VigRX Delay Spray Review

VigRX Delay Spray Review

Even guys that are excited about grabbing a quickie every now and again aren’t ever jazzed up about being labeled a minute man – not by a long stretch.

Unfortunately, according to independent research conducted in both the United States and the United Kingdom, the overwhelming majority of guys out there are only able to last about six minutes in bed before they pop. Worse, a significant share of men aren’t ever able to get past the five minute mark on a regular basis.

This is horrible news for guys that would love nothing more than to last 15, 20, or even 30 minutes if they could. That would be far more in line with what women’s expectations are, with the bulk of women reporting that they love their men to last two or three times longer than they do if that was possible.

Well, what if we told you that thanks to the miracle of modern science and a potent and proven ingredients formula you actually could totally transform yourself from a sexual endurance zero into a sexual endurance hero immediately – all without having to do any heavy lifting on your own other than spray yourself down two or three minutes before you get down to business?

Sound too good to be true?


But maybe not.

That’s why we have put together this quick VigRx delay spray review (delay wipes also available).

Let’s get right into it!

At its core, the VigRx delay spray formula is little more than a simple spritz that you apply directly to your body to topically numb your penis before you get hot and heavy with your partner.

We are talking about a spritz that isn’t just going to help you desensitize sex for you (far more effectively than clunky condoms can), but a spritz that’s also going to have the added benefit of helping you enjoy harder, stronger, and more intense erections at the same time.

This is totally life changing stuff we are touching on here, the kind of proprietary formula that uses already proven to be effective ingredients to give you these topical numbing benefits without subjecting you to horrific side effects regardless of whether or not you use this spray one time, dozen times, or every single time you slide into bed with a partner from here on out.

Never again are you going to have to worry about apologizing for not being able to last a little longer, for cheating someone that you really wanted to give a good time out of the fun and pleasure of a little longer-lasting sex.

No, VigRx delay spray isn’t going to turn you into some sort of sexual superstar overnight (moves are not included) but it’s definitely going to help you last a lot longer than you were before – and with success being 99% just showing up your definitely going to be in better shape.

What are the VigRx Delay Spray Active Ingredients?

The company behind VigRx delay spray is called Leading Edge Health, and organization that produces high-quality supplements and health boosting products made from powerful and proven ingredients.

VigRx delay spray itself is made in a totally CGMP certified laboratory that adheres to the strictest and most stringent of production and safety regulations, regulations that go far above and beyond what is required of this producer but is a big part of why VigRx enjoys such a skyhigh reputation in the male sexual enhancement industry.

This company is also committed to using only the highest quality ingredients available, with cornerstone ingredient benzocaine doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to numbing your penis ahead of sex.

This foundational ingredient is a popular over-the-counter pain reliever and topical numbing agent, a solution that has been designed specifically to provide temporary numbing properties without having to seek out a prescription ahead of time.

First synthesized in the late 1800s and then approved for medical use in 1902, there’s more than 100+ years of research confirming that benzocaine is able to “deliver the goods” when it comes to numbing your body so that you last longer when you’re having sex.

Best of all, the odds of you having to worry about any side effects whatsoever when using VigRx delay spray are slim to none thanks to the patented delivery mechanism and the “carrier ingredients” (nonactive ingredients) that help make this product so highly bioavailable.

You will rapidly absorbed this spray directly into your skin and bloodstream, delivering the payload of benefits it brings to the table almost straightaway, and won’t have to worry about numbing your partner if you get down to business to quickly after spraying yourself, too.

Is There Any Hard Science Behind the Benefits VigRx Delay Spray Promises?

As highlighted above, there’s a mountain of science and research conclusively proving that VigRx delay spray is able to deliver on its promises and meet – if not exceed – your expectations.

Produced from an ethyl ester that has literally been studied for more than 100 years, it’s are to imagine there being any more proven to be effective ingredient on the market today designed to help numb strategic parts of your body (like your penis) as well as benzocaine can.

A proven anesthetic that works wonders immediately upon application (taking next to no time to kick in to high gear), you don’t have to build up a tolerance for VigRx delay spray for it to work well, you don’t have to worry about “over spraying”, and you don’t have to worry about wrapping yourself up in layer after layer of rubber the way that some thick condoms can make you feel to get the results you are looking for.

