101 Places She’d Love To Have Sex At – Ultimate Guide

101 Places She’d Love To Have Sex At – Ultimate Guide

One of the best things that you can do with any partner is to have sex in unusual places. Why? Because the outside stimulation is very important for the experience. There is just something a lot more erotic about having sex outdoors, or in a public place where you know you might get caught, or in an unusual place where it’s taboo or forbidden, such as on your boss’s desk when he/she is gone.
I remember getting a blowjob from one of my girlfriends when we were at the beach in front of a big rock that was near the shore. The feeling was amazing because of the sun and wind blowing, the fresh air, the water rushing over our feet, and the sensation of the wet sand between our toes.
Having sex in new places helps us to keep the memory of the occasion alive too. It’s a lot easier to remember having sex on a beach, what it was like, and the feelings going on compared to the same old location: your bed.
So, I created 101 locations to have sex that she will love.
Some of these places are a bit extreme, so be mindful of your girl. Is she adventurous? Then she’ll love all of these places. And if she likes it quick and fast, you’ll be able to leave anywhere very quickly and she’ll think it’s fun and exciting.
Not only will she love it, but, also, if she likes it hard and fast, you’ll be able to get away with it more often in public because you can instantly stop when you want.
If she is not adventurous, then have sex in more of the tamer places. Always let her make the call and don’t push her into doing what she doesn’t want to do.
And always be careful of the law. You need to be aware of any laws of the land where you are whenever you have sex in public.
The reason why sex in public is so tempting is because the potential of getting caught adds to the excitement. It’s the danger factor.
So, you have to use good judgment. It’s not worth it to actually go to jail, but if you do it at night, you greatly reduce the risk of anyone seeing or even noticing.
Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let’s discuss 101 locations to have sex that she will love.

Best Places to Have Sex

I. At the Beach

sex on the beach couple

The beach is a great place to have sex. The feeling of the ocean, the water, the sand: it’s all so tactile and sensual; that feeling of being one with nature, etc. So, starting off our list, let’s get to it:

  1. In the long grass at the beach

If you can find a place where there are those rolling bushes, you can have sex and not worry too much about anyone seeing. You can even do her doggy style and keep an eye out, although people may start to wonder what is really going on over there… Have fun.

  1. Right on the beach

Having sex right on the beach is pretty awesome. It’s really hard to see what people are doing from far away, so even if there are people around, if they are far away enough, they won’t be able to tell what you are doing. Just be a bit careful…

  1. Right on the shore

As I already mentioned, one time I had sex right on the shore while standing (actually, it was a blowjob) but it was the most amazing feeling of freedom and a sensory overload. It was like every cell of my body had an orgasm when I came. Try it. It’s one of my favorites. But be careful to not get caught.

  1. In front of someone on the beach

If she’s REALLY adventurous, and a lot of women are, right on the beach in front of someone (usually a pervert guy) can be fun. I’ve done it and my girl said afterwards, “Wow, that was cool! It was like live porn.”

  1. In a beach cave

A beach cave has its own ambiance. It can be a bit damp and cool, but your woman will make it a lot warmer. She may not make it any less damp, however.

II. In the Woodscouple kiss woods

  1. In a meadow

Bring a blanket and a meadow can be a great place to have sex. Be a bit mindful of the place, however. Some places have too many insects, but others have none. Investigate the place first if you can so that she doesn’t get stung or bitten by an insect.

  1. On a hiking trail

This can be exciting because you might get caught. Plus, you don’t need a blanket. Maybe get her to blow you on the trail, or just do her while she holds on to a tree nearby. It’s great for a quickie.

  1. On a hiking bridge

It was night time, and my girl was blowing me on a bridge. Suddenly, a couple with their dog came around the corner. We immediately stopped and walked off like nothing happened. Did they see us? I don’t know. That’s what made it so exciting at the time…

  1. In a hot spring

A hot spring can be a great place to have sex. It’s usually easy to tell if people are coming because you can hear them walking up. Of, if your girl is wild and an exhibitionist, she may give you a hand job while people are in the hot spring. That’s fun too…

  1. On a tree stump

Put your blanket over a fallen tree and both of you straddle it. It makes for some great penetrating sex, but watch out for insects and passersby.

  1. On a hill top

A hill top is a great place to have sex because of the view, especially at night. It’s usually pretty secluded, so you wouldn’t have to worry about people coming by. If it’s in the city, the back-drop of the stars and the city lights will be a total turn on for her.

