How To Get An Erection (Without Taking The Little Blue Pill)

How To Get An Erection (Without Taking The Little Blue Pill)

Do you struggle to get an erection?

Every man will deal with this at one point in his life. Young, old, black, white….sometimes, we just have trouble getting hard.

Even after years in the porn industry, I still deal with my own erection problems. Sometimes life’s stress is overwhelming, and I don’t take care of myself.

Whenever this happens, my erection quality plummets. Either I can’t get it up, or I lose my erection during sex, unable to satisfy my wife.

Thankfully, I’ve carefully researched erection science and found exactly what men can do to learn how to get an erection safely and naturally.

Today, I’m going to share these techniques with you. I guarantee they’ll work, even if you haven’t satisfied your partner in months.

This guide is broken into three sections…

  1. How To Maintain An Erection
  2. How To Keep A Hard On After Coming
  3. How To Get Harder Erections

The techniques below are what I do whenever I can’t manage to get an erection.

How To Maintain An Erection

ok erection

First, we’re going to talk about what I do when I feel my erection slipping. We all know the feeling, you’re steadily going at it, then suddenly, your little man is shrinking away. Here’s what I do to stop that, starting with a few things you can do before sex begins.

Start Juicing

Vegetable juice is one of the best things you can do for your body, period. If you want to maintain an erection, it’s even more valuable. Vegetable juice increases circulation to the entire body and helps you pump more blood through your penis. All of this is beneficial for maintaining an erection.

The reason why juice is so good for circulation is because of NO3. This chemical is produced naturally in the body and is responsible for regulating the circulation.

Vegetables like beets, celery, and kale all contain NO3. By having more in your body, you’ll pump blood better, and achieve longer erections. Excellent! 

(P.S. If you want to learn more, check out this list of male enhancement foods)

Don’t Panic

If stress was a drug, it would be outlawed as much as cocaine and heroin are. Stress has repeatedly been shown to increase blood pressure, depression, and blood sugar. It also causes headaches, heartburn, low sex drive, heart attacks, and a weakened immune system.

When you stress out, your body goes into panic mode only does what’s necessary to live. No wonder it causes erectile dysfunction! Having a boner is completely unnecessary if you’re in an emergency.

If your life is filled with stress, take a step back, and reconsider how you approach life. I don’t care if you’re CEO of Google, you should not risk your life for stress, especially if you want to have a healthy sex life. Is it really worth it?

Minimizing stress seems like a simple thing to do, but in reality, it’s much harder. To cure it, be conscious of your decisions, don’t overreact, and work on becoming a calm person. The techniques below will help too…

Yoga Breathing

Breathing deep has great benefits for the entire body.

When our bodies get stressed out or worked up, we naturally tend to start breathing faster. It’s part of our “fight or flight” mechanism. Breathing fast delivers more oxygen through the body, and is necessary if you’re getting into a fight, or running from a tiger.

However fast breathing, and stressing ourselves out, are completely unnecessary during our tame modern lives.  Especially during sex, there’s no reason to breathe fast. Sex should be relaxing, and enjoyable!

That is why I suggest breathing deeply, slowly, and full. Your body will pick up on the signal, and begin to relax. This will help your entire body push blood through your body.

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Keep It Positive

Whatever is going on in your life, do not bring it into the bedroom. I don’t care if you have a million-dollar sales deal on the line, or if your dog just pooped on your thousand-dollar bearskin rug. If there are any negative thoughts going through your mind, you need to get rid of them before you have sex.

Anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness, despair, regret… all of these negative emotions can absolutely kill your erection, the same way stress does.

There are a few ways to get rid of negative emotions. My favorite is a good gym session. When you’re having a rainy day, there is nothing like going to the gym and pumping out some squats and deadlifts, it’s very therapeutic.

Another great way is to meditate. Before you call me a hippy, try it. Download an app like Calm or HeadSpace, and do a session. It definitely helps.

Quit The Sauce

Alcohol is at the top of my boner-killer list. If you’re having trouble keeping it up, it’s definitely one of the first things I’d cut out.

Alcohol affects your body by adding fat and dehydrating you. You should be well energized and hydrated for sex, so stay away from the booze.

The bigger issue with alcohol is how it affects your mind. As any drinker knows, alcohol is relaxing. That’s why we drink it!

The problem here is that alcohol can relax you… a little too much. It’s a natural depressant. That boozy relaxation turns down your brain activity, which reduces sexual desire, erectile function, and circulation.

If you’re having trouble staying hard, stay away from the booze.

Get In The Ring Extra Rounds

This might be a little more difficult to do, depending on your relationship, but it’s one of the best ways to keep an erection.

Have sex as much as possible (not masturbation).

Having sex, believe it or not, trains your cock. Humans are creatures of habit and will repeat whatever motions we repeatedly do.

If you have sex more often, your brain will slowly learn how to have more and more sex. It’ll connect the dots between your penis, your heart, and your brain, so you can have an erection when you want it.

I don’t recommend masturbating every day because it’s not like sex at all. Sitting in your comfy chair, jerking your dick, is much less strenuous than having sex. Sex involves your entire body doing work, plus your penis staying hard, plus pleasing your partner.

