How to Get Your Girlfriend to Swallow

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Swallow

There are few things more pleasurable in the bedroom than watching your girl take your sperm and happily gulp it all with a naughty smile.

Giving her a facial is nice, but there’s nothing more pleasurable than having her soft, wet lips around your shaft, slurping every ounce of your seed.

The problem is that not all of them are willing to do it (especially not with a smile). There are some girls who are into swallowing and love it, but some hate it requires a little bit of work.

To succeed at this, you need to stop thinking about this as a man and start considering things from her point of view.

Take a second and think about how she feels, and what’s going through her mind while giving you a blowjob.

That means knowing what things not to do and figuring out answers to common objections about swallowing.

Things Not To Do

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Don’t hold her head and try to force it

This will only strengthen her resolution not to swallow.

Not only that, but she will also resent you for trying to force her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Think about it this way – how would you feel if she grabbed your head and tried to force you to lick her pussy?

And even if she swallows this time, do you think she will do it again?

She might be so pissed off that she will not even give you a blowjob.

This is guy’s first reaction when your girl won’t swallow. Yes, she’ll give you a blowjob, and your penis is already in her mouth, so why not just keep it there?

Even if you force her to do it, she’ll still hate doing it. It might work once, but this will make her less likely to do it in the future.

Just cum and don’t give her a warning

This can be a little like playing Russian roulette.

On the one hand, she might be totally cool with it and just swallow.

On the other hand, she might be so surprised that she spits out your sperm all over you.

This technique isn’t the best for making her swallow, and it’s not good for pleasure, either. When you’re getting a good blowjob, you want to enjoy it!

I don’t know about you, but I like to moan and let out sounds of joy when I’m getting head. Especially when I start to come, it becomes obvious, from the sounds I make and the movement of my penis. My penis starts to get harder and harder, and even start moving, as I get closer to orgasm.

If I try to sneak my orgasm into her mouth, no way I’ll be able to do all that. It’s best to communicate your orgasm to your woman as it comes.

In this day and age, I think most women expect at least a courtesy tap as a signal when you are about to cum.

Cum without a warning at your own risk, especially if you’re going to shoot a big load at her.

Order her to swallow

Let’s be completely clear – this can work. I’ve personally done it repeatedly with great results. The problem is that you have to start your relationship in a strong, dominant manner – you can’t be a meek, unassuming boyfriend and then suddenly turn into an alpha male.

She will sense that your behavior is incongruent, and she will not swallow. That is setting a dangerous precedent – now she is less likely to swallow if you ask her again (even if you do it politely).

Common Reasons For Her Not Swallowing

Now with that out of the way, let’s look at some common reasons as to why don’t girls swallow and what can you do about it.

It tastes gross to her

This one is probably the easiest to fix. The taste of your sperm is heavily influenced by your diet – after all, you are what you eat. To improve the taste of your sperm try eating a lot of fruit the day or two before sex.

One fruit to pay special attention to is the pineapple. Eat a pineapple a few hours before the sex and your sperm will be so sweet she will suck you dry and swallow every little drop of your juice.

If you don’t want to eat fruits & vegetables (yeah, me neither), you can still improve the taste of your cum by removing toxins from your diet. Any nasty chemicals that you eat will get mixed into your love potion, so make sure you avoid consuming bad ingredients that’ll make your cum taste bad.

Start by removing alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and caffeine from your diet. All three of these are hard for the body to process, and exit your body through your penis. Keep these out, definitely.

Next remove any unhealthy foods, especially fried food, fried chicken, white bread, soda, desserts, etc. Instead, eat meat, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

(Check out this article if you want to learn how to make your sperm taste better.)

She’s never done it before

Girls are sometimes afraid of trying out new things – she might screw up, it might taste bad, she might vomit, etc… You wouldn’t believe some irrational fears women can have about swallowing cum.

In her mind, anything could happen. Humans (girls especially) are notorious for imagining the worst outcome possible.

“OMG, what if it gets stuck in my teeth and I can’t eat for three days???”

“Becky, what if he pulls out, it gets in my hair, and I have to shave my head???”

