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I said I would never do this again…

But if you’re looking for a sexual experience you’ll never forget and want to take your relationship to orgasmic new heights…

Then I want to offer you the chance to join a small, select group of men who get to work 1-on-1 with me and my team.

Over the course of this exclusive workshop, you’ll learn how to become a better partner…a better lover…and a better man.

Plus, get first hand experience of ALL my greatest secrets – including things I learned from the “masters of sex” that I DON’T SHARE ANYWHERE ELSE


In this exclusive workshop, I’ll show you exactly how you could become a masterful lover that always leaves her feeling loved and satisfied – inside AND outside the bedroom.

Including lessons on:

Plus, you’ll learn:

And with the help of my props and my experienced, female models you’ll have a front row seat to live demonstrations on:


As hot and sexy as this all sounds, no boundaries will be crossed at the retreat.

This is a purely educational experience.

All clothes stay on and you can opt out of anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Many of the men who come to me have a partner or a wife, like Caleb who said:

I have a fiance, we’ve been together for like 3 years now…

I went to Andrew’s course and it blew my fucking mind! I came back from his course and our sex life has been AMAZING!
So I highly recommend that you do it
– Andrew’s the absolute man.

And take a look at these testimonials from my other past students who wished to remain anonymous:

It was an awesome retreat Andrew. So transformational…

I know that I have nothing to worry about anymore in the bedroom. Thanks

I learnt so much with Andy. I cannot recommend him enough. Great teacher and he will help you become a beast in bed and the best lover.

Your girlfriend or any women you ever sleep with will be forever grateful.
The deep understanding you will get about relationships will make you never say again “I don’t understand girls.” …

…I remember having frustrations with my relationships and Andrew gave me so much clarity…

I now communicate better with my partner and our relationship is better than ever.

I just want to give a massive shout-out to Andrew. Not only did he teach me how to have amazing sex…
But he taught me how to stand up for myself and go for what I want.
I’m so grateful that I met him when I did – it changed my life.

For me, [Andrew’s teachings] are self-development on steroids.

It’s the quickest way to become a better man, to become a more confident person, to become someone that people (and women) want to be around all the time.

Quick shoutout to my man, Andrew Mioch, if you’re thinking of working with him please go do it.

He’ll teach you all the sexual strategy stuff, and that’s all great.
But what really impacted me was all the masculinity frameworks, which completely changed the way that I think. So go do it!

The girls I’ve been with after [the program] have gone insane with how I’ve been able to pleasure them and some being so thankful of how I go about foreplay (which nearly every guy doesn’t.

I don’t even think I could put a price on the program cause of how much value I got out of this. But what I can say is that [the program] is worth every penny and I would recommend to anyone.

Whatever you think you know about sex… you don’t. And this comes from my experience.

I thought I was really good at sex when I was offered this program…

…but oh boy I was wrong. Andrew made me look like a virgin who’d never even touched a woman before.


Starting with a 2 week intensive that will strip away everything you thought you knew about sex, and open your eyes to new fun and new possibilities.

Then we’ll meet up, in person, at a *fully-catered retreat.

Where you’ll get the chance for hands-on experience with me and my professional, female models…

So you can learn EXACTLY how to become an addictively good lover – inside and outside the bedroom.

I’m confident that by the time we’re finished, you’ll be DESPERATE to get home to your partner and show her exactly what you’ve learned…

And she WON’T be disappointed.

But, just in case you still have any questions or need any more advice after the retreat…

You’ll get 1-on-1 time with me and my team for ANOTHER 8 weeks afterwards.

Including a specialist “Performance Coach” to help with any lingering PE or ED issues.

That’s 3 months of hands-on, unbridled access to me and my team.

Want it? Let’s have a chat…


First I need to ask you 3 simple questions:

If you answered YES!

Then I want to invite you to apply to join my premium, 12-week workshop – which includes:


But, before we go any further…

I should be upfront and address the obvious – this workshop is NOT like anything else I offer.

And it’s not cheap.

Because you’re getting everything in my arsenal. Plus, the team and I are going to set aside a lot of time to work with you personally.

Which is why I can only offer this to a small handful of men every year…

And I ONLY accept men who are SERIOUS about becoming the best men and the best lovers they can be.

Who are willing to listen, learn and put what we teach into action.

Starting with…

Booking a call with me to find out more about the retreat, the workshop and everything in between.

It’s totally private. There’s no obligation to do anything. It’s just a chat.

*in-person portion of the retreat includes accommodation & food.