This is why I suggest having much more sex vs jerking off. “Practice makes perfect,” so get to practicing!

Assume The Position

If you have trouble maintaining an erection, experiment with different sex positions.

Although it seems like a small tweak, changing your position can have big benefits for erection quality.

The key is to use sex positions that will push blood to your penis. Let gravity do the work, so you don’t have to.

Good positions for this include missionary, where your penis is hanging from your body. This is great for improving blood flow, but if you struggle to last long, try something else.

Another position that’s superb for keeping an erection is simply standing up. When you’re standing, your legs become engaged in the activity. Your heart needs to start pumping more blood to your legs to keep them going.

Thankfully, your penis is a quick pitstop on the bloodstream route from the heart to the legs. As your body pumps blood to your legs, more blood will flow to your penis.

Standing sex is also great because women love it. They can lie down on their backs, or bend over doggy style, and receive crazy, deep penetration.

Upgrade The Ambience

Lastly, if you struggle to keep an erection, I challenge you to set the mood in your bedroom. Light some candles, burn some incense and play some soft music.

As discussed, negative emotions will ruin your erection. Changing the scenery helps you avoid these negative feelings. If you’re stressed out, it’s hard to stay anxious when you smell eucalyptus and sandalwood and hear Frank Sinatra in the background.

Not only will this relax you, but it’ll also benefit your partner. She’ll appreciate the effort you put in and be ready to love you like crazy.

How To Keep A Hard On After Coming

woman happy with an erection

Now that we’ve covered how to maintain an erection, let’s talk about how to stay in the game even after the first round comes to a close.

When I was in the porn industry, sometimes this was necessary. The scene would get too hot, the girls were too wild, and I’d end up blowing my load. It happens even to be the best of us.

The solution is to turn off the cameras, wipe up the mess…. and keep going. As soon as my erection was back to full strength, we’d continue the scene in the same position. The editors were so good at what they did, you’d have no idea that we just took a break to clean up cum!

Some men think it’s impossible to keep going after you orgasm. I disagree. It might take a lot of work, but every man is able to continue having sex after cumming. Here’s how.

Stay in the Game

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to keep an erection after orgasming is to... just keep going.

If you orgasm and your penis becomes soft, your body will subconsciously think “whooo okay, that was exhausting, time to relax.”

Instead – keep going. Your body will sense the need to have an erection, and think “dammit! Keep blood in the penis! Let’s go boys!”

I’ve done this many times with my wife. It’s effective, you just have to get in the habit of doing it.

Try it next time you have sex, and if you don’t achieve an erection, don’t worry. Try again next time, and you’ll master this skill in due time.

Eyes On The Prize

If you want to keep an erection going, you have to focus on things that make you horny.

After the good feelings of orgasm fade away, what goes through your mind? Usually, it’s negative feelings, thoughts of self-doubt, or mean comments about yourself.

Then you’ll focus on something else, and move on with your life. How many times have you had sex, wanted to keep going, but just given up? “Well, now that that’s over, time to mow the lawn…”

I know, we all have responsibilities. They’re a great excuse to not focus on sex. But if you want to become a next-level lover, you have to put your duties away and focus on the task at hand.

Next time you orgasm, forget about it. No matter what happened in the first round, focus on the next one. Don’t worry about it at all.

Focus on what you find arousing in your wife. If you love her tits, keep looking at them. Squeeze them, kiss them caress them.

If you love her butt, bend her over and give a good spank. Grab the booty meat and let her know how much you appreciate it.

All of this sexual energy will help you bounce back and achieve another orgasm. Your brain will go “wow look at this awesome ass in front of me…I should get another boner!”

Practice Positivity

Positive Affirmations. I know every hippy-dippy article talks about these, but they are so important.

Talking to yourself in a positive manner will help everything you do, including sex.

After you orgasm, you need to say good things about yourself. You don’t have to say them out loud, but thinking about them in your head will translate into real-world performance.

Here are some of my favourite lines to repeat before and during sex:

“I am always relaxed and calm”

“I am able to please my partner as many times as I like”

“Being a great lover comes naturally to me”

Start repeating these to yourself, and you’ll soon be amazed by the results! The mind really controls everything else, so when your mind is in tune with positive outcomes, your body naturally makes it happen.

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Quit Watching Porn

I know, this is not what you wanted to read.

Everybody loves porn. There’s no getting around it. Porn is fun, easy, cheap, and provides a huge variety.

That variety might be fun, but it’s the exact reason why porn can be damaging your boner and more specifically, your ability to keep going with your partner.

When you watch a lot of porn, you get trained to become aroused when you watch porn. Your brain thinks you’re having sex with all these different porn girls, which is amazing. It’s like having an orgy with 10 models at the same time.

This feels great, and is very arousing, but what happens when it’s time to have sex with your wife? Your erection strength is weak, short-lived, or nonexistent. The problem here is that your mind is so conditioned to porn girls, your own wife can’t turn you on!

