7 Proven (And Unusual) Signs That A Woman Has Climaxed

7 Proven (And Unusual) Signs That A Woman Has Climaxed

How often does your woman orgasm? Or are you even aware of the signs that a woman has climaxed?

Believe it or not, women fake orgasms more often than not. They want you to believe that you’re an awesome lover…so that you can finish up having sex and move on with your life.

I don’t know about you, but I do not like fake orgasms. They’re so manufactured, it’s actually a turn-off to me.

So, how do you tell that she’s actually climaxed?

The answer is these 7 signs that prove she’s reached orgasm. Learn to identify them, and you’ll be making her orgasm in no time.

#1 – Cat Back

The first tell-tale sign of climax is what I call, “cat back.” This is when she arches her back over-dramatically, to the point that the angle is so bent that she looks like a cat.

This is a tell-tale sign of a real orgasm because it’s uncomfortable to do. She wouldn’t arch her back if she wasn’t actually orgasming and needed the release.

Women do this subconsciously, starting when they’re about 95% close to orgasm. If you see her raising her stomach and bending like Beckham, keep going. She’s about to blow.

This sign usually happens when you’re hitting her G Spot, especially if she’s on top.

#2 – “O” Face

This classic sign is #2 for good reason – it works.

The “O” Face gets its name from the sound that she makes “oooooh” and the shape her mouth makes: “O.” Depending on the woman, this could happen during sex, but is more likely to become exaggerated during the orgasm itself.

Just like arching her back, there’s no reason for a woman to open her mouth uncomfortably and make these sounds. Therefore, if her mouth violently opens up, it’s likely she’s climaxing right then.

#3 – “Oh My God!”

Along with the “O” face comes of course – the noise.

When a girl reaches orgasm, she’ll start letting out beautiful sounds of pleasure, usually along the lines of, “ohhhh oh oh my oh my oh my GOD!”

It’s like music to my ears. Every girl is different, but once you make your woman orgasm, you’ll know what kind of noise she makes.

The bad thing about this indicator is that it can be faked. That’s why porn movies are not a good guideline to learn about the female orgasm – most of the porn orgasms are faked.

Believe me, I worked in the ‘biz for years. Those girls are not actually orgasming. If they did, their shouts would be much more violent and emotional.

To see if your girl is faking, take note of how intense her hollering is. You’ll be able to determine how genuine the orgasm is based on how ridiculous her sounds are.

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#4 – Heart Racing

heart rate rise

A less noticeable sign, but still an important one, is her heart rate. When your partner nears orgasm, her heart will start beating faster.

In addition, her breathing will start getting shorter, as if she’s running suicides. Orgasming is a physically strenuous activity, so much like exercise, she should be getting hot ’n’ sweaty.

This sign might be hard to monitor, so here are some tips.

If you’re eating her out, grab her hand or breast, or even put your hand on her neck. You should be able to get a guess if her blood is pumping or not.

If you’re fingering her, face her and bring her close to you so that you can continue kissing.

When you want to see how she’s doing, move your mouth to her neck, breasts, or ear. This will open her mouth so she can start breathing undisturbed by kissing, and you should now be able to hear if her breathing gets faster.

#5 – Slip ’n’ Slide

This is the simplest, and most reliable, climax indicator around.

If you make your woman orgasm, she will get insanely wet. That’s a fact.

It won’t be a gradual, slow change either. The moment she cums, a waterfall of fluid will rush into her vagina, making the proceeding sex extremely pleasurable.

To notice if she’s got wet, simply finger her. No matter what technique you’re using, make sure you have a finger (or two) inside her to judge how wet she is.

This can be done while you’re eating her out, rubbing her clit, using a vibrator, or of course…fingering her.

When she gets super wet, you know the job is done. This is especially true if you make her squirt during sex.

#6 – Extreme Sensitivity

You know how after you orgasm, the head of your penis gets ridiculously sensitive?

The same concept applies to women. When they climax, their “head” doesn’t get sensitive, but their clitoris does. The clitoris is anatomically the same as the penis head, so it makes sense that it gets sensitive.

Depending on your woman, she might get so sensitive that she pushes you off her to calm down. Her vagina is so tender that any contact is almost painful…much like what happens when men cum!

Again, this sign is crucial to watch for because it can’t be faked. A woman faking an orgasm would not push you off her because she’s too sensitive. Only true orgasms cause women to become so delicate that they can’t handle our hands on them.

#7 – Begging For More

woman begging to her guy

The final sign is that she’s orgasmed is if she’s begging for more.

Unlike men, who have a 10-15 minute refractory period, women can have sex immediately following their orgasm.

There might be a few seconds of extreme sensitivity as previously described, but after that wears off she’ll be ready to roll again.

You could even give her multiple orgasms this way. Women are different from men in that they can have multiple orgasms back to back, without cooling off at all.

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