How To Successfully Overcome Death Grip Syndrome

How To Successfully Overcome Death Grip Syndrome

Can’t orgasm during sex? Ever heard of death grip syndrome?

If you answered no to both, you’re not alone. There are millions of men worldwide who have no problem getting an erection, but for some strange reason, they can’t cum for their woman.

They can masturbate fine, and have no problem cumming then, but still – sex presents a problem.

Sex just isn’t as pleasurable as it once was, and you prefer the stimulation from masturbation.

If this sounds like you, you might be dealing with – Death Grip Syndrome.

What Is Death Grip Syndrome?

It’s is just what it sounds like. It’s the result of masturbating with a strong (deathly) grip.

When you masturbate with a tight grip, you start to break down the nerves on the outside of the penis.

If you’ve ever practiced edging, you know that it trains the cells to respond less to the stimulation of sex, therefore making you last longer.

However, Death Grip Syndrome (DGS) is the opposite. When you have DGS, you’ve worn down the nerves on your penis so much that you can’t orgasm.

Maybe you think you have death grip syndrome. If so, you’ll definitely have some of these…

Death Grip Syndrome Symptoms

Unlike most sexually transmitted diseases, Death Grip Syndrome can’t be detected with a quick blood test.

Also, Death Grip Syndrome has levels of extremity. It’s a spectrum.

To determine if you’re struggling with Death Grip Syndrome, check if you have some of these symptoms.

Reduced Pleasure During Sex

The first symptom is reduced pleasure. You may find that masturbation is enjoyable, but sex is not. This could be the beginning of DGS.

Your nerves are getting worn down. It’s not so much that you can’t orgasm, but you’re still seeing the beginning of Death Grip Syndrome.

Sex should be an extremely satisfying activity. If sex feels more like a chore, you might have Death Grip Syndrome.

Delayed Orgasm

The next level of Death Grip Syndrome is Delayed Orgasm. Delayed Orgasm is the opposite of Premature Ejaculation. Instead of orgasming instantly…you orgasm…never.

No matter how much you pound away, change positions, re-apply lube, switch to oral, then back to vaginal…you can’t seem to orgasm. That is unless you use your hand.

If that’s you, you definitely have Death Grip Syndrome.

Inability to get hard for sex

Once you have Delayed Orgasm, it’s possible that your erection quality starts going out the window. Subconsciously, your brain knows that you’re not going to orgasm, so why bother getting hard?

At this point, you’re dealing with a bad case of Death Grip Syndrome. Your severity is so bad, that you can’t even have sex. That’s not good!

Dry Dick

The last symptom to look for is a dry dick. Look at your masturbation habits and tell me if you’re masturbating frequently. Also, take note if you don’t use lube.

Put these two together and it’s likely that your penis is dry from all of the activity.

You may find that your penis is rough and calloused, and maybe red in spots. That is not normal and is a sure sign that you are experiencing DGS.

So, how do we fix it?

Death Grip Syndrome Treatment

Thankfully, Death Grip Syndrome can be treated fairly easily.

Before I tell you how, I want to reiterate something: this will take time.

You’ve probably been masturbating the same way since you were a teenager. Death Grip is the result of years of repetition, and it won’t be cured overnight.

Be patient, and you’ll have great success. Now, here’s how to fix Death Grip Syndrome.

Stop Masturbating

I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but cutting masturbation out is the easiest way to remove Death Grip Syndrome for good.

The root cause of Death Grip is that you masturbate too forcefully. You could say, “oh I’ll just masturbate with a looser grip!”

That sounds like a good idea but is harder to implement. Your penis is so used to the extremely strong grip, that it’ll be difficult to wean yourself off it. Masturbation with a looser grip is much more boring, and you won’t like it.

Instead, stop masturbating. It’s pretty impossible to stop masturbating forever (believe me, I’ve tried), but you can at least minimize masturbation as much as possible.

Try to cut your frequency in half. So if you masturbate every day, try masturbating every other day, or – ideally – once a week.

Loosen Up

If you find it difficult to quit masturbating, don’t worry, there’s still hope.

To fix Death Grip Syndrome, change your masturbation habits. You can start by using a weaker grip, an alternate hand, or even just your thumb & pointer finger.

Try different modifications in order to relieve the pressure on your penis.

One modification is to use lube. I don’t know what you currently use for lube, but many men with Death Grip syndrome masturbate dry.

That is the worst thing you can do. Use lube to reduce the sensation and keep your penis supple.

If that doesn’t work, the best remedy is to…

Have More Sex

Yup, sex will definitely cure Death Grip Syndrome. Maybe you doubt me because you have sex “all the time” now, but really…how often are you having sex?

Most men my age have been married for years, and consider three times a week “a lot” of sex.

Nope, I consider daily sex to be a good amount.

If you quit masturbating and replace it with a ton more sex, your penis will adjust to the sensation of your woman’s vagina, and Death Grip syndrome will disappear.

The Slight Problem With Curing Death Grip Syndrome

Although Death Grip Syndrome is stressful to deal with, there is one silver lining – stamina.

Your penis is so used to the tight grip of masturbation, that when it’s time to have sex, you can last twenty…thirty…even fifty minutes with no issues.

If this sounds like you, you might be worried that curing Death Grip Syndrome will take away your stamina and turn you into a minute man.

To that I say – yes, you need to be careful. Your penis will become a lot more sensitive and you may wish to consider preparing by doing some exercises to help you last longer



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