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How long do you last in bed?

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The average male lasts 5 -7 minutes. That’s why most men leave women unsatisfied in the bedroom. To please the average woman, you need to last a minimum of 10 minutes. Ideally you should be able to control when you come. Premature Ejaculation is anything less than 5 minutes

Can you get it up?

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It's pretty normal for men to ‘occasionally’ experience being unable to get it up but this should be happening less than 5% of the time. Consistently struggling to get it up however is not normal and should be looked at as often there are sometimes psychological, physical factors or both contributing to the problem. These can easily be solved with the right advice/guidance

Do you stay up during sex?

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Contrary to what you might believe, it’s actually quite normal occasionally soft during sex. If you’re going down on her or fingering her, you might not be hard which is ok. But if you are losing your erection when you are inside a woman it could be something mental, emotional, or physical going on.

How many orgasms do you give your partner on average?

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Not all women can orgasm, and some women don’t even know if they have ever had an orgasm in their lives. That being said, for the women that CAN, they can typically orgasm many, many times as their g spot and clitoris become more and more aroused. The average man usually gives 2 orgasms to a woman in one session (including foreplay). Men who are considered good in bed have a better understanding of the female orgasm techniques, and will have control over their “staying power” often giving women 3, 5 or even 10 orgasms over the course of one session

How does it feel to you when you're having sex?

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Sex is supposed to be the most intimate and connected experience possible between two humans. Women are more connected to their feelings, and more intuitive than men so if the man is feeling a certain way about the sex with their partner, it’s almost guaranteed these feelings are being felt by her as well. If the sex feels mundane, sadly, it’s bad sex, and she will be feeling the same way even if nothing is said out loud.

Can you make a woman squirt?

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Yes every woman can squirt. When a woman squirts for the 1st time it is usually such a powerful experience for her. Squirting is 2 aspects the mental component and the physical. Nail this and she will turn into a waterfall every time.

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