The Surprising Reasons Why Women Moan During Sex

The Surprising Reasons Why Women Moan During Sex

Have you ever noticed that women make a lot of noise when they’re in bed—and not just the classic “Yes! Yes! Yes!” you hear in porn. 

She might even grunt, breathe loudly, whimper, or giggle during sex.

There are many reasons why women make A LOT of noise.

Here’s a look at the exciting motives behind moaning in bed — from happiness to arousal and frustration.

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Why Do Women Moan During Sex

Women moan during sex for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious one is she wants to vocalize her pleasure. A pleasure moan is a natural response to sexual pleasure and stimulation. Women aren’t the only ones to moan; men do it too, but not as loudly as women. 

Both males and females are still a part of the animal kingdom, despite the distance we put between ourselves and animals. Noises communicate a lot of information in the animal world, and it does too in the human world. Moaning is just one example of a noise that sends a very particular message.

Women often moan during sex to show their partner that it’s good sex. Or, a woman might moan to let it be known that she is happy with the experience overall and not one single action is the source of her satisfaction. 

Increase Her Arousal

Moaning doesn’t only turn her partner on — it turns her on too!

Many women enjoy the sounds and noises they make in the bedroom, which can lead to more enjoyable sex and better orgasms.

Increase Her Partner's Arousal

Women also moan during sex to increase their partner’s arousal. A woman’s moans can significantly affect her partner’s sexual pleasure and arousal levels, as moaning excites men.

When a man hears soft moans involuntarily turn into loud screams, it is super hot and communicates that she loves whatever her partner is doing.

Many people find the sounds of their partner enjoying sex very arousing, and so many women moan slightly more than usual when they want to get their partner hot and heavy.

Express Pain

Women may let out a pain moan during sex to express discomfort. Pain can happen during sexual intercourse, and some women find that moaning helps them cope with the distress.

It can also help her partner understand how much pressure or intensity she is comfortable with. Moaning can be a way for her to communicate that her partner is going a little too hard, lingering on one particular spot for too long, or she’s experiencing pain for other reasons.

Express Frustration

Women may moan during sex to express frustration or dissatisfaction with their partner’s performance. 

It is usually evident when this is the case as the moans tend to be slower and sound similar to noises people make when they are upset or aggravated with a particular situation. These types of moans can communicate that something isn’t working and needs to be changed.

Give Feedback to Her Partner

Her moaning might be used to indicate to her partner that he is doing a great job! For example, she might moan more loudly when she really likes something and then stop or slow down her moans whenever her partner switches to something she likes a little less.

Her moans might say faster, great job, or even thank you.

Speed Up Her Partner's Orgasm

Women may moan during sex to speed up their partner’s orgasm. Moaning can help increase the intensity of the experience and make it easier for her partner to reach climax.

Plus, moaning and noises get most men incredibly hard and turned on, which she might want to help her partner orgasm sooner rather than later.

This can be a good thing. For example, a woman might moan a little more to help her partner enjoy the experience and make it more about his pleasure than hers.

Or, it can indicate that something is off, and she wants her partner to orgasm and stop sexual intercourse.

Speed Up Her Own Orgasm

Women may moan during sex to speed up their orgasm. Moaning can help increase the intensity of pleasure and make it easier to reach climax.

When a woman moans, her partner is likely to respond with increased stimulation, which can help her reach orgasm faster.

Make Her Partner Feel Good

Some women moan strictly to make their partner feel good about himself, and many guys equate a woman’s vocalizations to her sexual satisfaction. In her partner’s mind, more noise means better sex. And better sex means her partner is the man! 

Making a partner feel good in the bedroom is important for some women. A few of them will even go as far as faking orgasms and moans to make their partner feel good about themselves.

Give Guidance to Her Partner

Women may also moan during sex to give guidance to their partners. Moaning can be a way for her to communicate what she likes and doesn’t like and what she wants more or less of.

For example, if her partner is going too hard or fast, she might slow down her moans and make them quieter. This can be a subtle way of telling him that he needs to slow down and be gentler.

To Feel Free

Moaning can allow women to let go of their inhibitions and feel free and uninhibited. Moaning can allow her to let go of all her worries and stress, allowing her to fully enjoy the experience.

It can help her relax and get into the moment, allowing her to focus on pleasure rather than stress or anxiety.

Create Intimacy

Moaning can also help create an intimate connection between partners, as it is a form of communication that can be used to express feelings and desires.

It’s especially hot, raunchy sex when both partners moan, grunt, and make noises together to strengthen their connection. 

Because It's Awkward Otherwise

Imagine, it’s just the sounds of a creaking bed. That’s a combination of awkward, sad, and annoying to have to listen to that. 

So, she might moan to cover up the sound of the bed moving or decrease the awkward silence in the room. This explanation is especially likely if her partner is dead silent during sex, as silent sex is a mood killer for many people.

She might even feel the need to overcompensate and moan loudly, much louder than she usually would, to encourage her partner to let something slip out of his mouth. 

No matter the reason, it’s clear that moaning during sex can be beneficial for both the partners. It can help her partner understand what she likes and how he can make the experience even better. It can also help her reach orgasm faster and express her pleasure in an intimate and exciting way.

Why Some Women Moan Loudly and Others Quietly

Moaning varies from individual to individual. You will find that some women moan during kissing, for example, and others do not, and some moan only during oral sex and never during vaginal penetration.

Just like every pair of breasts are different. Every moan will be too.

Also, some women are more comfortable in the bedroom and letting everything go. Others are timid and unable to get into it enough to moan loudly. She might let out a few moans, if her partner is lucky, instead.

