7 Ways to Last Longer


Jun 15, 2022
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Andrew Mioch
Is your performance in the bedroom as fast as Usain Bolt runs the 100 meters

FYI his fastest time is 9.58 seconds

Most men train themselves to be sprinters in the bedroom not marathon runners.

You might be thinking "Andrew I'm good, I last 10 Mins I've got this"

Mate I want to blow those rookie numbers out of the park.

I want to show you how you can last all night with your partner and chose when you pop the champagne

The reason I want to share this with you is because this is one of the biggest problems our clients face.

50% of the men we work with are debilitated by this problem...it sucks and sometimes super embarrassing seeing the look of disappointment in a woman's face when you do come before it's even begun.

I only know this cause I've been in this position way to many times!

Never again bro...

So below I've written 7 ways to help you become that marathon runner in the bedroom not the sprinter...

1. Pre S*x Talk

You feel things are getting heated and you know you know S*x is about to happen. You can just say to her something as simple as
“Hey Lucy, you feel so good let’s just take our time and take away any expectations tonight, let just really enjoy the moment, I got ya and let’s just take our time”. This will take the pressure off you to perform, and the pressure off her. You will be surprised how many women feel this pressure to perform and this just will allow you to relax and her to relax a ton.

2. Presence not Performance
Take the pressure of the destination and look at the woman in front of you. Build up the foreplay, take your time don’t force anything. Tease her with your c*ck. Don’t just rush to put it in straight away.

When you do put it in hold strong presence and then just slide in slowly hold it there and don’t move. Most people think you have to thrust away fast and quickly, practice with different depths and speeds. Take it slow and take the outcome off the end result.

3. Master the Core 4

To take the pressure of thinking you only have your c*ck to please a woman I want you to master the core 4.
The core 4 allows you to be a master lover without feeling you have to use your weapon. When you have these down pat you will feel so much more relaxed in a S*xual experience.

Core 1: Eat Pu$$y like a champ
Core 2: Give a world class Pu$$y massage and give multiple orgasms
Core 3: Know how to make her squirt
Core 4: Use the magic wand like Harry Potter (It is a S*x Toy, search Hitachi wand on google…Get one!)

So if you do come to early implement the core 4

4. Boardroom to Bedroom

Don’t just come home straight from work and jump right into the bedroom…

You may be stressed and still in the spreadsheets and all the stuff that happened in the day

The least you can do is take 10 min to yourself unwind. Don’t just jump straight into the bedroom as you might be brining the day you had with you.
Even before you become intimate with your partner sit across from each other, hold eye contact, do some connected breaths and start off slow to get into the feeling.

PE (Premature Eja*culation) Can come from stress and tension in the mind and cause the body to lock up hence the quickness of the experience.

Also if you get home try having a bath together to drop you into your body.

5. Breath like this ....

2 different types of breaths to you can do some deep belly breaths know as “Baby Breathing” helping you relax your whole body

Or you can do some breaths pulling the s*xual energy up your spine (Too long to explain here) Just focus on breathing the S*xual energy upwards and circulating it.

This I could talk about all day!!

6. What to say "If you come quick"...

Try not to feel embarrassed or guilty about it and if a woman is making you feel like that f*ck her off man!

You can say “Damm you are just so sexy look what you did to me…” or just own it. Don’t apologize like you have done something wrong cause you haven’t. Just own it. Then you can say “Give me a little bit and I’ll be ready to rock and roll soon”. Then do the core 4 while you recharge or you can just chill and talk no rush! Take all pressure off yourself.

7. 1 technique to train for a marathon not a sprint

Probably the biggest one the way you mastur*bate is the way you f*ck!

Start practicing your masturbation session for a marathon not to get the liquid out of the bottle as quick as possible.

This will take time and dedication but practicing the right masturbation techniques will change everything for you.

You got this!

What techniques have you used in the past to last longer?