VigRx Delay Wipes Review

VigRx Delay Wipes Review


The overwhelming majority of men out there would absolutely love the ability to last a lot longer during sex – and plenty of partners would love if their men could last quite a bit longer, too.

Men (on average) are only able to keep things rocking and rolling for anywhere between five minutes and six minutes, with more than 70% reporting that they would love to be able to last at least triple as long.

Women also report that they would love to have sex for 20 minutes or more if possible, and many aren’t shy about saying that they are at least a little bit disappointed in how quick things can be in the bedroom.

Thankfully though there’s a solution on the market today that allows men to last a lot longer than they would have been able to on their own, a solution designed for men that don’t want to have to wrap themselves in a mountain of rubber to dull all sensations and take the fun out of sex to begin with.

We are talking about the new VigRx delay wipes, a new solution designed to eliminate premature ejaculation issues but also designed to add a lot of extra endurance to men just looking to last a bit longer.

In this quick review we are going to dive into whether or not these delay wipes work, how they are able to deliver their payload of benefits, and whether or not there are any nasty side effects you need to be worried about should you choose to take advantage of the VigRx wipes we highlight below.

Let’s dig right in!

What are VigRx Delay Wipes?

To put it bluntly, VigRx delay wipes are exactly what they sound like – little wipes (a lot like hand sanitizing wipes you might get a after eating wings or barbecue) that have been treated with a proprietary desensitization formula from VigRx that lowers the sensitivity you’ll feel when you are having sex.

Simple, straightforward, and designed to work straight out of the box (with very little delay whatsoever) the most impressive thing about the VigRx delay wipes is that they are so easy to use even if you haven’t taken advantage of these kinds of products before.

The proprietary numbing agent contained within the desensitization formula (something that we highlight in just a moment) is responsible for handling the bulk of the heavy lifting behind what these wipes are capable of, but it’s the unique “wipe bottom, wipe off” kind of approach that the solutions take that really make them game changers.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that these wipes, individually wrapped and ready to go, allowing you to tuck one into your wallet or your back pocket so that you always have it handy when you get lucky. You don’t have to worry about heat negatively impacting the capabilities of the wipes themselves, either, something that cannot be said about most latex and non-latex based condoms.

Yes, you can keep one of these amazing little wipes in your wallet for months on end and still be able to rely on it to provide you with perfect desensitization benefits comparable to what you could expect from something like lidocaine without having to worry about any sort of “shelf life”.

That in of itself is a major advantage, too.

An added bonus is the fact that VigRx delay wipes have been developed by one of the most impressive companies in the male health and wellness space these days. Leading Edge Health produces a variety of different products catering to men that want to be at their very best without filling their bodies with chemical cocktails or prescription pharmaceuticals.

VigRx delay wipes (and their delay spray) gesso happen to be two of their most popular products on the market right now – and for good reason!

What Are the Active Ingredients in VigRx Delay Wipes?

When looking at the VigRx delay wipe formula the thing that really strikes most people first (including us) is the fact that there aren’t any of the common chemical numbing agents we are used to seeing in male endurance products listed in the ingredient breakdown.

You aren’t going to find any lidocaine and you aren’t going to find any benzocaine, either. While this formula provides almost all of the same benefits that those chemical cocktails bring to the table they do not have any of the same side effects attached (something that we highlight in just a moment), and certainly aren’t going to mess with your biochemistry if you use VigRx delay wipes for extended amounts of time, either.No Drugs involved

No, you’re going to find the entire ingredient breakdown for these VigRx products to be 100% all-natural with absolutely zero chemical additives mixed in.

Two backbone ingredients handle the bulk of the heavy lifting as far as producing the delay and endurance improving results you are after, the first being Zanthoxylum oil.Zanthoxylum Oil

This 100% all-natural oil is cultivated from the Zanthoxylum tree, a specific species of tree that naturally grows throughout Nepal and other locales throughout the world. Used throughout Asia for centuries as a medicinal intervention, the oils from this tree have a lot of healing and restorative benefits (with incredible antifungal and healing properties) but also works as a topical numbing agent, too.

The second ingredient that handles a lot of the heavy lifting in the VigRx formula is called peony extract. This extract comes from flowers of the same name, flowers that have been used for literally thousands of years (including by the ancient Greeks) for its topical numbing properties as well as its ability to improve blood circulation across the board.Peony Extract

When you combine these two ingredients together you get a formula that isn’t just going to offer double duty in the numbing and endurance department, but you also get ingredients that support better blood flow to the area that you apply your VigRx delay wipes to.