  1. In the snow

Now, this has to be standing up. But the feeling of the cold air with the snow all around is a great feeling.

  1. On a bench on the trail

Having sex on a bench in the woods can be hot. Makes you wonder who else has done it. It’s the thrill of getting caught that adds to it.

  1. Near a stream

The sound of running water during sex is hot. It’s also very relaxing for the aftermath. Don’t forget your blanket.

  1. In the stream

Having water running over your feet while having sex is a great feeling. Again, for this one, you have to be ready to do it standing up. You could find a tree nearby and have her brace yourself. Just be careful about your feet. You may want to wear waterproof sandals.

  1. Near a waterfall

Know of a waterfall where you live? Great, then grab your blanket and your girl and go there. Find a secluded place and go for it. If there isn’t one nearby, maybe plan a trip to one…

  1. In a waterfall

Have you ever seen one of those vacation advertisements where a beautiful woman is showering under a waterfall in some exotic place? Ah, just thinking of it gets me going. Find your waterfall and go for it. (no blanket necessary)

III. Other Outdoor PlacesCouple kissing outdoors

  1. On an outdoor basketball court under the stars

Why? Because it’s there. Why else? Well, at least there won’t be as many bugs… It’s out in the open, yes, but if it’s secluded, you’re good to go.

  1. On a golf course

Want to figure out where hole #19 is?  Look no further than wherever your girl goes on the golf course. There are lots of places to hide on some golf courses. So, pull out your putter, and make a hole in one… or two…

  1. Outdoor eating table

Picnic time never looked so good. Now it’s time for dessert… Throw your handy blanket over the table, and get her to lay back. This shouldn’t take too long…

  1. On the hood of your car

There is something really sexy about a woman on a hot car. Or, a hot woman on any car. Whatever it is, it’s great stuff. Throw your blanket over the hood if you don’t want any scratches.

  1. Standing outside of your car

If you’ve got to have her and you cannot wait any longer, then stop on the side of the road, open her passenger door, get her out, turn her towards the entrance of the door so that she can get in the seat real quick if you have to leave fast, have her grab the top of the door, pull up her skirt (or pull down her pants), pull out your member, and go to town. If anyone sees, you can be out of there in less than 10 seconds flat.

  1. In an industrial park

At night, in an industrial park, no one is around. I did this with a girlfriend once and there just so happened to be a mirror on the ground that was pointed just perfectly for us to see ourselves doing it. No one was around, except we did notice security cameras pointed right at us…  Oops.

  1. Helicopter ride

Now, this might be a little tough, but maybe that challenge would make it even better. I’ve never tried it, but it’s on my bucket list.

  1. In a private jet

If you have one, or can rent one, this is a very cool thing to do, and you’ll be joining the mile high club. Plus, you know that she’ll be bragging about it to her friends.

  1. A carriage ride

A carriage ride could be very conducive to having sex. If she’s the romantic type, she’s going to love this.

  1. On a mini-golf course

Make another hole in one, but this time on a mini-golf course. Watch for kiddies though… There should be lots of little hiding places to sneak off to.

  1. On a football field at night.

If there’s no one else around, it could be very nice, with or without lights. Maybe get her to wear a cheerleader outfit to add a little spirit to it.

  1. In an igloo or snow cave

Okay, so, you definitely have to bring warm clothing for this one. But then, the contrast of the cold and your warm bodies will get her to want to be even closer to you.

  1. In a zoo

This may be a little tricky. You’d have to find a spot where the public can’t see, and where Bo-bo the gorilla can’t reach your woman… So, be a little wild and do it like an animal…

  1. Theme park ride

Give her two rides at once. Two for the price of one. It helps if she has a mini-skirt on with no panties for quick and easy access. There are lots of opportunities at theme parks.

  1. Theme park bathroom

If you can’t wait for the ride, use the restroom. She might be grossed out by the idea, so, don’t push it if she doesn’t like it. I’m sure the guys won’t care too much, especially if she’s hot.

  1. Concert under a blanket

Give your woman a great memory and have sex with her under a blanket. She won’t ever forget it. The music will be blaring and everyone will be paying attention to the concert, and not you two. Of course, this has to be at an outdoor concert.

  1. Concert restroom

Other people (not you, of course) will be either too drunk or stoned to care what you do in the restroom at a concert. But again, make sure she won’t get grossed out by it.

