7 Foods That Cause Erectile Dysfunction: How Many Are You Eating?

7 Foods That Cause Erectile Dysfunction: How Many Are You Eating?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “you are what you eat?’

I hate to break it to you, but if you eat like trash, your body will perform like trash.

Modern diets are by and large terrible. Everything’s processed, covered in sugar, or have no nutrients.  

Processed foods are the worst. They’re hard to digest and will create giant health stores on your gut.

Why do you think they call eating vegetables “eating clean?” Because it’s good fuel for your body that produces more energy.

The #1 way to improve your erection is to improve your body, more specifically, your circulation system. Your penis is not a magic stick, it’s a muscle, just like your biceps. To get a better erection, you need more blood to reach the muscles in your cock.

If you’re having issues getting an erection, it could be the foods you’re eating.

Here are the worst foods that cause erectile dysfunction, the ones you should definitely avoid! 

(BTW, here are the best foods you can eat to boost your sex life.)

#1 – Your Favorite Fizzy Fattener

Soda is at the top of the list because it’s so sneaky. Nobody thinks it’s that unhealthy, since they have it in moderation. Since so many people drink it, it can’t be that bad, right?

Wrong. One 12 oz can of Coca-Cola has 140 calories, all coming from a whopping 39g of sugar. For comparison, that’s the amount of sugar in three bananas, all gulped down in one glass.

Not only that, but this is processed sugar that provides no nutritional value. Bananas are great, and provide good clean energy, unlike soda.

When you drink soda, you’ll get a sugar rush, and crash 30 minutes later. Bananas don’t do this, and will instead give you a long clean energy boost.

The problem with sugar is in the sugar rush. Sugar creates a vicious cycle.

You need energy, so you drink a soda. An hour later you crash, so you drink another soda. This continues forever until you’ve consumed a whole gallon of soda.

Due to the caffeine and sugar in soda, soda dehydrates you. Since coke tastes cold and refreshing, you’d think it was hydrating you. Wrong again, all the trash that’s in it takes more water out of your body than it puts in.

Your best bet is to stick to water. Being properly hydrated helps all parts of the body, including your erection.

#2 –  Simple Sugars = Simply Bad

Next on the list is white bread. Besides soda, these are the #1 reason for weight gain in men.

White bread is full of simple sugar, which increases your blood sugar and clogs your arteries.

What’s worse – this white bread contains no nutritional value and has actually been shown to increase estrogen and lower testosterone.

Put it all together, and you can see why I don’t recommend these!

Bonus food: Pizza. Pizza is even worse than white bread by itself.

Pizza is made of a simple white dough, but also has a ton of cheese. When you combine white bread, with processed cheese, you have a fat bomb that goes straight to your gut. This makes pizza a high-calorie meal with no nutritional value and zero protein.

If you want a strong erection, stay away from pizza.

#3 – No Soy for the Boys

Soy….just hearing it makes me curl up in fear!

Soy is absolutely the worst food for testosterone. If you want to have a strong erection, you have to stay away from soy.

The reason why soy is so bad is that soy contains isoflavones, chemicals drastically similar to estrogen. When you eat more soy, your body thinks it’s estrogen, so it will perform as if you have more estrogen in your body. This means less strength, sperm, sex drive, and testosterone.

Even more, soy can decrease sperm count. A recent study from Harvard showed that even a small amount of soy every day slashed men’s sperm counts by 40%!

The problem with soy is that it’s snuck into so many foods that you wouldn’t think of.

Clif bars, vegetable oil, bread crumbs, even Worcestershire sauce has soy in it! Check the ingredients before you eat something, and make sure it doesn’t have any soy in it.

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#4 – Stay Away from This Herb

Here’s one you might not have heard of – mint. Not just mint, any herb from the “mentha” family – mint, peppermint, and spearmint. There have been multiple studies showing the effects of mint on testosterone.

In one study, rats who were given spearmint tea had their total testosterone reduced by 51%. That’s absolutely crazy, to think that tea could slash your testosterone in half. Even though it’s in rats, I’m not ready to risk my precious testosterone!

If you use mint toothpaste or soap, it might be time to reconsider.

#5 – None of This Fat, More of That Fat

Trans fats take the cake for being the worst ingredient found in cakes. I won’t get all Walter White on you here, but just know that trans fats are chemically some of the worst substances you can put in your body.

They not only reduce testosterone, they also increase bad cholesterol, reduce good cholesterol, AND promote inflammation in the body.

Usually, foods will do one or two of those, but not all.

Trans fats are slowly getting outlawed by federal governments everywhere, but they can still be found in:


-Fast Food Chains (McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.)

-Potato Chips






Most of these foods are also high in sugar, so stay away.

Instead, consume healthy fats like fish, coconut oil, and grass-fed steaks.

#6 – Kick The Can

This isn’t a food group per se but is still a category you should stay away from.

Canned foods aren’t bad because of what’s in them, they’re bad because of what stores them. Plastic bottles and cans are not as safe as you think.

As foods sit in them, for months, even years, the material in the can melts away and gets into the water that’s storing your food. This is even worse if you live somewhere in a hot climate, imagine how much the heat is messing with your cans!

Bottled water is just as bad. Even if you keep them inside, water bottles are put under a tremendous amount of heat as they’re transported to your house. All that heat disintegrates the plastic, leaching it into your water.

The result is that plastics and metals go right into your body, wreaking havoc on your hormonal and circulatory system. Stay away.

Even worse, canned foods are worse for you than regular foods. When foods are canned, they’re flash-heated with an immense amount of heat in order to seal the can and keep the food fresh.

During this process, you destroy important nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, that are in the foods.

This is why I always recommend store-bought vegetables over canned vegetables. They’re so much healthier for you.

#7 – The Official Drink of America


Last on the list is every American’s favorite drink – beer. I used to be a professional beer drinker, knocking back a few each night, but since fighting ED, I’ve stopped.

There are many reasons why beer is bad for you. First is that it’s empty calories, just like soda, You should only be drinking water if you want to have a strong erection.

Beer, as we know, is made from hops. The problem with hops is that the body sees they’re psytoestrogens. Like soy, the body sees these as estrogen and will use it as such.

Why do you think everybody gets a “beer gut?”

Lastly, alcohol is not good for making a strong erection. We’ve all heard of “whiskey dick,” and it’s definitely true! Alcohol messes with your heart and blood pressure, but can also mess with your brain. As we know, getting an erection is equal parts mental and physical, so stay away from booze if you want to cure your ED.

What should I eat instead?

Now that I’ve shown you all the foods to avoid, I bet you’re curious what you should eat instead.

I’m not a nutritionist per se, but I’ve been helping my friends with erectile dysfunction for a long time now. Through my experience and their trial and error, we’ve found exactly which foods will help you have a stronger erection.

I’ve now found out exactly what foods, techniques, and choices create big, strong, erections – for everybody. Not only have I tested them on myself, but I’ve also shared my techniques with my friends for big results. My wife even had me talk to her girlfriends, so their husbands could have the same results as me!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a resource that talked about all of my discoveries and then went even more in-depth… Ed Reverser. This book goes into all the Do’s and Don’t’s of curing ED, and I highly recommend it.

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