How To Finger A Girl: The Ultimate Guide

How To Finger A Girl: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you, step by step, how to finger a girl.

You might wonder if that is even necessary. After all, you’ve got a penis – isn’t that enough to completely satisfy her in bed?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but no, it isn’t.

75% of women never reach an orgasm from intercourse alone – that means no matter how good you are in bed, chances are she’s not going to come from sex only.

Add to that the fact that women need, on average, around 15 minutes of foreplay to get turned on, and you realize that you need to augment your arsenal of sex tricks and techniques.

And what better way to start off than to learn the best fingering techniques?

Not only are they free, quick and easy to do (they will be after you’re done reading this guide), but if you know what you are doing, they can also easily make her addicted to you. Let me explain.

If you know how to finger a girl properly, she will get addicted to you. Why? Because you are getting her incredibly turned on, releasing a cocktail of powerful hormones of horniness…just by using your one or two fingers.

Just imagine…she’s dripping wet, bending her body and moaning, begging you to stop teasing her and start fucking her. She’s so turned on that she can’t even finish sentences. You’re in complete control and can bring her endless pleasure or take it away, just by a flick of your finger.

Can you see how that power can not only make her orgasms more often and more strongly, but can also elevate your sex life to a whole new level and make you a master of the bedroom?

You can? Great. Then I guess I will begin describing proper ways to finger a girl.

The Preparation

Ok, so before you even begin to finger her you need to prepare.

Your preparation begins way before sex. It begins even before she’s about to enter your house.

First things first. Your nails must be trimmed and clean at all times. I feel silly for even mentioning this, but you would be surprised at just how many guys walk around with sharp, dirty fingernails.

And, then expect women to let those things near her vagina.

Yeah, right.

So, make sure that your fingernails are clean and trimmed before you even have her at your place.

Secondly, make her wet before you even start fingering her. Don’t try to finger her clit or shove your fingers inside her pussy before she is properly wet and turned on. That will only end up hurting her.

What that means is you prolong the foreplay. You kiss her, fondle her breasts, talk dirty to her, grab her ass, etc. I’ve shared plenty ideas about foreplay on my site, you should read them all and memorize them.

Anyway, you continue with foreplay for about 10 minutes or so, and then you check if she is wet or not. If not, you continue for another ten minutes. If yes, you proceed to the next point.

And, thirdly, use lube. Even if she is dripping wet, you will still be wise to use lube. I use Astroglide, but almost any inexpensive lube will do.

If she is moaning and her vagina is soaked, you can apply the lube to your forefinger and middle finger and begin to finger her.

How To Finger A Girl: Clitoral Stimulation

I suggest you start off with clitoral stimulation. The reason why is that it is easiest for a woman to have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation. That way you will get the confidence you need to advance to other forms of fingering.

Not only that, but the clitoris is the only organ in the entire human body solely devoted to pleasure. It has no other purpose. It is made to be stimulated. To emphasize that point, here is something you should know: The clitoris has twice as many sensory nerve fibers (the thing that gives you pleasure) compared to the penis.

And, once she’s had an orgasm with you, the “mental barrier” is broken, and she can now relax and have other orgasms more easily.

The first orgasm is always the hardest, so you need to make her come with clitoris fingering techniques, and then she will have an easier time coming from other types of fingering techniques.

To put a nail in the coffin, 3 out of 4 women who DO reach any type of orgasm, need clitoral stimulation. So this is a skill that once learned, will serve you for the rest of your life.

How To Find Clitoris

To begin fingering her clit, you must first find it.

Instead of letting you fumble in the dark and try to find it yourself, or using an overly long and detailed word explanation, I thought I just include a picture and let it speak for itself.

how to find the clitoris

The prepuce is just a fancy term for the clitoral hood. The clit itself is beneath that hood. To find it, lift that hood up and you should feel something like a small button of nerves underneath your finger.

The good news is that as she gets more and more turned on, her clit grows in size. That means if you properly made her horny before even beginning the fingering techniques (like I told you so) her clit should be so big that you will have little problem finding it.