  1. During the concert

Why wait? You can do it to her easily from behind during an outdoor concert because other people won’t even notice. Why? Because everyone is paying a lot more attention to the concert than they would be to you and your girl. This works great if she has some sort of a skirt on.

  1. Backstage at a concert

I’m just saying. This is another place… Watch out for all of those groupies, however. You wouldn’t want to mistake one of them for your girl, right? Oh, and watch out for those musicians. They may mistake your girl for a groupie…

  1. In your backyard

There is something about having sex in your backyard under the stars with your girl. Plus, it has the added advantage of being close to your house so that you can go inside for anything you need…

  1. In your parents backyard

Did your parents leave for the weekend? Got all night and nothing to do? Grab your girl, blanket, food, wine, cheese, and crackers and make it a night under the stars at your parents’ house… She’ll never look at that backyard the same way again…

  1. On the balcony of a hotel

The great thing about a hotel is that no one will know who you are. (Unless there are security cameras.) Well, those security guys usually don’t mind… When people are on vacation, they get more wild and horny because they don’t have to worry as much about being seen. It’s a great opportunity for sex to happen.

  1. On a cruise ship

A cruise ship can be lots of fun–especially at night. Find a secluded place, and go for it.

  1. In a parking lot

I know this is a bit cheesy, but parking lots are a great place to have sex. You can do it in your car, or around your car, or anywhere else as long as you don’t get caught–unless she wants to get caught…

  1. At a truck stop

Feeling wild and a little raunchy? Why not give the truck stop guys a little thrill and show? Just be ready for them–they may want to participate. But, usually, they will get the hint to stay back and just watch.

  1. While driving your car

This is outdoors, and it’s in a moving car. It’s a great way to pass the time on a long drive. Let her suck you dry, but of course, keep your eye on the road. Oh, and warn her if you’re going to go over any big bumps. It would be nice to keep your pecker attached…

  1. In a bouncy house

Rent one and try it out. You never know unless you try. Plus, it provides privacy if no one is too close by. It may be a bit too bouncy, but it sure would be fun to find out for sure.

  1. On your back porch

It’s convenient, it’s outdoors, and it’s private. Nice… and, if you run out of drinks, your house is right there for more refreshments.

  1. In a pool

Pool sex is a lot of fun.  They have some lubricant that will stay on your anaconda under water for slippery insertion wherever you want it to go. If she’s really wild, she may even let you try anal…

  1. In the honeymoon suite at a hotel

Feel like a romantic evening with your girl? Don’t be stingy. Pull out that credit card and get the honeymoon suite at a great hotel. She’ll love it, whether it is your honeymoon or not.

  1. On a bicycle

This may be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s another possibility. And if you get tired, there’s always the bicycle seat to take your place. One of my exes always said that it was a perfect fit…

  1. Airport Lounge

Got there too early? Have way too much time to spend? Then find a spot to have sex and do it. Just don’t let the airport security find you… And keep an eye on the time. You wouldn’t want to miss your flight just for sex–unless of course, it’s really, really good sex…

  1. During a flight

What you think those airport blankets are for? Sleeping? No: handjobs and blowjobs. I knew that you’d see it my way. I’m pretty sure the stewardess won’t tell the pilot…

  1. In the restroom of a plane

Sex on a plane is another great way to pass the time. Plus, it’s very common. Haven’t you ever noticed couples coming out of the bathroom with their hair more messed up than when they went in? Yep. That’s why. Again, you’ll be joining the mile-high club too. Definitely a bucket-list item.

  1. On a ping pong table

It’s outside. Just make sure that the ping pong table is strong enough. You wouldn’t want it to collapse in the heat of the moment…

  1. On a lawn mower

Of course, this would have to be a lawn mower that was the riding type. But imagine that: cutting your lawn while doing your girl… Now that’s multitasking…

  1. In the restroom of a moving train.

Technically, this is not outdoors, but it’s not exactly indoors either because you’re on a train. I know lots of women who love the idea of having sex on a train. It has to do with the pounding of the tracks as the train moves along. It’s quite erotic for the ladies.

  1. In an RV

As long as we are on the topic of moving vehicles, how about an RV? If you don’t have one, check out how much they are to rent and see if you can go on a little vacation.

  1. In a convertible car

This is a bit daring because it’s easy to see in, but that’s half the fun… The best part is that you won’t have to worry about your head or hers hitting the ceiling…

  1. In a junkyard

This could be fun… There’s just something about old cars, and hot women. Sneak into a junkyard after dark, but watch out for those junkyard dogs.