That means you’re going to get harder, stronger, and more impressive erections every time you use these products, too.

A handful of other ingredients are contained within the VigRx delay wipes formula, but all of them are essentially “carrier” ingredients that aren’t going to have any real impact on your health, wellness, or sexual endurance but are instead only mixed into the formula to get the two ingredients highlighted above into your bloodstream quickly.

The engineers behind these VigRx delay wipes have really tinkered with the formula to create something that is incredibly potent but also highly bioavailable.

This high level of bioavailability guarantees that you’re going to start to see real results inside of about 60 seconds, with the full payload of numbing agents delivered inside of about three minutes. You aren’t going to have to sit around and wait while things cool down in the bedroom just to keep things back up again when you use these products.

There certainly isn’t any 10 minute delay like what you can expect with more traditional endurance products, either – that’s for sure!

How Do VigRx Delay Wipes Work?

As we have highlighted a couple of times throughout this quick review, the way that VigRx delay wipes work is really pretty simple and straightforward.

After popping open the package and applying the wipes directly to your penis, the proprietary formula is going to start being rapidly absorbed into your skin and your bloodstream. This produces a multipronged effect that gives you the benefits promised by VigRx in the first place.

For starters, blood circulation to the area is going to crank up quite a bit. That means more blood is going to flow into your penis, producing harder, larger, more rock solid and impressive erections without you having to do anything whatsoever.

Secondly, the numbing agents are going to go to work to sort of mellow out the way sex feels while you are getting after it. This is going to allow you to enjoy every single second with your partner but it’s also going to let you sort of slow things down (without actually having to slow things down), essentially acting as a drag break on your activities so that you can last three or four times longer than you might have been able to otherwise.

Best of all, all of this starts to happen almost instantly.

Immediately upon application the formula is going to start going to work, getting absorbed deeper and deeper into your skin and then eventually your bloodstream. In about 60 seconds you are going to notice a definite change, with harder and stronger erections but also a little bit less sensation down there, too.

Inside of about three minutes you are going to have significantly delayed reactions to how things feel down there, allowing you to enjoy dramatically improved sexual endurance that satisfy you and your partner for sure.

As if that wasn’t great news on its own you also aren’t going to have to worry about the VigRx formula “rubbing off” on your partner while you are getting down to business, dulling their sensation, irritating their skin, or causing them any discomfort whatsoever.

The rapid absorption guarantees that you are ready to get down to business almost immediately without negatively impacting their pleasure at all.

How Can I Make the Most of Everything VigRx Delay Wipes Offer?

If you’re serious about making the most of everything that these wipes have to offer you’ll want to make sure that you read up on how to apply this delay formula best.

For starters, you are going to want to carefully tear open the wrapper of the VigRx delay wipe you are going to be using.

You’ll then want to take the wipeout of its package very delicately (avoiding a lot of contact with your hands except for the tip of your fingers), and then you’re going to want to move it directly to your penis.

Next you want to rub up and down the base of your shaft all the way up to the tip and then back down again, making sure to get even distribution throughout (though focusing a lot more on the tip area will definitely help on your sexual endurance for sure).

This should take about 20 to 30 seconds total, making sure that as much of the lotion on the delay wipe has been absorbed into your skin. From there you’ll want to wipe off any excess with the backside of the delay wipe, helping to make sure that there isn’t any left to cause discomfort or a numbing sensation for your partner that they make not be expecting.

After all of that has been taking care of you are ready to rock and roll.

Depending on how your body responds to the numbing agent (and every guy will respond differently – though they are guaranteed to respond positively) you can expect to double, triple, or even quadruple the time you can delay an orgasm while having sex compared to if you weren’t using any delay solutions whatsoever.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

How Much Do VigRx Delay Wipes Cost?

100% Natural Vigrx Delay wipes

The odds are pretty good that you’ve seen similarly designed products like these on the market before, many of them little more than modern-day snake oil peddled by less than ethical marketers – the kinds of products that aren’t able to even come close to delivering on the promises that they make.

The odds are just as good that you’ve seen these products priced at almost ridiculously skyhigh prices, premium price tags attached to products that definitely don’t deserve them.

Thankfully though, neither of those issues are going to be a problem when you are using the VigRx delay wipes.

An entire month’s supply of VigRx delay sheets will set you back about $29 (excluding tax and shipping costs), but if you purchase even more – a two month or three month supply – you can start to stack some pretty significant savings in a hurry.