How To Stimulate Clitoris

When it comes to stimulating her clit, you want to start slowly. Unlike us guys, who want to be jacked off as fast as humanly possible, women prefer a slower pace – at least at first.

A lot of girls have their preferences and things that make them come. So, while you should take the info provided here as a foundation of your fingering technique, be sure to listen to her feedback and adapt your approach to each girl.

Use your index and middle finger and stroke gently along her clit.  Pay close attention to her reactions: gasps, “oh yeah” and her grabbing you and squeezing tightly means you are doing it right. Lack of any physical reaction and/or silence means you need to switch it up.

Next, start using your fingers to go in circles. Again, you want to start slowly, but as soon as you see that she is comfortable, start increasing your circling speed.

Also, be sure to change your circling direction – if you did it clockwise the last five times, now do it counterclockwise and vice versa.

If you’re using two fingers, put her clitoris between them and then gently roll it. Think of her clitoris as a dial you are now tuning to find the right frequency until you find just the right amount of her moaning. Then stay there and just keep going – don’t change anything,

Listen to her directions. The correct clitoral stimulation, much more than the g spot and the deep spot stimulation, varies greatly from a woman to a woman.

One cool trick you can use to find out what she likes is to ask her to masturbate in front of you. Explain to her that you want to see precisely what turns her on so you can do more of that. This method sometimes works better than her telling you what to do because she might not even be aware of what she’s doing to get off.

While she’s fingering herself, pay close attention to her fingering speed, tempo and the exact place she is stimulating. Put your hand gently atop of hers so you can feel just how much strength and pressure she’s using.

One other thing – when you start applying the other fingering techniques that follow, don’t forget the clitoris. Try stimulating both the clit and the g spot/deep spot at the same time.

For example, let’s say you are starting to stimulate her g spot. While you are doing that, use the thumb of that same hand to finger her clit. Or, if you are fingering her deep spot, use your opposite hand. Get creative.

The effect of simultaneously fingering two pleasure points on her body will shock you. You might have to hold her down because she will be twisting and turning because of the pleasure you’re giving her.

You’ve covered the first part of that equation – the clitoral stimulation. Now let’s see how you can learn to finger the g spot.

How To Finger A Girl: The G Spot Stimulation

Ah, the fabled G spot.

You’ve probably heard about it.

Maybe you even tried to find it once or twice before giving up.

That was a mistake.

You see, the G-spot is like one of those cheat code buttons that exist in video games.

But, instead of giving you infinite money/powers/magic, it gives her extreme orgasms.

If you want to learn how to finger a girl properly, you need to have this skill in your arsenal.

I hope I convinced you of the importance of learning how to stimulate her G-spot. With that in mind, let us proceed.

How To Find The G-Spot

The G-spot is pretty easy to find.

It’s located about 2-3 inches inside of her vagina, at the front wall.

Here’s a pic to help you out:


Just use one or two fingers and slide them in until you feel something that feels like a button of nerves. That’s her g spot. (This is best done when she’s lying on her back)

Now, the good news is that the G-spot grows in size in proportion to her arousal. So, the hornier she is, the easier it will be for you to find it. That’s why I suggest that you only start fingering her G-spot after you finished with her clitoris.

Also, the G-spot is a pretty rough area (compared to the smooth area around it). That means you can feel the change in texture pretty easily. That helps a lot because, obviously, you can’t use your eyes to find it.

How To Stimulate The G Spot

And now the fun begins.

The main way to stimulate her G-spot is by using a come hither motion with your (one or two) fingers.

Here’s how to do it:

Once you’ve located her G-spot, use your fingers in a “come hither” motion, as if you are calling someone to come over.

Start with a slow stroke alongside her G-spot, then (as she gets more and more aroused) increase your stroking speed.

You can also experiment with the size of the area you’re stroking. For example, you can limit finger movement to a half an inch area, or you can stroke the entire G-spot. It depends on the girl and how much aroused she is at the time.

You can also experiment with other hand gestures and stroking ideas but, in my experience, that isn’t really that important.

