Why She Only Cums When She’s on Top — Sex Tips for Men

Why She Only Cums When She’s on Top — Sex Tips for Men

She only cums when she’s on top because she loves being in control or, more likely, you’re stimulating her clitoris or G Spot better in that particular position. 

Here’s what you should do if you want to try something different in the bedroom but your partner can’t seem to reach orgasm when she’s the bottom partner.

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Why She Only Cums When She's on Top

Don’t worry if your partner only cums when she’s on top. It most likely has nothing to do with your anatomy and everything to do with her own body and her preferences. 

Your girlfriend or wife most likely cums when she’s on top because of the direct clitoral stimulation she gets from rubbing her clit against your pelvis or grinding against your penis. 

Some women can cum from solely G Spot, A Spot, or even D Spot stimulation inside their vagina. However, for most ladies, the clitoris is still the number one ‘Touch Me’ spot and shortcut to making any woman orgasm, not once but multiple times

She could also prefer being on top to angle her body better so that your penis hits her particular spots during intercourse.

If that’s the case, you can try numerous other positions that will hit the same spot without her being in the top 100% of the time. Watch the YouTube video below to learn the differences between G Spot and clitoral orgasms.

Or, she only cums when she’s on top because she wants to control sex. There are many reasons why some women don’t like to bottom during intercourse. It could be her kink, and she gets off from seeing you under her.

Or it could be a little more intense, where she had an overly controlling or abusive partner and now feels the need never to relinquish control of her body or sex again. 

Frankly, you won’t know the truth unless you ask or do a little investigation into her sexual history. 

Is It Weird That She's Like This?

No! Your wife or girlfriend is not abnormal for wanting to be in control of sex or get top-notch clitoral or vaginal stimulation. 

Every woman’s body is slightly different; perhaps, she’s getting what she needs to cum from being on top and not in the other positions you have tried.

Here lies the problem… she is getting what she needs, but you are not! 

You’re probably reading this article because women-on-top sex positions are just not as fun as they used to be, or you’ve been frustrated by the lack of variety, control, or intensity.

Sex should be 100/100, where both partners are giving 100% of their energy to make the other person cum or, at least, enjoy the experience as much as they do. 

When your woman doesn’t want to give up being on top, try doing this to swing the pendulum towards yourself and get more out of the bedroom. 

How to Make Sex Better When She's On Top

The view makes it enjoyable when your woman is on top. Either her tits or ass will bounce while you lie back and enjoy seeing it all.

It might be fun for a while, but eventually, you might start to crave something a little different, a position that allows you to be more in control or go harder or deeper. 

Give Her First Orgasm, Then Transition

If your woman only cums when she’s on top, get her to the point of orgasm and then quickly transition into a different sex position while she has her orgasm. You will both get something you enjoy when you allow her to be on top for half of the duration of intercourse.

Use Sex Toys

Another tactic you can try is asking her to let you be on top while stimulating her clitoris with your fingers or a sex toy. You might be better off with a toy, as she probably enjoys being on top because of the prolonged and intense clitoral stimulation. 

Put your partner in Missionary position while you thrust; hold a Hitachi wand or vibrator against her clitoris.

You can also try experimenting with positions where the angle of penetration is different, such as Doggy Style, Spooning, or Triceratops. See if there are a few other positions she enjoys equally as much as being on top or, perhaps, more than being on top! 

Sweeten the Deal

You want your partner to give up being on top, at least for a bit, so you can enjoy her body in different positions. Give her something else she craves; then she will be more likely to be willing to negotiate. 

Lean into heavy dirty talking, kissing, spanking, rubbing, or massaging. These techniques will make your woman more aroused, wet, and on the brink of orgasm (or perhaps close to a second orgasm) before penetration. 

Make Sex Better for You Both

efore jumping straight into penetration, lay back on the bed with her on top.

Put your penis flat on your stomach, and ask her to rub, back and forward, against it to stimulate her clitoris and give you a new and pleasurable sensation.

You’ll enjoy it because if she cums from grinding against you before penetration, you can transition into a sex position that lets you get more pleasure from intercourse. 

She’ll love it because she will get at least two times more direct clitoral stimulation by grinding against your penis instead of thrusting on top of it.

Another way to make sex better for you and her when she’s on top is to adjust the position. Instead of doing simple cowgirl every time, alternate between the following positions.


Cowgirl is the introductory sex position for couples who want the female partner to be on top.  You can do it almost anywhere, as long as the male partner has a flat surface to lie back on.

I reckon that you have probably experimented with this one a million times, but if you both enjoy it, try incorporating sex toys to make things a bit more pleasurable. 

Your partner should hold a vibrator or Hitachi wand to her clitoris while bouncing up and down against you. Because she will be busy with the sex toy, you can take control by grabbing her hips or waist, holding her in place, and thrusting upward into her. 

You will enjoy this if you feel you can’t thrust as hard or intensely as you want when she is on top. She also probably won’t mind having the extra vibrations and stimulation during sex.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is basically just like Cowgirl, except the woman turns her back toward her partner as she thrusts or grinds against him. 

Some men prefer Reverse Cowgirl because it gives him a better view of her backside — a bonus if you’re an ass-man or your lover has a particularly beautiful behind.

If Cowgirl has gotten stale, try this instead. The different views and sensations might make sex more fun for both of you.

The Sofa Straddle


The Sofa Straddle is excellent if you aren’t near the bedroom or want to try sex in different locations of the house.

For this one, you will only need to sit on a chair, and she will sit on top of you and bounce up and down.

If you want a little more control of the pace, grab her waist, hold her in place, and thrust into your partner instead of letting her do all the movement.

The Spoon Sex Position

The Spoon position is dramatically different from any woman on top positions you have already tried.

Instead of kneeling, sitting, or straddling you, she will lie flat against your chest. Either of you can do the thrusting and control the pace and rhythm of sex. Reach down and stroke her clitoris or place her hand and get her to do it herself. 

She will love this one because she is getting the stimulation that she craves, but the different angle might also help her have a vaginal orgasm. 

You’ll love it because you can thrust hard and deep while having a slightly unique but pleasurable angle of penetration.

Crab Sex Position

Crab is a popular woman in a top position where the woman angles her body towards her man.

Instead of sitting on him, she bends her knees, places both feet on the bed, and uses them to lift and angle her body slightly. 

This position changes the penetration angle, making it more pleasurable for you or her both. 

The Full Nelson

The Full Nelson is an advanced sex position that might be challenging. You will need a relatively fit body that is strong enough to support your partner’s weight.

She will sit entirely on top of you before you reach around, wrap your arms around both legs, and hold her in position while thrusting.

She’ll love the Full Nelson if she is adventurous in the bedroom and enjoys the intense stimulation of feeling helpless during sex. You’ll appreciate this sex position because of the intense thrusting and the feeling of control you have over your partner.


She only cums when she’s on top because you’re either better at hitting her spot inside her vagina or giving her more clitoral sensation.

In the latter case, try giving her the clitoral stimulation she craves in a different sex position that will give you as much pleasure as she receives.

Whether you came across this page because you were searching for “Laid” lyrics or were genuinely concerned about having sex, hopefully, this post has helped answer some of your sex questions.

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