21 Way's To Be An Epic Lover


Jun 15, 2022
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Andrew Mioch
1/ Never take yourself so seriously in the bedroom. Always have the mindset of be messy, playful, exploration and fun.

2/ Constantly take off “Sexual Resistance”

3/ Mindset: “Leave Her Better & Wetter” – After care.

4/ Breath, Sound, Movement, Vocal Expression.

5/ Embrace your wild-untamed sexual beast & sensual gentle slowness.

6/ Mindset: Know that everywoman is different – always going into the bedroom with a beginner’s mindset and with playful curiosity to play & explore. (Always be flexible depending on the mood, vibe, and environment)

7/ Technique: Learn how to give an epic “Pu$$y Massage”

8/ Technique: Buy a “Pretty Love Magic Wand” & G-Spot Vibrator. (Do the “Hail-Mary Combo)

9/ Presence not Performance: Put all your attention onto the moment not the future or the past. Just the here and now and the incredible woman in front of you. Looking at her with such awe and appreciation.

10/ The deeper the emotional connection the better the s*xual experience will be. Unlock her mind to truly unlock the deepest parts of her pleasure.

11/ Non-judgment & complete acceptance of her s*xuality.

12/ Look at her with such “Love & Kindness” allow that to radiate from you when you touch her, look at her and kiss her. (Trust me she will feel this – she may say something like “You’re touch feels so good”)

13/ Technique: Be a GREAT kisser…Kiss her deeply, with passion, intensity. Get lost in the kiss and really embrace her and kiss her like she is the last woman you will ever kiss.

14/ Make noise in the bedroom she wants to hear you! Let is out and show her how much it turns you on by your vocal expression and noises.

15/ Technique: Learn how to make your partner “SQUIRT” – yes every woman can it is such a powerful release for a woman when you do this with for her. Mix this with an epic “Pu$$y Massage” GAME OVER! (Get towels ready or waterproof sheets – you will thank me late)

16/ Technique: Do a basic massage course and buy a massage table.

17/ S*x happens way before penetration: Foreplay – Foreplay – Foreplay! Can be just as good if not better.
Little game: Tease the absolute f*ckkkkk out of her until she is begging for you to put it in…touch all over her body, tease her, tease her and build up so much tension in the body until she is screaming “Putttt it in nowwwwwwwwwwww” and you just say now and keep teasing her.

18/ Choking in the bedroom: Yes, I had to add this in the list. Most women in my opinion absolutely love it, dependent on mood, time in their cycle and levels or arousal. (Talk about it before hand, do it properly and gauge the pressure)

19/ Cultivate your own self-pleasure practices this will help you become super comfortable in your own skin and your s*xual expression.

20/ Technique: Learn how to “Eat Pu$$y” like a champ! – I never forget going to a mentor’s house and practicing how to a few techniques on a peach shaped like a woman’s beautiful bits.

21/ Slow down: Take your time and enjoy the experience. There is no rush…if you are nervous there is no where to be or nothing to do but “Just Be Man – Just FEEL” – In my hippy voice!
(Now of course everything is done in the list above 2 CONSENTING adults – Only reason I say this is cause some of my stuff get’s taken out of context)


Which number is your favorite write it below what you’re going to implement?


Andrew Mioch