5 Ways To Be Super Relaxed In The Bedroom


Jun 15, 2022
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Andrew Mioch
Being with a woman for the first time you might feel a lot of pressure

Heck.. I still do.

Pressure to give her 20+ 0rgasms.

Pressure to perform.

Pressure from your friends to have wild s*xual experiences so you can tell them all about how much of a stud you are.

The truth be told…

I still get nervous when I’m with a woman for the 1st time.

Today I want to break down - how I can take that pressure off myself and really enjoy the woman in front of me:

1. Presence not performance

Bring all your attention to the present moment. A woman truly craves you being in the here and now. I see a lot of men suffer with performance problems because they are trying to PERFORM. Trying to be the man. Relax slow down and put your attention on the moment. Take it moment by moment and go at your own pace. If you feel a woman has more experience, you don’t have to match her. Most women will crave a man who can be present and not be in a rush and be right there with them. Don’t think more - move more into a feeling and allow your body to guide you opposed to your head. YES, this will take practice.

2. Pre-talk (My personal favorite)

Talk with her beforehand. Talk to her when you feel the s*xual tension, and you feel it heating up and you know s*x is most likely going to go down. “Hey (Woman’s Name), I really appreciate you. Tonight, let’s just take our time and really enjoy the night. Let’s not rush and take it slow…I think your x,y,z (Say something nice about her). Let’s just explore and have no expectations without any pressure”
Say something like this…it doesn’t have to be word for word this is just a template.

When you do this will usually happen:

1/ She will feel super appreciated and she may have been feeling nervous to, it allows her to relax and really enjoy the experience.

2/ For you to take all pressure off yourself to truly relax and really enjoy the person in front of you.

3/ Just a small conversation like this can really bring you both so much closer and feel so much more connected (Happens pretty much every time)

3. Start slow

START VERY SLOW!! I don’t get it sometimes guys get a woman back and they start to rush everything. Like she is going somewhere…she isn’t, and would probably help her if you started slow. You will come across more in control, not so needy and know what you’re doing more. Start slow and ramp it up if you feel the energy is there.

This is even great when you are with a long-term partner. If you’re always going fast and furious try this, go slow, hold eye contact and breath deeply.

4. Breathe deeply

Such a massive topic. Most men stop breathing when they are in bed with a woman. Do some box breaths & deep belly breathing. This will help you to relax a lot more and feel WAYYYY more pleasure. You can also do some breathing with her. Doing synced breathing will help you both relax into each other way more and feel so much more connected. (Sooooo much more I could cover on this but just try this for now)

5. Unwrap her curiously

A practical thing is take off her clothes slowly. Look at her like a Christmas present like it’s your last present. Take off her clothes as slowly as you possibly can. When you’re taking off each part of her clothes and a body part is exposed kiss it or touch it slowly. Make her feel like the most cherished gift in the world and look at her with such love, care and kindness.

By doing all these 5 points you will actually be the best lover you could possibly be, highest chances of giving her the most orgasms and highest chance of you having the best s*xual experiences of your life!