ED Reverser Review – Can This Really Cure ED Forever?

ED Reverser Review – Can This Really Cure ED Forever?

Is there really one product that can cure ED?

I’ve spent a lot of time around limp dicks. From working in the porn industry to acting as a “sex consultant” to my friends, I’ve probably read more about penile issues than anyone else in the world….except Mike Miller.

When my friends ask, “Big Mike, I have ED and I want it cured NOW,” I send them one thing: ED Reverser. The author, Mike Miller (not me), has truly gone above and beyond and created the one-stop solution for curing ED.

Despite this, there are a few flaws with ED Reverser. Although imperfect, I still recommend ED Reverse to my friends, and here’s why.

ED Reverser – Pros

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ED Reverser’s #1 benefit is this: it works.

Mike Miller spent years writing this guide. After it was done, he consulted with a famed ED specialist, Dr. Henry Chan, to verify his techniques.

Dr. Chan was blown away at how effective Mike’s strategies are. He was so impressed, he now uses ED Reverser on his own patients.

The best part is, ED Reverser requires no further purchases. I’ve read a few similar guides, promising to cure ED forever, and most of them have one thing in common: they make you buy something else! You finish reading the guide, only to find out the author wants you to buy his pills, pumps, or a contraption to fix your erection.

Mike Miller holds no punches and packs everything you need into ED Reverser.

When you’re done reading, you’ll have all the tools on hand to cure erectile dysfunction. There’s no further reading, planning, thinking, or optimizing. All you have to do is read the book, and follow the instructions.

This is rare among ED guides. Some of them describe abstract concepts like Chi and Chakras and expect you to fill in the blanks with your own research. Frankly, that’s bullshit.

I can confidently say that ED Reverser is giving you everything you need to cure erectile dysfunction, no matter who you are or how old you are.

ED Reverser – Cons

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There isn’t much bad about ED Reverser, but I will say this. It’s dense.

This is not just another crummy, thrown-together “eBook” that looks like it was thrown together in a few hours.

This guide is thick and might take a few hours to read through. Even then, the information is deep and could go over your head on the first try. It might take two or three readings before it’s completely digested and absorbed into your mind.

It’ll take an effort for you to get through ED Reverser, but the results are completely worth it.

For example, I’ve written about foods that cause erectile dysfunction. It’s a good read, but it’s quick and doesn’t cover what you should eat.

ED Reverser, on the other hand, tells you EVERYTHING about diet.

Don’t worry, there’s no strict regime you have to stick with, but Mike Miller makes sure you know exactly WHAT to eat, what NOT to eat, and most importantly…WHY.

Mike’s been meticulously studying erectile dysfunction much longer than me, and when he’s done teaching you about diet, your next trip to the grocery store will be healthy, tasty, and simple. No complicated grocery lists or intense meal prepping. Easy!

The Ugly

Now, to bash ED Reverser a little more, there’s one big flaw I have to discuss…


To be honest, I don’t think Mike Miller has had nearly half as much sex as Big Mike (yours truly).

ED Reverser is great, but as you know, curing ED Reverser is mostly a one-player game. Fixing your penis is completely your responsibility. There isn’t much your wife or girlfriend can do, besides love and support you, right?

Also, your love life is kind of put “on pause” until you fix your limp dick, correct?

Not so fast. There’s actually a lot that you and your partner can do to improve your sex life right now, while you’re trying to tackle erectile dysfunction.

You could use this time to learn unique foreplay ideas, to drive her wild while you fight ED.

Even then, once you cure ED, does Mike Miller teach you how to fuck her like a pornstar?

No.Nope gif

You could be worse off, where you have a strong dick, but your partner doesn’t want sex all the time. What good is having an erection if you never use it?

I love ED Reverser, and I’ve seen firsthand how effective his method is, but Mike Miller does not provide enough actionable knowledge about sex.

Maybe he hasn’t had as much sex as me, or maybe he decided to leave it out of the book for brevity. All I know is that if I wrote this book, I would include a few sections about sex mastery.

I understand that the book is already kind of long, and the author wants to focus on curing ED, but a little sex knowledge can go a long way.

My Final Rating

In conclusion, I give ED Reverser Four Stars out of five.4 Stars rating

There are issues with ED Reverser.

It’s a big read and might take you some time to dig through. It doesn’t explain how to use your freshly rejuvenated penis to satisfy your woman.

Despite these flaws, I absolutely love this book.

However, there is no better resource for curing ED (believe me, I’ve read them all). It’s got everything you need to cure erectile dysfunction now and forever.

The system outlined in ED Reverser is not a band-aid that’ll mask your problems and cover up what you’re lacking.

ED Reverser is like a strong round of antibiotics, that’ll come through and wipe out erectile dysfunction for good.

Once you commit to ED Reverser’s method, I doubt you’ll ever have erectile dysfunction again, but ONLY if you do the work.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and if you want to fix erectile dysfunction FOR GOOD (and without Viagra), it’ll take time and effort.

With that being said, you can’t afford to wait. Every day that goes by is another day you could use to cure your erectile dysfunction.

Instead, you spend each day watching TV and not having sex. Or maybe you take nasty Viagra. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have sex without taking expensive prescription pills?

Quit stalling. Download ED Reverser and never go limp again.


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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"