet or aren’t sure if she’s pretending to enjoy it, ask her.

Don’t be afraid to ask her for guidance. It’s her body! You might be the best lover in history, but she’ll know what turns her on, what feels good, and what, well, needs some improvement better than you will.

Squirting does not usually happen in 60 seconds, so you might be there while. Some women are ready to bust open like a well-shaken soda, and others need more time. Take your time, and never rush her to squirt.

Step 3: Squirting Aftercare

If you want her to squirt again, aftercare is not only the nice guy thing to do; it’s absolutely needed!

Squirting is messy and may not be the best smelling if you do it incorrectly. If that’s the case, avoid making a scene. That’s why you put a towel down or two before starting! Just ask her to go to the bathroom before starting your next squirting session.

Be understanding of your partner’s needs at that particular moment. Give her some water and a moment to relax before moving on to a squirt combo.

After squirting, her body might be completely relaxed and ready for cuddles and affection, or maybe she’s still in a state of arousal and prepared for more!

Squirt Combos

Squirting and orgasming are not the same but can be used in combination with each other to create an intense and euphoric evening.

Plus, women can have multiple orgasms, so as long as she’s ready for round two, three, or four and beyond, continue with one of these killer combo sex acts.

One of the reasons squirting is fun for both partners is that you can transition from fucking to making her squirt and back again to squirting. Squirting is not only for her sexual pleasure!

Eat, Spray, Love

Eat: Oral sex

Spray: Squirting

Love: Vaginal sex

All three together make for one hell of a night! Start by eating your partner’s pussy, getting her super wet and aroused.

Follow up by making her squirt, and finish with old-fashioned lovemaking. Repeat as many times as possible.

A Pussy Massage and Squirting

A pussy massage is what fingering wishes it could be!

If you haven’t heard of a pussy massage before, it’s what we’re known for at SQL and is guaranteed to make her run back to your bedroom. Follow up that mind-blowing pussy massage with squirting.

Squirting and Sex

Get in the Reverse Cowgirl sex position. Make her squirt all over you, then move into vaginal sex. Pull out, make her squirt, and repeat as many times as she wants.

For anal lovers, try this. After she squirts, pull her close to you in doggy style. Use juices from her soaking wet pussy or grab some water-based lube from the nightstand, warm up her ass and ensure she’s fully ready for anal sex before entering her.

If she needs a moment to rest, give her some time. Once she’s ready, warm up her ass with your finger and allow her to pull you in, enhance the experience with a little anal play, slowly enter her ass and pull you in.

Squirting Sex Positions

There’s no definitive answer to the question, what’s the best sex position for squirting? The best sex position for squirting is the position that makes her feel the most comfortable and relaxed and provides stimulation to her G Spot with your fingers, sex toys, or penis.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started if she has never squirted.

On Her Back

Ask your partner to lie flat on her back with her legs spread wide enough apart so that she’s still comfortable, but you have full access to her body. Enter her vagina, and press against the upper vaginal wall to stimulate the G Spot.

Move with her as she shakes, wiggles, or squeezes her legs. As she prepares to squirt, you might hear her scream, “I’m going to pee. I feel like I’m about to pee!” Encourage her to relax her pelvic floor muscles and let go.

Put your hands on her pubic bone or chest to let her know you got her. A woman can not squirt if she does not feel safe, comfortable, and entirely relaxed, as squirting requires her to let go and be taken by the moment fully.

She might not know what’s happening when she squirts for the first time. The sensation is similar to the urge to go pee, so many ladies freak out and don’t want to let go. She might be worried that she will pee on the bed or be embarrassed that it might smell or you might not like it. A mental roadblock might be preventing her from squirting.

Encourage her to relax and just let it go, which is easier said than done for some women. However, this is an absolutely essential step.

Ass Up

Ask her to get on her knees in doggy position. Kneel behind her, and enter her vagina. Because she’s ass up, the G Spot is now in a different position. Instead of pressing upwards as you would if she was on her back, press your finger downward and pull towards yourself.

Continuing to apply pressure and push on her G Spot until she feels like she’s going to urinate, and then encourage her to relax and give in to the sensations.

When she’s ready, quickly pull out of her to release the built-up fluid. Let her rest if she needs it, and transition into penetration.

The trick to this position is also to remove any mental roadblocks. She might be deathly afraid of wetting the bed! Therefore, ensure she uses the toilet before starting and encourage her to let go. Remind her that it’s not pee and that you want her to squirt too.

Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl sex position

One of the hottest sex positions for female ejaculation!