Extreme examples, and no women actually think like this (I hope), but it’s a good illustration.

Do you remember the first time you fingered a girl? It was kind of scary right, you weren’t sure what was gonna happen, you didn’t know what it would feel like, you kinda maybe thought you’d get herpes from it…

Same thing. If your woman has never done this, take her by the hand and make it easy for her.

What you need to do is to frame it in a romantic and supportive way – You’ll be the first one to her, and you are there for her. It might sound silly to you, but she will appreciate the support. The key here is to frame it as a special thing between the two of you.

Even if she does do it, she still might not want to do it because…

She doesn’t want to feel like a slut

Some girls had a strict or religious upbringing, and they still have hang-ups in some areas of their life – swallowing cum is usually one of them. Or she could just be stuck up on that because of other reasons – it doesn’t matter the strategy is the same.

Even worse, are the girls who have never done it…AND don’t do it because they don’t want to feel like a slut. Now they’ve got two competing excuses for not doing it! Time for you to bring out the big guns…

Tell her you want her to swallow so you can stay inside of her after you cum because you think she’s so sexy and it will make you feel close to her. It’s an intimate act, proving the bond you two share, and will mean so much to you if she does it.

You can also tell her that she’s fully accepting you when she swallows, as opposed to spitting which is symbolically a sort of rejection. Swallowing shows that she accepts you for who you are, including all the good and the bad.

This is a similar romantic strategy as the one before, just much stronger.

Her biggest fear is feeling like a slut – so make the act of swallowing cum a romantic one, not a slutty one.

Make her feel like this act is exclusive to serious girlfriends, the love of your life, soulmates…whatever label you want to put on it, do it. Let her know that this will deepen the relationship between you two. You want her to swallow because she’s so special to you, not because she’s a whore.

This is a simple mind shift, but it is extremely powerful. If she goes from seeing the act of cum swallowing as something that trashy sluts do to the romantic act that is bringing you two closer together (especially the part of you still inside of her) she will gladly swallow your sperm every single time.

Mention It Outside The Bedroom

Now that we’ve discussed how to convince her to swallow your cum, we’re going to discuss when to bring it up.

If you want to convince your girl to swallow your cum, you have to talk about it multiple times outside the bedroom, sort of like brainwashing her.

When you begin to talk about her swallowing your cum during the day, she’ll start thinking about it more, and slowly warm up to doing it.

The best way to do this is via text. Start some light sexting. Even if your texts are usually PG, consider adding sexting in.

Talk about how bad you want her, how much you miss her body, then when she’s finally hot and bothered, tell her how much you want her to swallow. Use a line like this:

“…and when I’m done, you’ll swallow every drop of my cum.”

At first, she might balk and say “ew,” but her response doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re planting the idea in her brain, and over time, she’ll grow more fond of it.

Even further, bring it up after you guys have sex. This is a great intimate opportunity for both of you to “bare it all” and tell secrets. Start by asking her what kind of stuff she likes during sex, then transition into what you like.

Tell her calmly that you love when your girlfriend swallows your load. Make sure you don’t sound like you’re whining, or it’ll ruin the mood.

In a matter of fact tone, explain how amazing it feels, and the amazing bond it creates between two people. She wants to make you happy, and have a close relationship, so if you pose it as something she wants, she’ll do it.

What To Do If She Still Won’t Swallow?

Be patient.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep gently bringing up the topic using the arguments above and eventually, she will swallow your cum. It also helps if you can last longer during a blowjob because you then have more time to persuade her to swallow.

The great thing about this is, that once she’s swallowed your cum (and it tasted good) she is infinitely more likely to swallow again.

So do keep in mind that you’re not going to have to convince her to swallow every single time during your relationship.

Focus on getting her to swallow ONCE, just one time,

The first few times are the hardest, and the rest should be smooth sailing from there.

P.S. It’s kind of hard to get your girlfriend to swallow if you can’t control when you’re going to come.

She won’t be very happy if she can only blow you for 30 seconds before an orgasm surprises her and blasts everywhere.

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