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Penis Size

How Many Guys Have 8 Inches?

It’s unusual. Extremely rare. According to available research, only one out of every hundred men

Sex Tips

Want to Have Weird Sex? So Do We. Here’s How

Too many people are afraid of stepping out of their sex comfort zone and trying a little kink or playing with a new sex toy. You don’t have to be. So lighten up now, throw caution into the wind and have some fun.

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General Advice

Lost Your Sex Drive? 6 Ways to Get It Back

You may think it will never happen to you, and yet, both men and women experience a loss of libido (sex drive) at some point in their lives. There may be many reasons behind it: stress, tiredness, depression, relationship issues, or other underlying health problems. Keep in mind that this term is relative, and there

Sex Tips

8 Best Accessories Every BDSM Lover Should Have

After some time, even sex can become a little boring. Many people search for ways they can spice up their bed life. BDSM is a perfect way to do something different than usual. The best thing is, it doesn’t matter if you are deeply involved in various kinks or if you are more on the