Ask her to climb on top of her as she would for reverse cowgirl, but instead of leaping onto your penis, allow her to hover over your chest or face as you start massaging her G Spot and wait for her to ejaculate all over your chest or face.

Transition to oral sex or rub her clitoris to stimulate all the nerve endings while she’s still at peak arousal.


Most women can squirt; yes, most women!

Some women will be expelled more liquid than others, but it is physically possible for most women to experience squirting with the assistance of their partner.

If, despite all attempts, she is not squirting, here are six explanations for why.

Not Enough G Spot Stimulation

She will not squirt if you don’t stimulate the G Spot. To stimulate her pleasure center and make her squirt, you might need to put a lot more pressure on her G Spot, to the point where you’re almost pulling her off the bed. She might also need a faster pace to get her G Spot ready to squirt.

If she is not squirting, it’s most likely because you haven’t stimulated the G Spot enough. As she reaches peak arousal, the G Spot will start to swell. If you aren’t feeling that happen yet, keep trying by alternating the speed or amount of pressure.

Too Much Pressure To Squirt

Imagine someone putting a knife against your back and telling you to get an erection and cum. Would you be able to? Probably not, and we know this is an extreme example, but it can feel like that for a woman who is not ready to squirt.

She won’t cum if she feels pressured or if there is an expectation that she will orgasm. Likewise, she’ll have trouble squirting if she feels too many expectations or pressure.

Don’t be the person that turns everything in the relationship into a high-stakes situation. There’s no need to squirt, go anywhere, do anything, or perform.

It’s just play! If she’s not feeling it that evening, do what you can, but move on to something else and try a different evening.

She's Not Ready

Most people first learn about squirting from porn. If, by some magic, you discovered squirting organically because you accidentally made your partner do it, and you said, what the fuck is this magic? Congratulations! You’re a rare man.

Porn gives the impression that women are ready to squirt at a moment’s notice. Here comes the squirt, with a few kisses and a little oral!

Although some women get super aroused by the bare minimum, most do not. She most likely won’t be ready to squirt until you have adequately warmed her and her vagina up!

Spend a lot of time getting her ready. Dirty talk and tell her how much you adore her body, and how sexy she is; go into graphic detail about all the things you would love to do to her and how hard she makes you just thinking about it.

Give her a pussy massage, kiss her properly, go down on her, ensure you kiss and lick her entire vulva, and save the clitoris for when she’s begging you to touch it.

Squirting is the last thing that should be on your mind. It’s far more effective to focus on getting her to the point where she feels she can squirt than forcing her to squirt.

She Doesn't Want To

You can do everything right in the bedroom but still not be able to make her squirt. If your technique is flawless, and she’s soaking wet, she might not squirt because she does not want to (even if she says she does).

Some women aren’t into straying a strange liquid out of their bodies, even if it’s pleasurable. She might agree to it because she sees how keen you are, but in her mind, she’s praying that it doesn’t happen or determined to make it not happen.

She's Embarrassed

Some women who squirted before mentioned embarrassment, shame, and even guilt as some of the key deterrents to squirting in the future.

There’s a lot of female shame towards the female figure, especially the vagina and all the fantastic things it can do. She might be unwilling even to let you try to make her squirt because she’s embarrassed about it.

Many women don’t feel comfortable having their partner eye to eye with their most intimate area for an extended period. She might not want you to look between her legs as you touch her.

Maybe she’s cool with you touching her vulva but won’t be cool with squirting because a lot of liquid is coming out of her. If she has never squirted before, maybe in her world, it’s going to look like a great flood, the bedsheets will be ruined, and it might smell, causing you to look at her differently for the rest of your relationship. In reality, you probably won’t care, but in her world, it’s the end if anything embarrassing ever happens in the bedroom. This is also why numerous women won’t try anal because they are afraid of embarrassment.

Don’t push the topic if she’s embarrassed. Instead, tell her that squirting is just something you want to try because you care about her and want her to experience all the pleasure that her body is capable of, and you will stop whenever she wants you to.

She Had Shitty Sexual Experiences

She might have tried squirting before, but it did not go well the first time. Maybe the guy pressured her into it. She didn’t feel comfortable. She didn’t go to the bathroom beforehand, so it was not a pleasant smell or painful.

If that’s the case and her disinterest in squirting comes from having been there and done that and hated it, then her mind might be made up.

However, you can increase your chances of her changing her mind by being patient, asking her questions about what she liked and didn’t, and reassuring her that you want to try, and if she can’t relax or wants to stop, you will stop.

Listen to your partner’s needs and concerns to uncover what mental roadblock hinders her from squirting. Once removed, you can focus on getting the technique right.

Leave a comment and let us know if you made your partner squirt!

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