Can Caffeine Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Caffeine Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Did you know that erectile dysfunction affects 18% of the adult American male population? And what about the caffeine erectile dysfunction link?

What if I told you that this one hot drink…could be the reason that number isn’t 50%?

That’s right – coffee could be the key to preventing erectile dysfunction.

Recently, a study from the University of Texas (Austin) found that coffee may prevent erectile dysfunction.

This shocked me.

For a long time, I (incorrectly) heard that caffeine was bad for your erection because you wouldn’t sleep well if you drank coffee. A bunch of nonsense experts were feeding me this terrible knowledge, and this study proves otherwise.

So today we’ll discuss why you should (or shouldn’t) drink coffee for erectile dysfunction. We’ll start by seeing what the study really has to say.

The Science

Before you ask, no, the study does NOT say that drinking coffee will fix erectile dysfunction if you already have it.

If you’re looking for a magic bullet, coffee is not the answer.

There are remedies for erectile dysfunction, but coffee is not one.

What the study did say is that men who drink between 85-170 mg of coffee a day were 42% less likely to develop erectile dysfunction, than those who didn’t drink any coffee.

42% is nothing to bat an eye at.

What’s great about this study is that the results were similar across all demographics – young, old, fit, overweight, etc. Coffee drinkers in all categories had fewer occurrences of ED.

Coffee benefits sex

That’s great, but…

How Does It Work?

Well, coffee is a well-known vasodilator. That means it relaxes your blood vessels. All of them, including the ones in your penis.

Relaxed arteries mean more area for blood, which means more blood flow, which means stronger erections. Science!

Bloodflow is crucial for erectile health, and if coffee helps, so be it.

Coffee is also great for losing weight. Caffeine increases your metabolism and fights hunger, so you’ll eat less.

Losing weight leads to less fat, higher testosterone, and yup, you guessed it…stronger erections.

Win-win in my book, however, some disagree…

The Case Against Coffee

Personally, I love coffee. Despite that, there’s always been a bunch of “men’s health experts” who treat coffee like it’s rat poison.

I understand where they’re coming from because coffee can have negative side effects.

The biggest problem with coffee is that it can impact your sleep. Sleep is the #1 most important thing for improving health (for everyone). If your sleep suffers, you will as well.

Coffee is also bad when abused to the point of jitters. When you drink too much coffee, your arteries will actually constrict, causing loss of blood flow and…yup…weaker boners.

I personally noticed this when I was working in the porn industry. Drinking too much coffee would make me get softer, and eventually lose my porn-star stamina, to the point that I would orgasm early. It was weird, but it taught me not to over-do the coffee.

The Optimal Way To Drink Coffee

Knowing what we know now, what’s the best way for men to drink coffee?

#1 – Moderate Dose

Do not drink so much coffee that you can’t sleep at night, or that you have lowered sleep quality.

Remember, the study above said that you only need 85-170 mg of coffee to fight ED. Depending on how you brew it, that could be just one cup.

In fact, the study showed that drinking too much caffeine (170-300 mg) prevents ED less than drinking one cup a day (85-170 mg). So, stick to one cup for optimal results.

#2 – Only In The Morning

I know everybody tries to act like Mr. Tough Guy who can drink coffee at 10 PM, but it doesn’t matter who you are…caffeine will affect your sleep if you drink it at that hour.

To minimize the impact of coffee on your sleep, drink your coffee first thing when you wake up, or sometime in the morning. Don’t even think about having any after lunch or around dinner. It will interfere with your sleep cycle.

#3 – Drink It Black

Unrelated to the rest of this article, but make sure you drink your coffee black.

I know it’s gross (at first), but there’s no reason to water it down with nasty chemicals.

Sugar and dairy are absolutely terrible for your health and will wreck your boner.

Man up and drink it black. It’s what James Bond would do.

James bond coffee gif

“I Quit Coffee And Still Have Erectile Dysfunction”

At this point, you might be asking, “but Mike, what if I don’t drink coffee, and I still have erectile dysfunction?”

First thing is, I feel your pain. Erectile dysfunction is no fun. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

But don’t lose hope.

See, the human is a complicated organism. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of factors that impact your body’s performance in bed.

Maybe you quit coffee to fix ED, and it didn’t work. Or maybe you never drank coffee until now…and you still have ED.

In that case, I have one recommendation for you: ED Reverser. Written by my friend Max Miller, it’s the ultimate guide to beating erectile dysfunction (for good).

As a professional pornstar, I never dealt with ED…until I got older, and disaster struck. My problems in bed led to a small mid-life crisis, that damaged my health, career, and family.

Thankfully, I found ED Reverser. It teaches you everything that could be wrecking your erection, and exactly how to fix it.

If you don’t want to get ED Reverser, you could just go to a doctor, and get prescribed Viagra. However, that “magic pill” comes with a laundry list of side effects and is only a band-aid cure to your problem.

Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. I’ve had friends hospitalized due to Viagra use.


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