To reverse this problem, quit watching porn. Once you quit all the videos, your brain will slowly become re-sensitized to normal stimulation. You’ll start to get random boners during the day again.

Even better, when it’s time to have sex, your body will be so horny, that you can’t help but have an erection.

Do These Exercises

Yes, I recommend lifting weights, but right now we’re talking about exercises for your penis.

If you didn’t know, there are actually muscles all-around your penis. Your penis itself is even a muscle. How did you think it manages to get so hard?

The muscles that are responsible for growing your penis, called the kegel muscles, can be built to make your erection stronger. To get your kegel muscles stronger, you need to practice flexing them. Just like your biceps, if you work it out, it’ll grow.

Coincidentally, the kegel muscles don’t only create your erection. They’re also responsible for stopping the flow of pee/semen in and out of the cock.

Here’s how you can start practising Kegel exercises. Go to the urinal and pee. While you’re peeing, squeeze to stop the flow of pee.

The muscle you felt flexing, while you stopped the pee, is your kegel muscle. Congrats, you know how to flex it!

Practice flexing it while peeing until you can flex it without peeing.

Then, start doing workout routines.

I suggest men start with this beginner kegel routine:

3 days a week

5 sets

10 reps per set

Start doing this routine, and after, start doing kegels with more frequency, intensity, and volume.

You’ll find these to help you in the first week!

How To Get Harder Erections

rock hard erection

Lastly, we’re going to review how to get harder erections.

If you’re having a struggle getting an erection, these will help you not only get hard but stay hard.

These techniques will help anyone, so even if you have no problem getting it up, these will help you KEEP it up.

Warning – your wife might get suspicious when she feels how much harder you are!

Eat Nutrient-Dense Superfoods

Superfoods are all the rage these days and for good reason. Scientists are finding that certain foods are high in nutrients that benefit your bodily functions.

One of the problems with modern diets, especially in America, is that our food contains no nutrients. Pizza, french fries, fried chicken, bologna, all of these regular foods are completely devoid of any vitamins or minerals. To balance this out, you need to eat fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods.

These are important for getting harder erections because scientists have shown that certain foods can help increase your erection strength. Here’s a complete list of foods:

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Watermelon
  • Pomegranate
  • Beets
  • Leafy greens
  • Brazil nuts
  • Oysters
  • Garlic
  • Dark chocolate
  • Pistachios
  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberries

Consume two or three of these superfoods at every meal, and you’ll be having harder erections in no time.

Lose Weight

Nobody wants to hear this, but it had to be said.

Losing weight is hands down one of the best ways to get bigger, stronger erections.

Besides Ron Jeremy, how many male porn stars are overweight? They know that excess body fat will not help them get a harder dick, so they stay in top shape. It is their job, after all.

To start losing weight, I suggest accomplishing the following tasks (in order), even if you have 100lbs to lose:

  1. Remove sweets from your diet. Soda, cakes, desserts, cookies, they gotta go
  2. Go for a walk every day for an hour. This is great cardio even if you don’t work up a sweat.
  3. Start lifting weights, three times a week. Get a personal trainer if you need to.
  4. Improve your diet by adding more protein and removing junk food like bread, pizza, soy, and other foods that will kill your erection

Losing weight will also make your cock look bigger. When there’s less fat around your groin, your penis sticks out more, giving it the illusion that it’s bigger then it is. Your wife will think you’re using a penis pump or something.


One of the best things you can do to keep an erection is to take supplements.

We usually don’t recommend pills on this site, but there’s a difference between prescription pills and dietary supplements. Prescription pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra all carry terrible side effects, making them risky to take.

Supplements, on the other hand, add existing chemicals (that you’re already consuming) to your diet, just at a higher dosage. You could get these supplements from food if you wanted to, which is not the case for prescriptions.

The most important is zinc. Zinc is crucial for all aspects of men’s health, yet countless men are not getting enough of this important mineral. This mineral is involved in every bodily process, including sex.

L-arginine is also a great supplement for keeping your erection going. This amino acid can be found in meat and dairy but is even better when taken as a supplement.

L-arginine works by increasing blood flow through the body. As we discussed earlier, NO3 is a chemical in the body that helps circulation. L-arginine is actually used by the body, like a building block, to make NO3 naturally. This stuff is awesome especially if you’re juicing.

The last supplement I suggest is actually a herb – gingko biloba. This herb is the secret weapon of Chinese nutritionists and works by increasing dopamine and oxygen to the brain. When your brain is firing on all cylinders, so is your boner, so take your ginkgo.

In Conclusion

Erections are complicated.

We take advantage of them when we’re young, jerking off all the time and getting horny whenever we feel like it.

Now that we’re older, it’s not that easy. We have to take a strategic approach to our boners and set up a scientific strategy to reach sexual satisfaction.

It might be tough, but when you start implementing these techniques, you will have massive success in the bedroom.

If you’d like to learn more, including an exact step-by-step plan for destroying erectile dysfunction, check out ED Reverser.

It’s the complete master class on permanently removing erectile dysfunction from your life. Quit slaving away failing to get an erection, and get back on the path to rocking your woman’s world.

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