Progress Reports: Introduction


Jun 15, 2022
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Andrew Mioch

It’s so important to do this.

If you’re like me, you may be in the personal development world and sometimes forget to SLOW and look how far I have come.

Have this place where you share the wins you had and don’t hold back.

Allow me and the other men here to celebrate you!

For example:

- Maybe you and your partner tried a new technique in the bedroom and brought you so much closer

- You shared some deep truth with a woman you are seeing about what you desire in the bedroom

- Something inside or outside the bedroom a little win of how you showed up in life

- A new connection you have just made with a woman

- You went away with you partner and you have this newfound depth and clarity about your relationship

- Talk about your comfort zone you pushed and what was the results

I don’t want this:

- I don’t want this to be a place where men come and gloat about their pickup conquests

- Please don’t name specific people

When also sharing a win if you could talk about your lessons that would be amazing – so we all can learn.

Also share where you’re at and what you are currently working on and this forum will be a great way to reflect back on and see your incremental improvements over time.

Look forward to hearing all your wins and progress.

Much Love

Andrew Mioch