7 Surprising Semen Retention Benefits

7 Surprising Semen Retention Benefits

What if I told you not cumming could improve your sexual performance? And not only that but many, many more semen retention benefits…

Sounds crazy, I know, but men all around the world are waking up to the truth – excessive orgasm can be harmful.

Semen retention, or not orgasming, is exactly what it sounds like – the practice of preventing orgasm, in order to improve quality of life.

Semen retention was exercised for centuries by monks but was slowly forgotten as porn became so popular. Even the best-selling self-help book, “Think & Grow Rich” discusses the benefits of semen retention.

Today, we’ll review why I think semen retention could benefit you. By the end, you’ll never want to cum again!

Improved Discipline

The first benefit of semen retention is that you’ll become more disciplined. Resisting cumming is not an easy task, and by overcoming your innate human desires, you’ll gain increased confidence for fighting your urges.

Discipline is built from telling yourself you’re going to do something and doing it.

Discipline is a skill like any other. You improve it by doing it over and over again.

The beauty of semen retention is that you have to practice it every single day, every hour. There are no off-days, as you’ll quickly learn.

One of the best ways to practice semen retention is to quit masturbating. I understand it’s hard to quit because I had quite the struggle when I tried to stop.

However, now that I’ve accomplished the challenge I set up for myself, that discipline has seeped into all other areas of my life.

Stronger Erection

When you stop cumming, you start having a harder erection. There are a few reasons for that.

The first is that when practicing semen retention, you’ll probably start masturbating less. Less masturbation and your cock will grow stronger from less stimulation.

It’s very possible that masturbation is exhausting your penis, and a break could help return erection quality.

Second, less cumming will build a desire deep in your soul to orgasm. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how bad your erectile dysfunction is…if you go weeks without cumming, you will be DYING to orgasm!

When you get into bed with your woman, you’ll rip her clothes off, and have your boner practically tearing through your pants.

No Brain Fog

Like I mentioned earlier, monks practiced semen retention for centuries.

Remember, monks spend literally hours meditating every day, so their brains had to have crystal clear focus. They understand the brain like no one else, and they practiced semen retention.

They knew very well that orgasming can cause side effects, thanks to all the dopamine.

See, dopamine is the “happy chemical” responsible for the pleasure you feel after sex (or masturbation). By abusing dopamine (by orgasming too much), your brain starts riding a roller coaster of dopamine rushes, sort of like a drug addict. This can cause serious side effects, like brain fog.

If you’ve had brain fog, you know what it feels like. You can’t focus, your intentions aren’t clear, and you drink a ton of coffee just to start paying attention.

Semen retention, if you can get over the urges, is a great cure for brain fog.

Balanced Pelvic Floor

Just like how excessive orgasm can mess up your brain, it can also cause problems in your body.

Did you know…there are a few muscle groups inside your pelvis, that control the function of your penis and rectum?

They’re called the PC muscles and excessive orgasm can cause them to seize up and perform under par.

Pelvic floor imbalances happen when one side of the muscles are stronger than the other. This usually happens in men who masturbate too much.

Fortunately, you can restore and even rebuild your pelvic floor muscles, with these exercises.

Bigger Cumshots

This one should seem apparent. The less you orgasm, the more cum you have built up in your balls.

Then, when you do eventually orgasm, you release all of that semen onto your partner.

Not only is there more semen volume, but all of that volume builds up back pressure…making your cum FLY across the room.

If bigger cumshots are your goal, definitely start practicing semen retention. Even just limiting your orgasms can help improve cumshot size. You don’t have to stop cumming forever, but even cutting your orgasm frequency in half can have massive gains for your loads. 

If you don’t want to practice semen retention, here are a few other ways to make your cum go farther.

Increased Testosterone

You might think what I’m saying in this article is just bro-science, but it’s actually been scientifically proven that semen retention can increase testosterone.

Yes, a recent study has shown that after seven days of no orgasm, men’s testosterone increases by forty-five percent.

Forty-five? That’s crazy!

From my personal experience, semen retention definitely increases testosterone. When I don’t orgasm, I feel like a wild coyote on the loose…hunting for prey!

My workouts are better, my sex drive is higher, and my penis is stronger.

It’s not easy practicing semen retention, but the results are well worth it. If you want to delve a little deeper we’d recommend you read about the semen retention timeline.

Better Sex

Between bigger cumshots, stronger penis, and higher testosterone, it’s clear to see how semen retention improves your sex life.

This will be even more apparent if you lay off the porn for a bit. When you stop watching porn and stop orgasming as much, every orgasm you have becomes that more sacred. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about resisting orgasm that makes me feel infinitely closer to my wife.

However, this is just one way that you can use sex to build your relationship.

Truth be told, I didn’t understand how interconnected sex and relationships were for a loooong time.

That is, until my marriage started falling apart. I had to fix something, so I went to my friend Andrew Mioch, who worked his magic on me.

Andy is an international bestselling author in sex education (and founder of this site), and one of the pillars of his teaching is that a healthy sex life and a satisfying relationship are one and the same. You need one to have the other.

If you’re interested in building a stronger relationship (and a hotter sex life), you need check out SQL’s Best She Ever Had Online Academy. It’s the ultimate guide on how to become a sex god. It’ll teach you how to please your woman now and forever.


Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"

Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"