Proven Ways To Actually Keep Women Wanting You

Proven Ways To Actually Keep Women Wanting You

Women. The 8th wonder of the universe. Most guys have absolutely no clue on how to keep a girl interested and wanting them. Want to know why? Because girls don’t know what they want either.

Here is what women will say about what they want in a guy: “I want a nice guy who buys me gifts, who will listen to my every word as if his life depended on it, who will agree with me on everything, and who will be my knight in shining armor.”

To the women who say this kind of BS, I say, “NO YOU DON’T. If that’s what you wanted, then you should marry your dog.”

Women can be baffling, because they will say one thing, and believe it. They will even lie to their best friends as to what they want and then go for something completely different.

This explains why so many women end up with a “bad boy” type. Here’s why, and what actually keeps women wanting you.

Bad boys don’t care about what women think, and that turns women on more than you can imagine. Bad boys are strong, alpha male types who are the leaders of their own pack, and women have a primal urge to be with that guy.

Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, most women prefer an alpha male type to a weak, beta male type.

The good news for you is this – it will cost you less. Seriously. It will cost you less money because you won’t have to buy gifts, or waste your valuable, precious time considering every little thing that they want.

I’m not advocating that you be a “jerk” to women – not at all. There is a balance to everything, and you need to figure out what your motive is in order to receive the kind of respect only “alpha” type men can get in a relationship.

Do you want to get a hot woman in the sack for one night (and keep her wanting you again)? Then you better put on your best alpha male persona and go for it. Do you want to find the perfect woman to marry and have kids with? Then your game is going to be the kinder, gentler version of being a full-blown, badass alpha male around her.

One thing I know is that women love to be teased. They LOVE the mystery. They LOVE wondering what you are REALLY thinking. They LOVE to talk to their girlfriends all night long about how they can’t quite figure you out.

They LOVE to have to chase you. They also love to be chased, but you have to know what you are doing.

We all pretty much want what we cannot have, so if you want a girl to be more interested in you, you have to know how it all works.

This is why this article is about how to keep a girl wanting you and being interested in you (not just for a night).

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Let’s do this:

1. The Mindset You Need to Develop.

Your mindset must be this: “I am a very busy guy. I have so many awesome dreams to fulfill, and I know that I can do it. Nothing is going to stop me – not even the most beautiful woman on earth could stop me from attaining my goals and dreams. It would be great and nice if a beautiful woman would accompany me on my journey, but it’s not AT ALL necessary. I can do this alone, and maybe I prefer to be alone when I do it. Certainly, no woman is going to take my dreams away from me.”

Read this to yourself every day when you get up for 66 days until it becomes a habitual thought. A mindset like this will make you more attractive to women, you’ll seem more self-reliant, capable, confident… like a guy with a mission.

2. Believe It, Then You’ll See It.

You must believe in yourself if you want to keep a woman interested in you. You must believe in your goals and dreams, and talk about them in an eager and passionate way. Women love a guy with a vision, passion, and desire, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. You could have just thought of something yesterday, and it wouldn’t matter to her if you met her today. But don’t do it for her. Do it for you.

3. Don’t Put Her on This.

Put her on what? A pedestal. Don’t put her on a pedestal. When you do, do you want to know what she really thinks? Here it is: “What is wrong with him? He doesn’t know the real me. What’s going to happen when he finds out that I’m human, too?”

Don’t do it. Avoid it like the plague. Instead, lightly tease her some about the things that you know that she is self-conscious about, and when you accept her and love her anyway for all of her flaws, she will want to jump your bones for the rest of your life. See how it works?

4. Don’t Make Her the Center of Your World.

You are the center of your world. Let her be a part of YOUR world and not the other way around. This is what “nice guys” do… The “nice guys” that finish first in bed – if they “get lucky” – and last in relationships. When you make your whole life revolve around her, you become too predictable and boring. Think of women like cats, as soon as the string stops moving, they get bored.

5. Be Cool, Even Under Heavy Fire.

Want to know why women want to throw their panties at guys like James Bond? It’s because he’s cool under heavy fire. Never allow anything she says or does to fluster you. You’re a guy, not a woman. She will test you. Trust me on that.

6. The One Word to Avoid.

If you are the type of guy always to say that you are sorry, stop it. Now. Just stop. Only say “I’m sorry” when you REALLY fucked up. Women might often play games and put you in situations where it seems easier to say “sorry” (even when you didn’t mess up anything important), but this only makes them respect you less if it becomes too common.

7. Exude Confidence.

How do you exude confidence? Re-read step 1 through 6…

I’m not asking you to fake anything. You need to have a life and then let her join you in your amazing life. So get a life first if you haven’t already. Do whatever you can to increase your confidence, both physically and mentally. Women want to feel safe and protected, so if you’ve got a strong body with big biceps (or a big wallet), that helps. If you look good and feel good in your skin, that energy and presence will be felt. If you can have other men respect you, this will also give you immediate attention from women.


8. Be a Bad Boy Without Being Bad.

There is truth to the statement that the worse you are, the more women will want to sleep with you. Want to know why?

Because a bad boy type will walk right up to a woman in a club and ask her if she wants to go home with him. Am I exaggerating? Yes, but I am saying this to make a point: Bad boys don’t care about rejection – beta males do. So a bad boy will walk right up to a woman and start up a conversation and tell her he really likes her (while looking her in the eyes). Meanwhile, the beta males will be plastered to the wall with a drink in their hand envying the alpha males.

This does not mean that you have to treat women poorly. Don’t be that kind of bad. Women don’t like that – but they prefer being battered to the super nice, quiet, beta males. Go figure.

9. Play Hard to Get.

Good looking women get hit on by idiots all the time. Women get sick of it. Imagine if that was you. What would you want?

You would want someone different. You would want someone who was hard to get.

Be hard to get. In a way, don’t be too easy. If you see that she likes you (and you like her, too), make her work for your attention a bit. She’ll value you more once she “gets” you.

10. Avoid This One Big Mistake.

There was a joke that went something like this: “Question: When is it safe to share your true feelings with a woman? Answer: After about 22 years of marriage.”

Keep her sort of guessing. This is an exaggeration of course, but sharing too soon always kills the attraction factor. Even after such a long time she always needs to “discover” something new about you that she didn’t know. She should never feel like she figured you out completely.

11. Be a God in the Bedroom.

Lastly, you’ve got to perform your best in the sack. What I mean by this is that you’ve got to bring it to the bedroom by knocking her socks off with truly great sex. Considering that most guys are terrible in bed and suffer from premature ejaculation, it’s not that hard to differentiate yourself and truly crush your competition – by outlasting them – like a real alpha.

Great sex is about a lot of foreplay, and about being able to last for at least 30 minutes without busting your nut. You’ve got to find a way to keep yourself rock-hard without coming too soon (before she does). And that involves eating right, exercising, and doing those exercises like kegels, weight training, and aerobics too.

The bottom line is that women are a mystery, but then again, when you know that they are, and you no longer care WHY they are, then it all becomes simple. Why? Because when you stop caring more about them than you do about yourself, THAT is when they will flock to you like pigeons to corn on a sidewalk. Your biggest problem will then be, how do I manage all of these beautiful women who want to have my children?

Now that’s the kind of problem that is nice having…

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