No. What matters the most is you having the stamina to last long enough using that “come hither” motion for her to have an orgasm. (this is also a problem with the deep spot – see below)

Considering that it will probably take her around 10-15 minutes to come from your fingering technique, it is inevitable that your hand will start cramping.

That’s why it’s crucial to be in a comfortable position while you’re fingering her.

Oh, and by the way – don’t sweat it if you can’t give her an orgasm the first couple of times (or if you hand cramps before she gets there). Consider the fact that 9 out of 10 guys give up on learning how to finger a girl after a couple of tries. That means if you just keep applying the info you’ve read here, and you keep trying, you’ll be giving her G-spot orgasms in no time.

How To Finger A Girl: The Deep Spot Stimulation

A lot of guys don’t even know that deep spot exists, but it’s real, and if you can properly stimulate it, it can lead to extremely powerful orgasms.

How To Locate The Deep Spot

Her deep spot (sometimes also called the A-spot) is located pretty deep in her vagina. Basically, you slide your fingers in and locate her G-spot . After that, you keep going deeper into the vagina following the front wall until you feel a smooth surface.

That’s her deep spot.

Here’s a pic to help you out (excuse the sh*t drawing, I drew it myself).

the deep spot

Because this area is so deep in her vagina, your girl has probably never had her deep spot stimulated. (unless you have an 8-inch cock) And, unless she is using (again, an 8-inch) dildo, she’s also unlikely to be able to finger the deep spot by herself.

That means that because these sensations are new to her, you can (usually) make her squirt within 10 minutes.

How To Stimulate The Deep Spot

Once you find the deep spot, start applying pressure on it. Start off with gentle stroking, but then increase pressure until she experiences discomfort.

I suggest you start off with one finger and then after she has “warmed up” a little, slide another finger in.

I found that making circular motions with your fingers works best. You can do them clockwise or counterclockwise, but I think that it’s best to mix and match – you want to keep her guessing.

Another cool technique you can use is to focus on one tiny area of the deep spot and just finger that spot relentlessly. Since your area of movement is pretty limited, your fingering speed is a crucial factor here – this is not the time to go slow and steady.

A word of warning. The deep spot fingering technique is the most likely time when your hand will begin cramping. (probably at the same time she’s most turned on, too)

The key to preventing this is to assume a comfortable position from the very start – one where your working hand is in a natural position.

Applying just this one tip will allow you to finger her for 10…20…even 30 minutes without stopping. It greatly improves your chances of managing to finger her long enough for her to achieve an orgasm.

Now, what position you choose depends entirely on your situation. Are you both lying down in bed? Is she on a sofa? Are you two standing up? Etc.

One last thing. (and this goes both for the G-spot  and the deep spot)

Because these so-called “pleasure spots” are located near her urethra, she might have a sudden urge to pee when you finger her long enough. She might not even tell you that – she will just stop you and tell you to wait a second.

Ask her: “do you feel you’re going to pee? You’re not…trust me.” And then continue with the fingering. That’ll show her that you know what you’re doing and that you are in complete control.

All in all, the deep spot is something that most guys are not aware of and, if you apply the tips above and finger her properly, you can bring her pleasure she never even imagined.


You now have all the tools you need to properly finger a girl and bring her waves of ecstatic pleasure. You know how to avoid most common mistakes, how to finger her G-spot , and you even know how to finger her clit in the right way.

Now what?

I suggest you bookmark this article and read it the next couple of times before you are about to have sex. That way that information will remain fresh in your mind, and you will be able to effortlessly apply it.

One other thing.

A lot of guys read a ton of stuff online but never apply it. They are constantly jumping from article to article, never stopping to implement what they’ve learned before reading the “next great thing.”

You see them everywhere, in every field – online marketing, picking up girls, bodybuilding, sex advice, etc. They only consume, consume, and consume – without anything to show for it.

Don’t be like those guys. This article contains 90% of everything you need to know about fingering techniques and how to finger a girl. Don’t open ten more tabs with articles you found on Google.

Instead, read this, and immediately apply it. Tonight, if you can. If not, in the next couple of days. Even if you only apply just 10% of what you learned here today, you will still be miles ahead of the rest of the male population.


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