Jun 15, 2022
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Andrew Mioch
Welcome to the SQL forum.

You’re in the right place if you want to have healthy discussion about sexuality, women, and masculinity.

We use to have a thriving Facebook community but we kept getting censored so I created this forum where we can have a platform to finally speak openly without the fear of being shut down.

Also being here you can be anonymous on Facebook we would have a lot of people who wanted to join the community but just couldn't because fear of family, friends or work colleges finding out about their pursuit for knowledge around sexuality.

Here are just a few ground rules to help along the way:

No Spamming.
Please don’t spam promotional stuff here. Use this as a place to ask questions and to learn.

No Judging Others.
Sexuality is already so taboo and difficult topic to talk about. Please be respectful of everyone on the forum and let’s welcome all conversations around sexuality and never judge someone for their questions or sexual preferences.

This isn’t a Red Pill or Pick Up Artist forum.
Hate speech against women or any forms or manipulative tactics on how to meet women are not welcome here and you will be removed.

No Hating.
Healthy debates are most welcomed and encouraged. Please just keep make sure you are respecting all the other members on here.

Just want to make this a place where people can get real practical advice on how to be the best man inside and outside the bedroom.

Let’s have some fun and really come from the place of learning and serving others.

Much Love

Andrew Mioch

(Founder of Sexual Quantum Leap)