  1. In a gazebo

Find one in a park, or get one for your home. She may think it’s a very romantic place to have sex, so be prepared. Maybe bring along a picnic basket with wine, cheese, crackers and other snacks that you know she likes. Heck, even bring some strawberries with chocolate syrup.

  1. In a storage space

If you have a storage space at one of those rentals, there usually aren’t many people around. Just sit on the ground there and let your girl sit in your lap. Then talk about the next thing that pops up…

  1. Under a sprinkler

If it’s really hot outside, do it under a sprinkler.

  1. On a boat

This could be any kind of boat, of course. The rocking of the boat is always a bit erotic. And, on a boat, it’s easy to get away from the public. Maybe she could sunbathe in the nude…

  1. On a cliff

This could be during sunrise, or sunset. Just be careful to not get too close…

  1. On a swing

This might be a bit of a tight fit, but you can do it. Get your mind out of the gutter… I’m not talking about your girlfriend.

  1. While SCUBA diving

Underwater sex can be a lot of fun. Especially when you have the right equipment which allows you to easily stay underwater. Just don’t forget to come up for air at some point…

  1. In the ocean

Ever wonder what those couples are doing out in the water way out there, and so close to one another? Yep. They’re doing it. Right in front of everyone…

  1. Hayride

It could be any kind of a hayride, but Halloween is the more popular time to go for one. Grab your blanket, get on the hayride, and give her a ride–kill two birds with one stone.

  1. On a tractor

Yeah, that could be fun. Just make sure that she rides your stick and not the stick attached to the tractor… Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

  1. On a surfboard

This requires a lot of balance, but if you’re a surfer dude, I’m sure you will manage.

  1. Under a highway overpass

Of course, do this on a road that is not used much. And also, you might want to check if people are there already. It might be a spot for homeless people.

  1. In the back of a semi

Personally, I’ve never done this. But I hear there’s a lot of room back there, surprisingly. If you don’t have a semi, maybe you can ask one of those truckers at the truck stop… On second thought, maybe not.

  1. In a corn maze

This could be fun. It could be exciting to see if you can get to a part of the maze where no one would find you two. Just make sure that you don’t get lost.

  1. On a tanning bed

Tanning beds are sexy. Also, unless you’re rich, you probably would have to go to a tanning salon. Just make sure that it can hold both of you.

  1. Under the bleachers

This could be at any school or park that has bleachers. Of course, you’ll have to do it when no one else is there, so you might have to hop a fence.

  1. 4th of July

Find a great place to watch the fireworks, bring your cozy blanket, and get it going on underneath. Make your own fireworks.

  1. In a furniture store

Sneak into a furniture store, and find your favorite bed. Then, do it. If anyone catches you, just say that you have the right to really try out the bed…

  1. In the rain

There is something about the rain… And you don’t have to worry about bringing a blanket. If you’re down for really getting dirty, the mud can be pretty darn erotic.

  1. In a firetruck

You’d have to figure out how to get into one of course, but that’s the fun part. And if a fire guy catches you, I doubt he would really mind…

  1. In a tree

I had a girlfriend fall out of a tree once, so be careful. But if you can pull it off, I just about guarantee you that she will never forget it. Most women love trees for some reason, so it will be a long lasting memory for her.

  1. In an outdoor jacuzzi

The warm water, and the cold air can really make this great. Don’t forget the drinks. You could bring some bubbles too.

  1. On a rooftop

This could be at the top of a hotel, or an apartment, or even your own house if it’s not sloped. If you live in the city, you’ll have the beautiful city lights all around you for added ambiance.

IV. Indoors woman sitting on men indoors

  1. In a library

This could be a lot of fun. Just watch out for the librarian. Some of them can be mean. Maybe try the sex education section. That might be educational for you too…

  1. At your gym

A gym is a great place to have sex if you can find a private place. Some gyms have co-ed areas. Go at odd hours if you can’t find any privacy.

  1. In an elevator

Going down? Good. Let her do it though, at first. Then, pin her up against the elevator wall and see how many random floors you can get her to press as you do her.

