Self-Love Retreat: Sydney


Jun 15, 2022
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Andrew Mioch
I just cried for the last 8 days

My whole existence was challenged and rocked

Was it easy – ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Was it worth it…

100% yes.

I just arrived in Sydney after being in Bali for the last 2.5 years. (What a culture shock)

Jumping straight into an intense Self-Love retreat with no phone and with 16 other men on the journey back themselves.

Over the 8 days at the retreat, it was a pressure cooker of love and truth.

What was my biggest takeaways:

1/ Learning that self-love really is the key to a life of deep fulfillment

2/ How grateful I am for women and my family

3/ The importance of brotherhood and having people who 100% have your back and love you just for who you are

4/ Really getting more in touch with my feminine side, my softness and true vulnerability. (I healed a lot of stuff around women and the feminine in these 8 days, and this will be a constant journey for the rest of my life)

5/ The past is perfect: I can’t change the past, but I can make a strong declaration of how I will show up moving forward.

6/ I don’t need more “self-help” – because I’m not broken. I just need to keep focus on “self-love” and keep remembering who I actually am.

7/ Underneath everything “I am Love” THE END!

So many more lessons but I want to admit a few things:

In the past I’ve made decisions more from teenager/prince energy and I just didn’t know any better.

A lot of patterns coming from validation, proving, and wanting acceptance.

So here is my declaration moving forward:

I commit to my self-love journey serving myself 1st so I can fill my own cup then serve the world so much more powerfully.

Serving the world from love & kindness and in my King energy.

Slowing down and really living from my gut.

Treat the women in my life with so much more love, respect and really listen to them with an open heart.


In the future I will be a facilitator of this work.

Imagine that a world where men love themselves, are respectful kings and are incredible lovers!

The future's so bright, and I’m just filled with so much gratitude and love.

(Yes, Trent Monkerud you and the team changed my life so much - please make sure you really know this)

Much Love

Andrew Mioch


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Jun 24, 2022
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Montreal, Canada
Obviously you had such a great experience at the Self-Love Retreat in Sydney. Great that you got so much out it.
That should say a lot to others contemplating participating in similar or other personal growth experiences.
Such events have been the highlights of my life with benefits that last a lifetime!
Excerpt from a personal oath at one such training: "... I will trust, honor, respect, protect, forgive and totally love myself first and foremost before anyone else or anything else ..."