What is a Vulva Pillow

What is a Vulva Pillow

You may have come across the term vulva pillow on the internet and wondered if it was some art piece or the newest sex toy on the market. If you’re considering buying one, read this article to learn exactly what it is, how you can use it, and why you might love owning one! We have all the details you need, so continue reading.

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What is a Vulva Pillow?

The vulva is the external female genitalia, including the mons pubis, labia majora (outer lips), labia minora (inner lips), and clitoris. On your vulva pillow, you may also see the anus, vaginal opening, and perineum.

A vulva pillow is an item that resembles an actual real-life vulva and can be used for aesthetics, education, or as a standard bed or sofa pillow. A vulva pillow is not to be confused with a fleshlight, which is a sex toy that’s designed to mimic the feeling of a vagina.

A vulva pillow cannot be used as a sex toy. Those seeking sex toys that resemble the feeling of a woman are better off purchasing a fleshlight or blowup doll. 

What Is the Purpose of a Vulva Pillow?

A vulva pillow is just a cushion with an aesthetic design of a human vulva printed, painted, or knitted on one side of the pillow.

You can find vulva pillows in various shapes, sizes, colors, and details. Some include full-length nude images of women, and others highlight the vulva and its beauty. 

A vulva pillow has four primary purposes. 

Aesthetics: Many people enjoy decorating their homes with unique, eccentric, one-of-a-kind items. A person who owns a vulva pillow may be sex-positive, wanting to celebrate the female body and remove shame and guilt. 

Erotica: A vulva pillow may only show the female genitalia or include a nude photo of a woman. Either way, some people may want to use one as erotic material, similar to a nude poster or painting, in their bedroom. 

Education: Some vulva pillows are labeled with the names of each part of the vulva. Some people may use their vulva pillow to teach themselves or others about the female body instead of using a doll or plastic replica of female genitalia. 

Comfort: A vulva pillow is still a pillow that you can use for relaxing, sleeping, or resting. You can find a vulva cushion made of various materials suitable for laying your head on while trying to get some sleep. 

Ultimately, whatever you choose to use your vulva pillow for is up to you. Leave it resting on your living room sofa for guests to admire. Put it in your bedroom as a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with the female body, or gift it to a young adult needing better sex education. 

Where Can I Buy a Vulva Pillow?

You can find a vulva pillow or vulva-shaped accessories, jewelry, and apparel through a quick web search. Several sites sell them.

Search the art and home décor categories on your chosen site to find a vulva pillow.

Try more prominent online shops to shop for mass-produced images of nude women in erotic poses. If handmade and unique is what you’re looking for, search through the pages of Etsy by making an account. 

When shopping for handmade items, contact the seller for details about their business and shipping policies, as your item may not ship to your country.

Vulva pillows range in price but expect to pay at least USD 25.00 for one, not including shipping or packaging. 

If vulva pillows don’t suit your interest, try related searches such as the uterus or breast pillows.


Vulva pillows make great and unique gifts for multiple occasions. If you know someone who may love one, take the time to share this article with them.

Lastly, if sex education interests you, you may also be interested in some of our articles where we teach you how to enjoy the female body, purchase sex toys, and use top-secret techniques to pleasure not only a vulva but a woman’s entire body. 

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