  1. On your bosses desk–or hers

Want a real thrill that just wreaks of being bad? Have sex on your boss’s desk with your girl. That way, you’ll get your raise ahead of time. Plus, every time that your boss calls you into her office, you’ll instantly smile…

  1. In a club

This can be in the bathroom, behind the bar, or even on the club dance floor. Clubs are pretty cool about it, but you may want to be a little discreet–you never know, they have bouncers. If you know the bartender, you may be able to do it behind the bar. I doubt the bartender would care. They usually see all kinds of stuff.

  1. In a classroom

The ultimate school girl fantasy is to have sex in a classroom. Have her dress up like a school girl if she can. And then, if you’re in college, do it on your desk.

  1. On web-cam

This is pretty wild, but lots of couples find it to be very erotic. There are websites out there that allow you to meet other couples. It can be hot to let others see you having sex. You can wear masks if you want to be discreet.

  1. In a movie theater

Go when it’s not crowded, maybe in the middle of the day on a weekday if you can. Sit in the back row, and let her go down on you. If people are cool about it, let her ride you. And if they aren’t cool about it, do it anyway…

  1. On your kitchen table

Tables are a great place to have sex. And meals will never look the same after a romp on the kitchen table. Just make sure that you clean the table real good afterward…

  1. On a massage chair or table

Massage chairs feel great, and are very relaxing. If it’s one of those automatic massage chairs, all the better. The other choice is on a massage table. They are always a great height for your woman to give you a blowjob while she is on the table and while you are standing next to it. And most tables can handle the weight of both of you. Just be sure that the table you’re using can handle your combined weight.

  1. On a pool table

The stick, the balls, and the table. Pool tables are just sexy no matter how you look at them. Women love pool because of the symbolism. So if you want her to use your stick, find a pool table where she will be happy to play with your stick and balls…

  1. In a bar

Bars can be a great place to have sex. You can do it in the restroom, or in a secluded area, and, usually, people are too drunk to care one way or another. Heck, maybe your girl will leave her panties at home and drive you crazy, and, if she’s really wild, other guys too…

  1. In a clothing store

You can do it in the dressing room, or the restroom. Just be sure to not stain any of the clothes.

  1. In your closet

It might be a tight squeeze, but I’m sure you can get the job done.

  1. In a coat closet

This is best done at a party where there is a lot of commotion, and no one will even miss you two. Just remember to wipe the smile off of her face when you get out…

  1. Your office stairwell

Office stairwell steps are not that bad to have sex on, and can be empty during off hours. Just be aware of security cameras if that bothers you…

  1. At a ski lodge

Ski lodges are romantic for women. They are very cozy, and if you can get a place with a real fireplace, all the better.

  1. On your counter-top

Pick her up if you can, set her on your counter-top, and take it from there. Counter-tops are great if she’s a lot shorter than you. And if you’re tall enough, you could have sex with her while she was on the counter-top, while you’re standing.

  1. In a phone booth

Phone booths are becoming less and less common, but if you find one, have sex in one. Who knows. They may soon go extinct…

  1. In the shower

An old time favorite for all of us. If you scrub her back, she will scrub your back too, and a lot more. Just make sure not to drop the soap… She might be really kinky…

  1. On a water bed

Water beds are a lot of fun to have sex on because of the motion of the water. The good ones are very comfortable. But seriously, water beds are simply erotic because they move your body all around. You may want to invest in one.

man happy in front of laptop

  1. On a vibrating bed

Anything that vibrates can’t be all that bad. Maybe it’s a cheesy hotel room, or maybe it’s an amazing, massaging bed. Whatever it is, vibration is usually more of a good thing than bad, and she will totally love it.

  1. In a spa

A lot of spas have couple massages and they give you privacy too. They know what you really want to do, usually. So go for it. After a great massage, she will be in the mood and 100% ready to get it on.

  1. In the garage

If she’s not afraid to perhaps get a little greasy and dirty, the garage will be a fun place.

  1. In a room full of mirrors

If your girl is visual, she will love a room full of mirrors. Some women are very visual, and if you’re always doing her doggy style, then she can’t really see anything. This is why a room full of mirrors could solve the problem.

  1. In every room in the house

Have sex in every room in the house. Why not? That should be the first thing you do when you move in…

  1. On top of the washer

Women love hard, fast vibrations and especially the spin cycle… So, make sure that washer is running because it will definitely get her motor running.
So there you go: 101 (and some more) locations where she will love to have sex. I hope this guide has inspired you to explore and try new locations. After all, you’ve got to keep the sex interesting and fun.


Something missing in your sex life?

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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"