A two-month box is only going to set you back $48 (savings of almost $10 compared to buying these boxes separately), and a three-month box supply will only set you back $57 – the best value of them all.

You’ll really appreciate the fact that VigRx has very discrete shipping and billing practices in place, too. You won’t ever have to worry about uncomfortable charges showing up on your credit card statement or huge advertisements plastered all over the shipping box that your VigRx delay wipes, and, either.


There are a bunch of different benefits you’ll be able to enjoy when you choose to take advantage of VigRx delay wipes, but the biggest benefits have to be:

  • Significantly improved sexual stamina and endurance almost instantly, without any heavy lifting on your end
  • The ability to prolong your sexual endurance without having to use super thick condoms that really handicap a lot of the fun of sex to begin with
  • Improved erection strength, length and girth, and overall impressiveness without risking your short or long-term health
  • Improved sexual confidence just because you know you’re going to be able to blow your partner’s mind – all without anyone having to be the wiser that you’re using delay wipes to begin with
  • 67 Days money back guaranteed


At the same time, we aren’t suggesting that VigRx delay wipes are 100% sunshine and roses and that they do not have a couple of drawbacks that you’ll want to be aware of.

For starters, you aren’t going to be able to get your hands on a constant supply of VigRx delay wipes at your local department store, convenience store, or any other brick and mortar operation. This is why it’s such a good idea to stock up on a couple of month’s worth of VigRx delay wipes ahead of time as getting your hands on some “spur of the moment” can be a bit of a tricky situation.

Secondly, you do really have to make sure that you are evenly distributing the delay lotion that each individual wipe has been coated with. If the distribution is uneven you’re likely to have “hotspots” on your body that are still supersensitive and that might negate all of the beneficial impacts these products are designed to offer in the first place.

Other than that it’s hard to see how you could go wrong with everything that VigRx delay wipes are bringing to the table.

Are There Any Side Effects I Should Know About?

One of the coolest things about these endurance boosting products is that they aren’t ever going to put your short or long-term health in jeopardy the way that some of the other modern-day snake oil solutions out there can.

There are a lot of horror stories about people using products that featured lidocaine (and similar OTC numbing agents) on a regular basis and essentially “frying” their sexual circuits and suffering from even more significant premature ejaculation or even erectile dysfunction issues later down the line.

That isn’t ever going to be a problem when you choose to take advantage of these wipes, that’s 100% guaranteed.

The formula that these wipes have been built on top of is 100% all-natural, free of chemical additives that could compromise your health or wellness, and will not cause allergic reactions, either.

This really is the best of all worlds if you’re looking to last longer in bed, satisfy your partner more often, and generally just enjoy a lot more confidence when it’s time to get down to business in the bedroom.

Where Can I Buy VigRx Delay Wipes?vigrx wipes packs

We made mention of this earlier, but you are only ever going to have an opportunity to get your hands on VigRx delay wipes directly from the source online.

You aren’t going to be able to find these products in stores locally, you aren’t going to be able to pop down to the corner shop and pick up a handful of delay wipes when you need them most, and you definitely aren’t going to find them sitting on the shelf next to the condoms you used to use to last a little bit longer.

No, if you are serious about almost instantly lasting a whole lot longer in bed than you have been lasting already – without having to do anything crazy and without having to rub yourself with chemical cocktails and potent numbing agents that can cause more harm than good – you’re going to have to order these delay wipes directly from the folks at VigRx.

It’s not a bad idea to get your hands on a month or two (or three) supply just so that you know you are good to go no matter what.

The odds are pretty decent that when she sees how long you’re able to last in bed after you try these wipes out a couple of times you’re going to get your turn at bat a little more frequently than you have been. You don’t want to handicap yourself by running out before you can get another box sent out to you!

Final Verdict

All things considered, there’s a lot to really like when it comes to everything the VigRx delay wipes have to offer.

These products are proven to be effective. They take advantage of scientifically verified ingredients that are capable of delivering the results you are expecting without putting your health or wellness in jeopardy.

Best of all, every single guy on the planet can use these VigRx delay wipes to totally change the game completely for themselves and for their partner without any issue whatsoever.

It’s not every day you come across something that can make your sex life so much better in such a simple and straightforward kind of way. The promises VigRx makes with these delay wipes aren’t just promises – there guarantees that you’re going to be able to turn up the heat (and keep things hot) for way longer than you would have been able to without them.

They definitely get our full endorsement.


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Something missing in your sex life?

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