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Andrew is living an inspired mission, educating men on such an important topic. His teachings are leaving a vast impact on humanity, and he will definitely leave a significant impact on your life.
Dr. John Demartini
human behavioral expert, researcher, author, and global educator. Founder of The Breakthrough Experience
I gained back my sex drive and libido. After working with Andrew, my wife felt like she was cheating with a different man. She said, ‘Honey, we’re back like we used to be, but better!
Business Owner
Thanks to Andrew I overcame my erectile dysfunction, porn addiction, and performance problems. Not to mention I’ve now found an amazing woman, and we have the most incredible connection inside and outside the bedroom.
Executive Engineer
We’re having a baby thanks to the work you did with my husband. I’m totally satisfied. He can’t keep his hands off me, and now I’m pregnant! I don’t know what you did to him, but thank you!
Business Coach, Mom
I overcame my premature ejaculation and all my performance issues. Women now brag to all their friends about how I f*ck them and how long I last
Marketing Agency Owner
I now can make every woman squirt, give any woman multiple orgasms, and make women scream so loud the neighbors know my name!
Gun Hudson
Entrepreneur and Investor

I can love again. Before knowing Andrew, the love of my life died when I was fifteen (I’m now forty-one). I wasn’t able to love fully until working with Andrew. After working with Andrew, I found a new love. We connect deeply, and we now have a kid on the way. Thank you!

I didn’t feel like a man. I felt shut down and alone. I felt like no one understood me. I couldn’t open up or ask for help. I felt trapped. Andrew helped me open up, connect deeply with my wife, and become a better dad to my two kids. I can’t thank you enough.
International Mining Manager


Most men never receive a proper sexual education. Doctors are too clinical; porn is too unrealistic. Your friends don’t know much more than you.

Best She Ever Had fills that gap. Andrew Mioch has spent many years studying with some of the finest sexuality mentors in the world. This book brings together all his best material for the first time.

Inside, you’ll find the practical sexual guidance every man deserves. You’ll learn how to destroy performance issues, feel truly satisfied in the bedroom, and become the sexually dominant man women crave.

Just don’t blame Andrew if she becomes obsessed with your manhood and the neighbors complain because she’s been screaming your name so loudly.

$27.00 $7.00
Limited time only
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  1. You’re Not Fucked Up, Your Not Broken
  2. Six Sexual Mindsets
  3. Leadership is Love
  4. Know What You Want, Ask For What You Want
  1. Every Woman Is Different Every Pussy Is Different
  2. Six Sexual Mindsets
  3. Leadership is Love
  4. Know What You Want, Ask For What You Want


Andrew Mioch founded Sexual Quantum Leap (SQL) after taking a decade-long journey into almost every sexual subculture imaginable. He realized that most men, even successful, high-performing men, lack the sexual education they need to rock the worlds of their partners.