7 Unusual Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

7 Unusual Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

What if I told you your erectile dysfunction was not caused by your body, but by your mind? That there are real psychological causes of erectile dysfunction?

The brain is obviously the most important muscle in your body. It’s responsible for decision making, memories, and even…controlling your erection.

I know a lot of guys think erection quality is completely dependent on their physical fitness, but let me tell you…that’s wrong.

To fix your erection, fix your mind. Here are seven ways your brain could be preventing you from having the boner you deserve (and your partner craves).


Stress is a tricky beast. Everybody knows they have it, and that they should reduce it, but did you know that stress is being called a “disease” by top doctors worldwide?

Like you, I underestimated stress, until I read a book called Why Don’t Zebras Get Ulcers. It’s a long book, so I’ll summarize it for you here.

Stress exists to motivate our body to escape life or death situations. Turn on the stress response, and the body heightens necessary functions (breathing, strength, etc.) while turning off unnecessary functions…namely, your penis.

If you’re being chased by a lion, why do you need an erection?

That’s why stress is an absolute boner-killer.

I won’t rant on about stress much, but try your absolute best to minimize it. Sleep more, worry less. Your women will thank you.

Performance Anxiety

Speaking of stress, a lot of guys deal with performance anxiety.

I know what you’re thinking, “Mike, I’m not 15 anymore, I don’t worry about having sex.”

You say that, but deep down…I know for a fact that many adult men have performance anxiety. They’ve told me, in person, when I coach them.

The problem with performance anxiety is that men don’t worry about pleasing their partner, they’re worried about whether their partner still even likes having sex with them.

As we get older, we aren’t as physically appealing as we used to be when we were younger. This makes men afraid their wife doesn’t like them anymore.

The truth is – she aged too! And she is just as worried as you are.

Put your anxiety to the side and get back into the sack.

Declining Relationship

While we’re talking about your sex life, your relationship could also be the case of erectile dysfunction.

The human brain is a strange specimen…believe it or not, it listens to the world around you and responds accordingly.

This means if your relationship falls off track, your brain might think that having sex with your wife is a bad idea (for evolutionary purposes).

Therefore, your penis will be softer than usual.

Have you ever noticed when things are going really well with your woman, that your erection quality goes through the roof? Maybe that’s just me, but either way…spend some time improving your connection, and your penis will grow alongside your relationship.

Low Testosterone

If you’re an older man, you know where this is going. Testosterone declines with age. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, or how clean your diet is, your testosterone will decline as you get older.

This is sad because testosterone is absolutely necessary for you to have a healthy sex life.

Testosterone is the building block of masculinity, and is responsible for flipping the switch in your brain that says, “I should have sex with that woman!”

If your erection quality is lower, it could be due to low testosterone.

Improve your testosterone by lifting weights, eating clean, having sex, and sleeping as much as possible.

Consequently, one way to increase your testosterone is to cut down on the…


Yup, not to sound like a bad news bearer, but that beer you have after work could be killing your boner.

Alcohol, although extremely widespread, is a drug. At small doses, it might be fine, but at the end of the day…it’s a depressive drug.

That means that it turns off functions of your brain that are unnecessary, in order to make you relax.

And that’s why “whiskey dick” exists. It’s not just a joke, whiskey dick is a real scientific phenomenon.

Even if you’re a moderate drinker, don’t think you’re exempt from whiskey dick. Small amounts of alcohol could still be wrecking your erection.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Quit alcohol for a month or two and let me know if your boner improves.

I bet it will, and if not, it might be from the…


Everyone’s favorite lonely activity, and America’s #1 export, could be causing your erectile dysfunction.

When you watch porn, your brain receives a huge rush of happy chemicals (dopamine) as a reward for having sex. Your brain thinks you’re having sex when you watch porn, so when you watch crazy amounts of porn, you slowly become adjusted to all the wild acts in porn.

Then, when you go to have normal, real-life sex, your brain is not interested. Why would you want normal boring sex (with your wife) when you can watch 100 different gorgeous pornstars do unspeakable acts you could only dream of?

When your brain is uninterested, your penis responds…by going soft.

Cut down on the porn, and I guarantee your boner will get stronger.

Depending on Viagra

The last psychological issue is that could be causing your erectile dysfunction is dependence on Viagra (or any other ED-pill). These prescriptions are nasty and come with their own laundry list of side effects.

On top of that, Viagra is just a band-aid.  You take it, and you get a boner, but you don’t fix your erectile dysfunction.

It’s fun the first time you take it, but after a while, it destroys your confidence. You get to the point that you literally have to take a pill in order to have sex. Without the pill, you’ve got nothing.

That’s no fun. What happens when you go on vacation, and you run out of little pills?

No sex for you!

Instead, what if you broke the cycle and cured erectile dysfunction…for good? Imagine what your life would be like if you could have a rock-hard erection in the blink of an eye.

Now that’s possible – with ED Reverser. It’s the ultimate guide to getting your mojo back.

Written by my friend Max Miller, it unveils his unique “Iron Horse Method,” a truly revolutionary, one of a kind cure for erectile dysfunction that’ll turn your wet noodle into an iron beam.

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