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Instead, you’re simply going to use the biochemical reaction that this active ingredient causes throughout the skin and nerve receptors of your penis (working to inhibit voltage dependent sodium channels throughout your penile tissue, if we are getting clinical) to give you the sexual endurance you are looking for with no extra effort on your behalf at all.

How Should I Use VigRx Delay Spray?

If you are going to take full advantage of everything the VigRx delay spray formula has to offer (and judging by the mountain of reviews online that’s not a bad idea), you’re going to want to make sure you know how to make full use of everything that this product provides.

For starters, you should know that VigRx delay spray is advertised as a “dose-dependent” kind of supplement.

That’s a sort of long-winded way to say that your body is going to respond differently to individual sprays and dosages of VigRx delay spray differently than anyone else, and you’re going to need to do at least a little bit of experimentation to figure out if one, two, or three sprays is going to get you the results you’re after without causing your penis to “fall asleep” the way your foot might if you sit on it for too long.

The manufacturer recommends that you begin with a single spray, making sure to cover as much of your penis as possible with that initial spritz before gently working the spray along the shaft and tip of your penis with your hand.

Spoiler alert – Don’t be surprised if you find your fingers a little tingly after you have rubbed this topical spray into your skin. The sensation will disappear in about five minutes or so, but this is something you’re going to have to get use to if you want to make the most of everything this formula offers.

You are then going to want to wait about 30 seconds to a minute and a half just to see how your body responds. By the time 90 seconds have passed you’ll have a good idea of how numb you are going to feel when having sex, and your shooting for a sensation that is somewhat dulled but not completely numb.

Spray too much and you’re going to feel like you have a ghost appendage in a hurry, and you’re going to also have an almost impossible time keeping it up when you’ve lost all sensation completely.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t numb enough after that initial spray you’ll want to go for a second shot. Rinse and repeat the process that we highlighted above to see if you are good to go (and you likely should be), but if you need a third spray that’s definitely something you can do, too.

Medical experts, however, do not recommend that you apply any more than three benzocaine sprays to your sensitive body parts on a frequent basis, though. The last thing you want to do is start to jeopardize your short or long-term health by putting too much of this substance on your body at a time.

It’s also interesting that the folks behind VigRx say that after you’ve allowed this topical spray to absorb into your body and start to feel sufficiently numb you can also use a condom (something that a lot of other sexual endurance sprays do not recommend) to bump your endurance up even a little bit more.

This isn’t totally necessary but it might be something that you’re interested in doing all the same.

Am I Going to Have to Sit Around and Wait for This Delay Spray to Kick In?

As we touched on a moment ago, you definitely are going to have to sit around (little bit) to wait and see how effectively this delay spray kicks in before you get right down to business.

The last thing you want to do is give yourself a quick spritz and then jump right between the sheets. This is a one-way ticket to not only numbing your own body but numbing the insides of your partner, something that they may not be expecting as well as something that they probably aren’t going to be all that excited to discover as a surprise.

Thankfully, though, the proprietary delivery mechanism and delivery formula for the VigRx delay spray practically guarantees that you aren’t going to have to wait anywhere near as long as other folks are with more traditional sexual endurance solutions.

You should only have to wait between 30 seconds and 90 seconds or so to see how this numbing agent is going to work for you, and it’s only going to take about three or four minutes for the spray to be fully dried in and you ready to get down to business.

This is a perfect opportunity to slide into the bathroom for little bit of discretion and to buy a little bit of time. Depending on your comfort level with your partner you might not want to pull out VigRx delay spray, hose yourself down, and then make small talk while you’re waiting for the formula to kick in.

How Much Money Will VigRx Delay Spray Set Me Back?

One of the things that really helps to separate VigRx delay spray from the rest of the pack is its affordability, particularly when stacked up against the rest of the competition – and especially after you start to order these bottles in bulk quantities.

A single month supply of VigRx delay spray is going to set you back about $50, making it one of the more affordable delay spray options and sexual endurance products on the OTC market right now.

Now, that might sound like a great deal at first blush but when you realize that you can save even more money by ordering a three month supply (three bottles) at a time for just $130 it starts to look even more attractive.

The odds are pretty good that if you have a lot of success with the VigRx delay spray you’re going to be using it pretty frequently (and your partners going to be looking to get down to business more often than you were in the past now that you can last longer) – which means you want to have a couple of bottles on hand.

