No Morning Wood? Here’s A Solution

No Morning Wood? Here’s A Solution

When was the last time you woke up with morning wood?

When I was a teenager, I used to get it all the time. As I got older, they slowly stopped happening, and I started freaking out. My wife and I used to enjoy a little “morning wake-up sex,” but now we couldn’t. Having no morning wood started to seriously threaten my sex life.

Since then, I’ve taken my erection much more seriously. I’ve now developed a few techniques to help get my morning glory back. In this article, I’ll show you how.

First, let’s look behind the curtain and discuss what morning wood really is.  

What Is Morning Wood?

Blood is necessary for all bodily functions, so you need it 24/7. During sleep, your body continues to pump blood through your body, even though you aren’t doing anything.

To keep your muscles supplied with oxygen, blood flows in and out of your muscles. This includes your penis.

Since the penis is such an important muscle, your body will keep blood in it for a long time, to make sure it’s well-nourished. “Morning wood” actually occurs all through the night. You get random boners every hour or so just to keep your member alive.

If you aren’t getting morning wood, this is a clear indicator that your vascular (heart) health and cardiovascular strength are lacking. Your heart isn’t strong enough to pump blood to your cock. Or, your veins are clogged, making it hard to get blood to your dick.

Because of all this, morning wood is a great measure of good health. If you’re getting erections all the time, you’re probably in good health. If you struggle to get one during sex, you should take a step back and improve your overall health.

Are you unsure if you’re getting erections through the night? You can check by doing “the stamps test.”

Take a roll of stamps, but make sure you have the traditional rip ‘n’ lick kind. Make a roll that just fits around the shaft of your penis. Seal the edge so it makes a circle around your cock.

If you get an erection in the middle of the night, your penis will force open the stamps and make them break. Congrats, you’re healthy.

If you follow the instructions above, I’m sure you’ll start getting morning wood again

If you aren’t getting erections, you’ll wake up and the stamps will all be intact. In this case, you should follow the tips below.

Increase Testosterone – Naturally

The first thing to increase your morning wood is to naturally increase testosterone.

Increasing your test will help your blood flow and keep you healthy. High testosterone is not just for bodybuilding. There are many health problems associated with low test levels.

The easiest way to increase your testosterone, and increase your vascular health at the same time, is to lose weight. If you are carrying a lot of fat, plan to lose it as soon as possible.

Excess body fat increases estrogen, lowers testosterone, and makes your heart work harder to do everyday tasks. If you want to get your morning wood back, lose weight.

Thankfully one of the best ways to lose weight also increases your testosterone – lifting weights.

Most doctors will recommend that you do cardio workouts to help your heart health. It’ll help yes, but lifting weights will improve your heart AND build muscle. Lifting weights is great for testosterone production and losing weight.

When you lift weights, you build muscle. Having more muscle actually makes you burn more calories during the day since your muscles require more energy then layers of fat.

Lastly, I suggest adding a Vitamin D supplement to your diet. Vitamin D will increase testosterone. Most of us are deficient in this crucial nutrient. This is available at most supplement stores.

Quit Watching Porn

man watching porn

If you’re serious about getting your morning wood back, you need to cut back the porn.

I know, it’s ironic. I, a porn industry veteran, with hundreds of hours of film under his belt, telling you to quit porn. Truth is, I wouldn’t tell you to quit if I didn’t know it was helpful.

Porn is terrible for your sex life because it depletes dopamine from your system. Dopamine is the “reward drug” that motivates all of us to have sex, eat, make money, and be good humans.

When you’re low on dopamine, your body thinks it doesn’t have to have sex, so you don’t get morning wood.

It’s also possible that you’re desensitized to arousal because of porn. Porn is so high stimulus, that if you’ve watched too many hours of it, your brain could only get aroused from porn. Normal women and sex will be boring to your brain because it’s so used to porn.

This is why some men are able to get hard without porn, but can’t orgasm. They’re so adjusted to porn, they don’t know what to do when it’s taken away.

If you want to get morning erections, take away the porn so your wife turns you on. This will guarantee you’ll start getting more boners!

Improve Sleep Quality

Lastly, if you want to get morning boners, you need to improve your sleep quality.

Sleep is extremely important for overall health, especially sexual health. When you hear people suggest better sleep, they usually talk about sleep quantity. Here, I want to help you have higher sleep quality.

Here’s how.

  • Dark room – get an eye mask or blackout curtains to darken your bedroom.
  • No electronics – an hour before bedtime, stop using electronics. This prevents blue light from keeping you awake. Instead, read a book, talk with your wife, or even better…have sex.
  • Less Caffeine – consider decreasing or eliminating caffeine usage. Definitely do not consume caffeine after 2 PM.
  • Early Dinner – eat dinner at an earlier hour. Digesting keeps your body awake, so you don’t want to go to sleep right after a big meal.
  • Drink Tea – drink an herbal sleepy-time tea. These commonly include chamomile, lemon, lavender, and other herbs. Find these at your grocery store.
  • Sleep Routine –  go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This’ll train your body to have better sleep, and increase REM duration since you won’t be waking up randomly.

  • No Alcohol – cut the alcohol out. Alcohol is bad for erections and sleep, so definitely stay away before bed.

Start doing all of these, and you’ll start feeling more rested. When you sleep better, your body functions better, and you’ll start having morning wood again.


In conclusion, morning wood is not just something that happens. It’s a measure of good health, that you should strive to achieve. You’ll feel better, and your wife will enjoy it too.

If you follow the instructions above, I’m sure you’ll start getting morning wood again


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