It is also worth mentioning that some women moan a lot because they receive more sexual pleasure. Every woman has a slightly different ‘Fuck yes’ sweet spot, and maybe you hit it every time with your former partner and just haven’t found it yet in your new partner — so she doesn’t moan loudly or at all.

If you want to determine if it is just her personality and sexual expression or something you’re doing wrong, experiment with different techniques in the bedroom. We would, of course, recommend improving your oral sex skills, but there are other things you can do in the bedroom too.

If you want a list of them, read this article here.

Whether her moans will be loud or quiet depends on the individual, what makes them feel comfortable, and if they genuinely enjoy the experience.

Why Some Women Don't Moan

Some women may not make any noise during sex. Her partner might be okay with it or the silent sex routine is such a mood killer. There are various reasons why some women remain silent in the bedroom.

One reason is that they may feel uncomfortable making noise or intimately expressing themselves. Some women may also be self-conscious about their voice or how they sound when they moan, so they prefer to remain quiet.

Another reason some women don’t moan is that they may not feel particularly aroused or pleasured during the experience. This could be due to various factors, such as lack of communication, physical discomfort, or boredom.

Just be mindful of the type of noise your partner is making. If they seem to be expressing discomfort or dissatisfaction, it’s vital to take the time to talk about the experience and figure out what exactly is causing them to feel this way. Do they have premenstrual cramps? Body aches? Are you going too fast? Too deep? Too rough?

Figure out why your partner is showing signs of discomfort, and talk about how you can change it for better sex now and in the future.

It’s also critical to remember that moaning isn’t the only way to express pleasure during sex. Some women may prefer to use other forms of communication, such as verbal cues or body language.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide how they want to express themselves during sex, whether it’s through moaning, talking, or using body language,

Communication is critical when it comes to sex, so if you’re unsure why your partner is not making noise, don’t hesitate to ask.

Is There a Wrong Way to Moan?

No, there is no wrong way to moan during sex. Everyone expresses themselves differently in the bedroom, and respecting each individual’s preferences is essential. Some people may be more vocal than others, while others prefer to keep quiet. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your partner.

That being said, don’t encourage your partner to fake her moans!

If your partner sounds suspiciously like a porn star, she might be faking (at least a little) in the bedroom.

Although there is no wrong way to moan, fake moaning is a sign that something is amiss between the two of you, and further discussion is needed to find a solution that will both be more satisfied in the bedroom.

How to Make a Woman Moan More

If you’re looking to make your partner moan more during sex, talk to your partner about what they like and don’t like in the bedroom.

Ask them what turns them on, how they like to be touched, and about any activities that could give them more sexual enjoyment.

This will help you better understand their needs and desires, so you can focus on those areas when engaging in sexual activity.

In addition, make sure to pay attention to your partner’s body language and verbal cues. If they seem to be enjoying something, continue doing it.

You can do a few other things to make your partner moan more during sex.

Focus on foreplay. Foreplay is an integral part of sexual activity, as it helps to build arousal and anticipation for the main event. Take your time exploring each other’s bodies, and don’t rush through it.

Make intimacy a priority. Intimacy is essential to any healthy relationship, and it’s vital during sex. Women often moan during sex to express their pleasure and create a deeper connection with their partner. Making intimacy a priority can help both partners feel more connected and satisfied. When couples make time for intimate moments, they can build trust and emotional closeness, leading to more enjoyable and fulfilling sex.

Experiment a lot and often in the bedroom. Try new positionstechniques, and sex toys to spice up your sex life and make it more exciting for both of the partners. Exploring different ways of pleasure can also help women reach orgasm more efficiently, leading to more moaning during sex.

Finally, don’t forget to give your partner compliments and positive reinforcement. Women often feel more comfortable expressing their pleasure when they feel good about themselves and know that their partner finds them sexy and appealing. Complimenting your partner on their appearance, smell, or taste can make them feel more confident and sexy, leading to more moaning during sex.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that everyone expresses themselves differently in the bedroom. She might not be a screamer, and that’s okay. 

Watch this YouTube video for fun and naughty date night ideas.

How to Make Moaning Hotter

As mentioned, one should never fake sexual enjoyment. If you aren’t getting your partner off through your actions, don’t expect her to get you off by moaning loudly and intensely, signaling that you are doing something right when you are not.

If you and your partner are both comfortable with it, try experimenting with different sounds to eliminate the silent sex routine dampening the mood.  

Don’t be afraid of the sounds of breath. Breathing deeply and quickly can be incredibly hot. So can grunts, squeals, whimpers, and even purring like a cat (if you’re the kinky type).

Some women are afraid of their own bodies and sexual expression. It might help if you moaned, grunted, and became breathy, too, to encourage her to let loose in the bedroom.

Lastly, incorporate dirty talk with moaning for a super hot combination. Some women are more comfortable with dirty talking than others, but if she is okay with it, ask her to talk to you during sex, say all the incredible sensations she is feeling, how great it feels, and what more she wants.

It will turn her on, and most likely you too! — a win-win scenario.

How to Help Your Partner Become More Comfortable Moaning

If you or your partner are uncomfortable with moaning during sex, it’s essential to take the time to talk about it. 

Talk about why you or your partner feel uncomfortable with moaning. Is it because of a lack of confidence? Fear of judgment? Or something else? Once you’ve identified the root of the issue, it will be easier to find a solution.

If you or your partner feel uncomfortable with moaning during sex, try experimenting with different types of moans in private first. This can help build confidence and make it easier to let go during sex.

Her partner should also try incorporating dirty talk, breathing deeply, and varying the intensity of their moans to encourage her to do the same in the bedroom.


No matter the reason, it’s clear that women make a lot of noise during sex. Whether it’s to show pleasure, increase arousal, express frustration, or show happiness, moaning is an essential part of the sexual experience.

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