VigRx delay spray isn’t something that you can pop down to the local corner shop and pick up anytime you like. It’s something that you’re going to want to stock up on if you respond well (and the chances of that are skyhigh).

If you really want to stretch out the savings as much as possible you’ll want to consider a six month supply of VigRx delay spray. That’s six bottles in every box for a grand total of $220, saving about $80 total if you were to buy each of these individual spray bottles separately.

A six month supply usually gives you plenty enough on hand to have a lot of fun between “topping up” direct from the manufacturer without you having to worry about running dry and maybe losing your mojo before a new shipment can arrive on your doorstep.


Of all the big benefits that VigRx delay spray has to offer, the fact that it can start working so quickly is definitely one that we want to highlight right out of the gate. Most guys are going to notice a major difference inside of about a minute and a half with everybody starting to notice serious changes in sensation inside of between 5 and 10 minutes.

Secondly, this is a product that is going to (at least) double your sexual endurance without you having to do anything else different whatsoever. With most guys “internal clock” popping inside of six minutes or so – some a lot faster than that – the ability to double, triple, or even quadruple your sexual stamina straightaway with just a quick spritz or two is a game changer.

The fact that VigRx delay spray is completely dose-dependent shouldn’t fly under the radar, either. You’re able to apply as much (or as little) of this spray as you like – within reason – to either modulate the amount of stimulation you’re feeling when you get down to business. This really puts you in the driver seat in a way that few other products on the market can.

Lastly, the 67 day money back guarantee that this company provides on every purchase should give you all the confidence you need to give VigRx delay spray a shot yourself. You don’t risk anything at all, are never out a single penny if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, and get a chance to try a game changing sexual endurance spray like this with zero downside.

Benefits of VigRX Spray


Truth be told, it’s really hard to maintain the same sexual energy when you pop out a spray bottle, hose yourself down, and then tell your partner you’re going to have to wait a couple of minutes until you can get back after it.

You’re going to need a couple of minutes for this spray to kick in no matter what, so you’ll want to excuse yourself to the bathroom before you discreetly apply this to your body.

Secondly, there is at least a little bit of potential for “overdosing” with VigRx delay spray. Any more than three sprays could potentially numb you more than a “dead leg” and you’ll be next to useless when it’s time to slide between the sheets until 25 to 30 minutes later.

Lastly, you don’t want to dive headfirst into any oral action when you are applying VigRx delay spray to your member. The formula is incredibly powerful and incredibly potent (not to mention long-lasting) – not to mention easily transferable before it fully absorbs – and this isn’t the kind of unpleasant surprise you want to give someone that you are getting intimate with.

Should I Be Worried About VigRx Delay Spray Side Effects?

The odds are very good that you aren’t going to have to worry about any negative side effects whatsoever when you are using the VigRx formula.

Not only is the active ingredient contained within this product a proven topical anesthetic with more than 100 years of research under its belt, but the proprietary delivery mechanism and control you have over how much you apply to your body really helps you eliminate a lot of the potential for “overdosing”.

At the same time, there is research out there showing that prolonged usage of benzocaine can have a negative impact on your sexual life moving forward in the long term. It’s probably not a bad idea to use this sporadically (a handful of times a week maximum and never going above three sprays at a time) to really minimize risks in this department.

Other than that you really don’t have much if anything to be concerned with as far as side effects are concerned.

How Can I Buy VigRx Delay Spray?

You can order VigRx delay spray direct from the manufacturer and only from online sources as we made mention of earlier.

This isn’t the kind of product you’re going to find that your favorite department store, at a health and supplement store, or down at the local convenience shop, either. Right now you have to order it 100% online which is why it’s such a good idea to stock up on larger quantities (especially with that money back promise protecting you) to guarantee that you don’t run out before you can get your next delivery shipped out to your doorstep.67 Days Money guarantee

Final Verdict

All things considered, there are a lot of products on the market today promising the moon and the stars when it comes to cranking up your capacity for sexual endurance.

Most of them are nothing more than modern-day snake oil pumped out by shady manufacturers and anything but ethical marketers hoping to cash in on the desperation of guys that are tired of only lasting five minutes or less.

VigRx delay spray, on the other hand, is very much the real deal as evidenced by the flood of glowingly positive reviews online and the 100+ years of success the active ingredient in this formula has had as a topical numbing agent.

With no risk to try this formula you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to give VigRx delay spray a spin to see how much longer you can last!

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Something missing in your sex life?

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