How To Keep Her In Love With You

How To Keep Her In Love With You

If you’ve found the girl for you, and you two fell in love, then congratulations. This article is going to focus on what you can do in order to keep the love going.

One of the first things that you can do is to figure out what it is that she loves about you, and keep those things going. It sounds simple enough, right? But some guys do what women do and act or behave differently after they have been in a relationship for over a year or so.

Don’t do that. Don’t take her for granted. You wouldn’t want her to take you for granted, so don’t you do it either.

The temptation is definitely there to slack off – to get into a groove where it’s easy to stop doing the things that you were doing that attracted her in the first place. So find out what it is that she loves about you and expand on those – don’t slack off.

Take Responsibility

One of the first things that will help in any relationship is to take responsibility for things. For example,  if her car needs servicing, take the responsibility of fixing it or getting it fixed. Don’t put the burden on her. Most women don’t want to have to deal with problems with their cars, and other things that have to do with mechanics. This is where you need to take responsibility as much as possible so that she feels a bit dependent upon you.

Women are submissive by nature, so the more that you can do when something mechanical breaks, the better. Let YouTube become your friend and learn how to do things on your own.

Women really like it when we take responsibility because it makes them feel supported and loved.

Keep Surprising Her

Everyone loves to be surprised. Most women feel really loved when you surprise them because when you surprise a woman, in her mind, she has confirmation that you are truly thinking about her when you’re apart.

You don’t have to go all out all of the time. Just buying her roses when it’s not Valentine’s Day or surprising her with something that you just found out that she needs is all that you have to do.

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Once in a while, a big surprise is great and will keep her really feeling loved and appreciated. For example, you could blindfold her, not tell her where you’re going, and take her to an airport where there is a helicopter waiting for her and you to tour the city. Things like this will really help to keep the boredom out of the relationship.

The key is to keep on appreciating her in different ways. You don’t always have to surprise her with gifts or a huge surprise – even just surprising her with other things like taking her out to dinner when she was expecting to have to make it is enough.

This is not something that you can do once every 6 months and expect great results. You need to be doing it all the time but not in a needy way. Simply pay attention to her needs and what she wants and then do what you’ve got to do in order to get her what she wants.

Stay in Shape

fit man doing push ups

This may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but most women really do care about what shape their man is in. It may seem vain or shallow, but it’s true. They are pretty much just like us and don’t want their partner to suddenly stop caring about themselves once they are in a relationship.

So stay in shape. Maybe both of you could join the same gym so that you can workout together. But for you, heavy lifting with weights is a great way to stay in shape and also a great way to keep your testosterone levels high.

Also, make sure you take care of your diet. Fortunately, eating the same foods that will keep you fit will also boost your libido – so that’s a win-win situation.

You want her to stay in shape, and she wants you to stay in shape, so like Nike, just do it…

Keep Your Interests Going

One of the biggest mistakes that men and women make when they “fall in love” with someone is that they stop doing their hobbies and interests. It may seem that by giving up the things that you used to do that your mate will appreciate it, but the opposite is actually true.

When you give up the things that you used to do for a woman, the message that you send her is that you don’t really have a life – and that you’re willing to bend over backward to make her happy at the expense of your own happiness.

It seems like that would be the nice or right thing to do, but the opposite is true.

Don’t ever give up on what you enjoy doing or like to do for anyone. Why? Because you have to love yourself first before anyone else can. And it’s a sign of weakness.

It’s a sign of weakness when you give up who you really are and what you really like for someone else.

Keeping your interests and hobbies going shows that you are independent, and a strong person – both qualities that most women actually like.

Last Longer in Bed

Of course, you’ve got to last longer in bed if you want your woman to stay in love with you. It’s simple – the longer that you can last, then the more pleasure she will receive.

Women need a lot more time than we do in order to have an orgasm, and most women can have multiple orgasms during a session of sex. So even if you can outlast her, she may have many more orgasms left in her.

In other words, the longer that you can last in bed, the better. The longer that you can stay hard and keep on doing her, the more satisfaction that she’s going to have.

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